How to choose shoes for a child? There is a wide choice of children's shoes in shops, you caneven find a monthly baby leather shoes. But it is better to buy the first shoes only after the baby has started walking alone, and while he does not go to wear boots better. Children's footwear must necessarily be made only from natural materials, which provides ventilation and evaporation of moisture. Many parents trying to save buy shoes for growth, but it is better not to take risks, the maximum can be left 1.5 cm, since the large distance between the fingers and the spout of shoes leads to deformation of the foot. Also, you can not buy narrow shoes, try to thrust a finger, narrow shoes lead to serious injuries to the foot. A good and safe shoe sole should bend in the area of ​​the arch of the foot. It is better to buy shoes with an anatomic insole, preventing rubbing the legs. To be sure of your choice, it is worth trying on both legs, as sometimes the legs may differ from each other. You can also ask the child to walk a bit in the shoes. Recently, orthopedic footwear has become very popular, but it is worth buying only with the permission of a neurologist. Well, most importantly, the child himself liked the shoes you bought.