liver cake from chicken liver The very concept of "cake" is associated with sweet,lush, creamy appetizing treat, the ideal complement to which are tea or coffee. However, this is not always the case! There is one thousand and one recipes for all kinds of liver dishes: cutlets, pancakes, pancakes, various snacks and salads and - attention! - cakes. So, if you like to cook, the field for activities is extensive - it is enough to include imagination, choose one of the recipes offered to your attention and prepare an original dish. We offer to master a completely atypical dessert, which also does not apply to sweet treats, but it is also served with tea or tomato juice. Liver cake from the chicken liver is a truly easy dish, there is no heartburn and there is no feeling of heaviness in the stomach - just a pleasant aftertaste after a hearty meal. The food is so universal that it is suitable for a festive dinner with friends, and for a quiet family dinner. So take a favorite recipe for a note. hepatic chicken liver cake

Hepatic cake with sour cream and mayonnaise

The recipe for liver cutlets is familiar, probably, if unot every hostess, then many. It is loved, firstly, for the speed of cooking, and secondly, for practicality - the dish can be eaten cold and hot, served with or without garnish, as well as for the availability and not too high cost of the necessary products. Write this dish in your cookbook, because eating the same uninteresting - at some point you still want to make a variety in the usual diet. And this recipe is just in case of the onset of culinary depression, when one can not fantasize about changing dishes, or it does not work. Cake can be made from chicken or beef liver, but we recommend to stop on the first option. This product is more tender, it produces very thin pancakes, from which a pie is subsequently made. For the lubrication of the cake will suit both mayonnaise and sour cream. And as an ornament, use finely chopped parsley, dill or other fresh herbs. We hope that the first experience will be very successful! Ingredients:

  • half kilogram of tender chicken liver
  • three eggs
  • 0.5 small cups of flour (preferably pre-sifted)
  • half a glass of sour cream
  • packing delicate mayonnaise
  • table salt (add the product to your taste)
  • three medium bulbs
  • carrots - three small pieces
  • black freshly ground pepper - optional
  • garlic (about two or three denticles) - to taste
  • vegetable oil - for frying


  • a small bunch of fresh or frozen greens

Cooking method: The recipe for this nutritious, but at the same time light and harmless for the female figure cake can be used not only in everyday life, but also for more solemn occasions, for example, for Birthday, Christmas, March 8 or New Year. Yes, there are few reasons to invite friends to visit. Liver cake is an excellent snack, which can be served both hot and cold. The taste of food from this is certainly not getting worse! So, the beginning is laid, now we proceed to the most important thing - to the procedure of preparation. First, rinse the liver well under the tap and allow it to drain, flipping the product back to the colander. Now take a blender or a meat grinder, depending on what kind of kitchen appliance is in your house, and grind the ingredient, at the very least, cut it as small as possible with a knife. In the resulting mass, break three eggs, sift flour (it is recommended that the cake turn out to be more lush and tender), enter the sour cream, and then add salt and pepper to your taste. When all the products are collected in one bowl, proceed to the next step - to knead the dough. It should not be very liquid, otherwise the cakes simply will not work. At the same time, if the hepatic mass is too thick, it will not be very good either. In this case, you will have to serve a "wooden" cake. So try to make a dough, which in consistence resembles shop sour cream of high fat content. After you have coped with the task, warm up the pan, pour into it vegetable oil and start baking thin cakes. For this, pour into the dishes half or a whole ladle of the ready dough. Having made some products, you already "on eyes" to define, what quantity of hepatic mass is necessary for one pancake. The main thing here is experience, skill and, of course, a desire and faith in oneself. The formula for the successful preparation of the cake is simple to disgrace. Cakes should be well baked: to do this, keep them for three to four minutes on each side. As soon as they acquire a brownish-golden hue, this will mean that it's time to remove them from the slab. About ten or twelve pancakes should come out of the products. When finished, do not rush to wash your hands - you still need to make a filling. To do this, cut small cubes or strips of onions, and peel the carrots on a medium grater. If you use frozen greens, rinse it under warm water to thaw it, and then cut as small as possible. Remove the garlic from the husks and pass through a special press. Now put the first two ingredients - carrots and onions - in the frying pan with warmed vegetable oil and brown them with constant stirring. If desired, enter a little salt. By the way, if you want to save time, chop all the above products in a blender, and then get the resulting mass of three or four minutes fry over low heat. There is very little left, so gather strength and, without putting off the recipe aside, keep cooking. So, mix mayonnaise with garlic, and then start to collect the cake. This is done as follows: on a large flat plate, put the first hepatic pancake, after lubricate it with the resulting sauce, and accurately distribute the carrot and onion mixture over the entire surface. Then cover with the second product and follow the same pattern. Thus, having consumed all the products, you will end up with an appetizing meat dish. Do not skimp on the filling and garlic sauce from mayonnaise, otherwise the dish will come out too dry. At the very end, treat the sides of the dish and the "roof" with the remaining sauce and sprinkle with chopped greens. Send the product for three hours in the refrigerator, and when it is well soaked, cut into portions and serve. By the way, if you want to reduce the caloric content of the cake and increase its "usefulness", give up the idea of ​​buying mayonnaise in the store. Make the product yourself, it is enough to choose the simplest recipe. We offer an elementary version of the sauce for each day, for which you will need the following products: one egg, ½ a small spoonful of sweet mustard, slightly less than a glass of olive oil, some freshly squeezed lemon juice and about six grams of granulated sugar. Place the egg, sugar, and mustard in the blender bowl, and whisk them thoroughly several times. Place table salt, focusing only on your taste. Now the most important: without stopping the device, start to introduce vegetable oil in two or three drops. The fact is that the product must be combined with the rest of the sauce in a single mass, and for this it should be added very carefully, that is gradually, otherwise the mayonnaise may become exfoliated. At the very end, squeeze out the lemon juice and turn on the blender again. If desired, you can slightly diversify the recipe by adding it with fresh parsley or garlic, which will give the dish a special flavor and piquancy. Note that in a ready-made sauce there should not be a single lump - ideally the mass turns out fluffy, uniform and slightly yellowish in color. Home-made mayonnaise is suitable not only for the lubrication of liver cakes or cutlets, but for other dishes - add it to salads, use it as a dressing for snacks, put on sandwiches. In general, the main thing is to learn how to make food, and finding an application is not a problem. Bon Appetit! chicken liver cake

Liver cake with milk

Chicken liver contains many usefulfor the human body trace elements. These include proteins, minerals, certain groups of vitamins, as well as collagen. Therefore, this product doctors strongly recommend to include in your diet, in particular, it is important for children. The liver can be fried, stewed, made from it cutlets or pancakes. And when you try all of the above dishes, take note of this recipe. As they say, everything elementary is simple, and the hepatic cake reflects the truth of this statement as well as possible. It does not matter how to eat, warming it up or not. Anyway, his taste is something very special. Tender meat is suitable for any stomach. If you are ready to start experiments, then let's start! Ingredients: For cake:

  • chicken liver - 700 grams
  • Spices and black pepper - optional
  • 100 milliliters of pasteurized dairy product
  • 100 grams of sifted wheat flour
  • cooking salt - at the discretion of each hostess (it all depends on the personal preferences of the person)
  • 30-40 milliliters of olive oil - for frying

For the filling and sauce:

  • three garlic cloves
  • 200 grams of onions
  • delicate mayonnaise - to taste (to make the dish not too dry, buy a two-hundred-gram package)
  • two large carrots

For decoration:

  • three boiled chicken eggs
  • 50 grams of fresh dill
  • two small tomatoes

Cooking method: The recipe for any mouth-watering cake from chicken liver - with sour cream, cream, mayonnaise, with or without starch, and so on - is good in its own way, so that every housewife chooses the dish that she most favors. Dough with the addition of pasteurized milk turns out to be more gentle in comparison with the rest. Such a dish is an ideal dish for your baby, because a growing organism, especially a baby, needs minerals, vitamins and proteins that are in sufficient quantities in the liver. It is necessary to prepare not only delicious, but also useful, than, in fact, immediately and suggest to do. So, first you need to make a dough, although where to start - it does not matter. Some prefer to fry the filling, and after that they go to the most important thing. Without special considerations, let's concentrate on the following: rinse the liver and flip it over the colander. The fact is that the product must drain very well, otherwise an excess liquid will form in the test, resulting in the cakes will turn out to be too thin and will be badly baked. Now clean the liver of the film, carefully taking it off with a knife, and crush it in a blender. In the absence of such a kitchen appliance you can use a regular meat grinder. As you can see, the recipe does not contain an indication of the specific amount of salt, ground pepper and the like. Everyone has his own taste, so put these ingredients at your own discretion, the main thing is not to overdo it! You can add dried Provencal herbs or other condiments that will add spice to the dish. The only condition - observe the measure. Now in a separate bowl, beat the whisk of eggs, and after pour them into the liver, here also enter the sifted flour and milk. If it is too cold, put it on a slow fire and warm it up a little. Mix the dough medium density: not very liquid, but in no case is thick. When you can, heat the frying pan, pour it with olive or other vegetable oil and make not too thick cakes. Bake each product for four minutes on one side and then on the other side. After transfer them to a plate and allow to cool. In the meantime, take care of the filling. A little higher, we already mentioned the recipe for homemade mayonnaise, so you can cook it yourself. Especially since it is very short and not burdensome: five minutes - and the sauce is on the table. Well, if you do not have the time or the desire to do such experiments, do it simply - buy the product in the store. Then combine it with peeled and grinded with garlic and mix thoroughly. Carrot should be grated on a large or medium grater, and chop the onion as small as possible. Lay the vegetables in a preheated sauté pan with butter and fry until they have a beautiful orange-golden hue. For these gourmets, we propose to slightly recipe the recipe by adding champignons, oyster mushrooms or white mushrooms cut into small cubes. Some people prefer to add dried foods, but in this case, you should be careful - they can spoil the dish. To prevent this from happening, soak mushrooms in hot water for half an hour, then cook in salted boiling water and at the very end fry with vegetables. This filling is not standard - usually in the liver cake mushrooms and oyster mushrooms do not put. In order not to lose a single extra minute (after all, modern women are quite busy - they diligently combine family life with building a career and realizing themselves in the professional sphere), put eggs to boil. While they are preparing, cooled cakes should be collected in a single product - an appetizing cake. Make it easy! Lubricate a small amount of vegetable oil flat large dish, on which you plan to serve a dish. This is done so that the food is not stuck to the bottom of the dishes. Then put the first hepatic pancake, apply a thick layer of garlic sauce on it and sprinkle with fried vegetables. Thoroughly distribute the filling on the entire surface, working with a spoon, then cover the first "floor" with the following product and proceed exactly as described above. Within two minutes, a very beautiful dish will appear on the table. Agree, the recipe is absolutely not difficult - you should not have any difficulties with its implementation in practice. The main thing is to do your best! When the cake is ready, proceed to the decoration. Boil the eggs in cold water, then clean and grate on the finest grater. Boka and top of the product are treated with mayonnaise and sprinkle with chicken shavings. The final stage is greenery. Narubite it and decorate the cake. By the way, if you plan to serve the guests, you need to pay special attention to its appearance. To make it look even more attractive and appetizing, try making roses from red tomatoes. To do this, choose a ripe and very strong, dense vegetable. Gently peel off the skin, cutting it around the fetal circumference. The thickness of each plate should be no more than one and a half centimeters, but not less than 10 millimeters. Of course, for the first time, most likely, roses will not come out, because cutting a skin without damaging it is quite difficult. But do not despair - in this case, practice is important. Obtained the "tomato" tape, turn it, constructing a beautiful flower from it. Decorate the finished cake with a rose, and you can put it on the table. Guests will be pleasantly surprised not only by the taste, but also by the appearance of the product. Prepare to "fight off" a lot of praises in your address! In the process of culinary experiments and with the accumulation of experience in the preparation of a dish, each hostess notes for herself some specific features, for example, she knows from what meat the meatballs are tastier, which potatoes are better cooked and the like. In addition, it is easier to navigate with respect to time and temperature, in which the product is more beautiful and appetizing. Snack cake from chicken liver also has its secrets:

  • mayonnaise is better to use dietary, then the food will not be so fat and heavy;
  • Adding manga or starch in the dough, you can bake lush and high cakes;
  • if you want to diversify the filling, thin with hard strips of hard cheese, chop the garlic and mix the ingredients with cream, sour cream or mayonnaise. With the sauce, grease pancakes;
  • do not forget that dill and parsley not only decorate the dish, but also give it a fresh spring flavor and taste;
  • Do not immediately put the cake on the table, give it to him.Brew for at least two hours. Then the cakes will be soaked and the dish will come out very juicy, tender and soft. It can be consumed with tomato juice, unsweetened tea or compote.

We hope that the dish will go well! We wish you successful experiments and pleasant feedback from grateful consumers! We advise you to read: