spring 2012 street fashion The new season promises to be rich in trends - aboutdesigners say this, girls hope for it, experts and observers agree. And among the variety that promises to give us in the spring of 2016, street fashion will be at the top of the list of interesting proposals for women. It is clear why - today this style is very popular, because it maximizes the individuality of the girl. Women get the opportunity to create their own image, choosing for look'ov what they like personally, feeling themselves designers. But the fashion designers are paying increasing attention to this trend every season. Elizabeth and James, Maje, Anna Rachele, JCPenney and many other designer houses act as assistants to women, offering them stylish combinations that help make Casual more original and interesting. Therefore, within the framework of this article, we will consider both the images that women choose themselves, as well as those seen by famous couturiers.outdoor fashion spring summer 2012 clothes

We create a street fashion 2016: what will the fashionable girls wear?

Let's say at once: There is no general principle that all women, who want to be impeccably stylish, would obey without exception. The main rule of street fashion - put on what you like, things that you are delighted with. Of course, in this case the company of the girlfriends that will be assembled can look quite bright, but this extravagance will have its own charm. Therefore, doubts aside: let us rather turn our attention to those trends that will be uniquely interesting. Outerwear:

  • A fitted jacket or a coat of classic cut- this is the outerwear that most girls will choose for the early cool spring. On a wave of popularity there will be things of the most calm and elegant color - cream, light beige, gray, sand.
  • Leather jackets will be chosen by more daring girls,and the style of this outer garment can be very different, up to "crooks". By the way, in the warm time brutality of the latter can be boldly combined with the stressed tenderness of lace things - this is how many beauties of Milan, Turin, Florence act.
  • Knitted coats with a thin pattern of pattern will also bepopular enough - they will make the image of the girl warmer and more protected. By the way, such outerwear can perfectly match with voluminous scarves, with "bananas" or leggings, with boots or high-heeled boots.

street fashion spring summer Let's turn to the trends that the street fashion of spring - summer 2016 will give us closer to the hot months:

  • Blouson with a skirt is the classic thatwill remain relevant for more than one season. Black and white combinations of these clothes will look moderately strict and 100% attractive - this is an option for girls who want to stand out from the crowd, emphasizing the impeccability of their image.
  • Elegant blouse in combination with pants will beanother justified choice in favor of the classics. This is just the outfit in which a stylish girl will be able to both come to work, and go to her friend's birthday - in any situation, such a look will look appropriate.
  • Asymmetry is also among the fashion trends of spring-summer2016 - dresses with asymmetrical hem, tunics, sweaters, ponchos will be in demand. With their help, the girl will be able to fully reveal her personality, show that she creatively approaches the creation of Casual images and is not afraid to experiment.
  • Dresses-sweaters will suit ideally, especially ifyou need to create an image of a gentle modest person. The secret of their upcoming success in 2016 spring-summer season is simple - they look very nice, on the one hand showing the beauty of chiseled female legs, on the other - looking quite strictly.
  • Wide, literally flowing trousers in combination withtops or sleeveless jackets will be another unbeatable option in the warmer months. This combination makes the look of the girl free, in parallel leaving room for creativity, to add new strokes and details to the image.
  • But also as liberated as possible, kael-trendsthe right place is given - this is indicated by the expected popularity of T-shirts and bright-colored trousers. Yes, a girl can dress so freely, and at the same time remain fashionable and stylish - this summer is more than real.
  • It is important not to forget about dresses - frivolous andbusiness, bright and emphatically calm, they will play a huge role in the next season. Of course, such clothes remain a symbol of femininity, so different models will choose the beauties of Milan and Paris, Moscow and Barcelona, ​​Helsinki and New York.

And now let's move on to the fashionable accents that famous designers place in their cachel images. spring 2012 women's street fashion

The couturier's eye for street fashion 2016: an overview of collections

  • Fashion house Elizabeth and James focused onbrightness of colors and glamor - their solutions are mainly aimed at young girls. The collection meets the universality of T-shirts and sweaters, jeans and overalls, a variety of peach and orange, pink and blue, red and black.
  • On the ease of emphasis French brand Maje: as an openwork dress, and overalls with an abstract pattern or suits with a cat print look interesting, but not aggressive. Things from this brand are perfect for girls wishing to create a memorable look in Casual style.
  • House JCPenney makes us look differentlyon jackets, the central elements of their collections. These things they make bright and colorful, boldly combining them with colorful skirts. Orange, blue, crimson, pink, purple, white jackets make the female image and all Casual style more original, highlighting the girl from the crowd.
  • But the Italian brand Anna Rachele madean emphasis on dresses and suits, diversifying the solid and business beige, olive, gray models with bold floral and leopard prints. As a result, the look turned out to be quite universal and, most importantly, interesting - this collection is perfect for confident women.

We saw how diverse street fashion isSpring - Summer 2016: clothes can reflect our individuality, so let's create stylish images faster, focusing on the trends presented above. We advise you to read: