how to apply makeup correctly Each representative of the beautiful halfhumanity always strives to look attractive. For this, girls are constantly trying to bring the exterior to perfection: they do sports, eat right and use a variety of means. Unfortunately, many can not imagine life without make-up, and worse - they do not always know how to apply makeup correctly. Because of this, there can be funny situations and misunderstandings. They do not do anything bad, they just try to look better, more beautiful, but the lack of some knowledge leads to the opposite, unnecessary result.

Basic rules of applying makeup

Unfortunately, an incorrectly chosen image can turn you from an attractive lady into a vulgar person. To avoid this, we will acquaint you with the main secrets of applying makeup.

  • Cosmetics will be better to lie down, if you pre-moisten the skin of the face and neck with cream.
  • The imposition of the main accents should take place inilluminated room in front of a clean mirror, otherwise you just run the risk of missing any small but noticeable error (for example, slightly smeared shadows or excess tonal cream).
  • Used mascara for only three monthsafter you open it. Then it starts to deteriorate quickly, and, naturally, as beautifully as before, it will not be possible to make up eyes any more (lumps appear).
  • To cilia look volume, you need to apply mascara first at the roots. To do this, drag the brush from left to right in this area. Next, paint the main length with rotational, uniform motions.
  • Do not abuse the piping, drawing on the eyes of fatty or too bright arrows. Unfortunately, most girls, imposing such a sharp make-up, look defiant and vulgar.
  • When selecting a tonal facility, you needfocus on the type and color of your skin. For oily, it is better to choose a liquid powder, which matiruet and aligns. Owners of dry skin suitable foundation, preferably greasy or moisturizing. Girls with problem skin should pick up a compact powder that hides shortcomings. The main thing, remember that the shade should be as much as possible identical with the color of your skin.
  • Blush should be not much darker than the color of yourface. The possible difference is a maximum of two tones, in the opposite case you will become like a nesting doll. To put or render such cosmetics costs in circular motions on the top part of cheekbones.
  • Shadows, as well as blush, should look likenice, but not noticeable, even if their color is bright. In order to avoid vulgarity, at the end of creating make-up, they need to be slightly shaded with a soft, clean brush.

But these are only general rules that you need to knowevery lady. By following them strictly, you can look beautiful, avoiding untidiness and "congestion" in the image. Unfortunately, this is not enough to beautifully apply makeup. You must know what tone is right for you. how to properly apply makeup

How to apply a beautiful and beautiful day

Famous make-up artists for this type of make-upadvise to use the minimum amount of cosmetics, because every day you want to look beautiful, but not defiantly. This option should emphasize the naturalness, perhaps, to correct some shortcomings.

  • The most important thing in this make-up is to correctly applytonal basis. Add a correction cream moisturizer, resulting in you will achieve a perfectly smooth complexion. Apply tonal remedy around the eyes and gently shake it with the fingertips. Some ladies believe that such a cream leads to a deterioration of the skin, supposedly clogging the pores. But actually it is not. It protects against wind or cold, and if used reasonably, it does not do any harm. Of course, in the hot summer time it is better not to use it at all or give preference to light powder.
  • If necessary, lighten your eyebrows a little. The choice of pencil tone depends on the color of the eyebrows, the main thing is that it does not look dull.
  • Choose the shadows of pastel feminine tones. Professionals recommend not to circle your eyes completely, especially with a pencil or eyeliner. This reduces them and looks too defiant for this type of makeup. You can only bring a little upper eyelid to make the look more expressive.
  • The application of the carcass should also be very neat, it is sufficient to brush two or three times with the brush.
  • Lipstick or lip gloss choose the soft colors. To look attractive, you need to beautifully apply cosmetics on the lips. Do not forget about the sense of proportion.
  • To permanently fix the makeup, apply a little powder on the entire face.

Create evening make-up

During holidays or solemn eventsevery lady wants to look impressive, but not everyone knows about the correct application of makeup in such cases. The main accents are always high-heeled shoes, a beautiful dress and a bright, noticeable make-up. That is, if the daily makeup is characterized by restraint in terms of cosmetics, the evening allows, as they say, to give vent to fantasy. For the solemn meykap, the "smoky eyes" option is the best choice. This make-up creates a sophisticated and mysterious image. Armed with shades of appropriate shades, black pencil or eyeliner and volume ink, we proceed to the embodiment of the festive image of an exquisite kitty. To make the look seductive, bring your eyes along the edge of the upper and lower eyelid with a black pencil, staining and mucous. Next, apply dark shades and lightly shake them with a soft brush. Overlapping shadows will help to soften such a vivid image. Now paint all the moving eyelid with bronze-golden shadows, creating a smooth transition from the inner corner of the eyes to the outer one, from light to dark. Complete the make-up of eyes voluminous mascara. If you apply eyelashes before applying it, this effect will add exquisite sexuality to the image. When choosing a lipstick, do not forget the basic rule of any make-up: the main accent should be only on one part of the face, in the opposite case you will get no longer an elegant make-up, but a stage make-up. In our case, the eyes are highlighted, so the lips should be neutral tone with a droplet of gloss to give volume. correct application of makeup

The correct makeup for brunettes

Girls with dark hair should emphasizeNaturalness, not overlapping all beauty with bright shades. To determine your suitable tone of the powder or corrective cream, you need to apply a cosmetic to a small area of ​​the face. "Your" shade will almost merge with the skin color. Pastel shades are suitable for brunettes based on brown or yellow tones. Owners of darker skin should pay all attention to the violet-brown, gray colors. Girls with fair skin - on light pink and beige. Mascara must be black, and the liner is better gray. Dark-haired beauties should choose a red-brown lipstick, and if the face has freckles - peach or coral.

How to apply makeup to girls with blond hair

  • Often blondes have fair skin, eyelashes andeyebrows. If you always try to isolate everything when you apply makeup, then it turns out defiantly and vulgarly. Makeup artists advise making accents on the eyes or lips, that is, on one thing.
  • Instead of a corrective cream, it is better to use a powder of pink-beige or light-pink tone. Coral pink blush is perfect for them.
  • If you create daytime makeup - you can do without shadows.
  • Pencils are brown or gray in color, and the ink can be chosen blue or brown.

Remember that beautiful, nice makeupworks wonders. With its help in a few minutes you can easily get rid of some of the shortcomings on the face, change the shape of the eyes or make the lips larger. The main thing, consider some rules when applying makeup to emphasize the beauty, and not to achieve the opposite result. We advise you to read: