how to choose a nanny for a child Mom and the child. What can be more natural? The most important mission of any woman - of course, is caring for the child and his upbringing. However, modern society and the rhythm of life dictate their conditions. And a modern woman can not always afford to stay at home for three years, and even a year and a half, until the baby goes to the kindergarten. Although, of course, my mother should try to be at home as long as possible. But if for any objective reasons the mother should go to work, as a rule, the grandmothers or other relatives remain with the child. However, this possibility is far from every young family. And in such situations, the only way out is a nanny for a child. However, this is not so simple as it might seem at first glance. It is very important to know exactly how to choose a nanny for a child. After all, the right choice of nanny will help to avoid a huge number of very diverse problems, hassle and mutual claims.

Set Goals

The first thing to do before you start looking for a nanny is to determine for yourself exactly why you need the help of an outsider. As a rule, the following situations are most often encountered:

  • Household

Often, a young mother is simply not physicallyhas time to cope with all the responsibilities that have fallen on her - caring for the child, feeding, cleaning. Moreover, the spouse needs attention. It's no wonder that a young mother is very quickly exhausted to the limit. And he starts to think about the help of the nurse. However, in this case it is much more reasonable to look not for a nanny, but for an au pair. The housekeeper almost completely frees the woman from having to do most of the housework. Washing, cleaning, cooking - all women know how much time and effort they take away from these things. And if these functions are entrusted to the housekeeper, the young mother has a lot of free time, which she can spend on the baby, her husband, after all, on herself. A few hours of daytime sleep can radically change a woman's quality of life. And you can always leave a sleeping baby under the supervision of an au pair.

  • Mom's exit to work

But the woman's exit to work impliesthe help of the nurse who will take care of all the worries and troubles associated with caring for the child and his upbringing. By the way, children's psychologists and specialists in recruiting home staff do not advise to hire a nanny, whose functions also include doing housework. In this case, the attention of the nurse will not be concentrated only on the child. Of course, we are not talking about preparing food for a child.

I am perfection myself - Mary Poppins

Surely everyone remembers this kind fairy tale and herthe main heroine is nurse Mary Poppins. Indeed - just perfection and a perfect nanny model. Where in real life can you find such a nanny? And really - to choose a nanny in our time is extremely difficult, but still possible. About how to do it correctly, and will be told a little bit lower. Psychologists recommend giving preference to a woman whose age ranges from 30 to 45 years. As a rule, the psyche of a woman in this age range is the most stable - the first in love, studies and sessions are already over. And up to disorders of the nervous system, which are not at all rare in the menopause, it is still far away. And the steadiness and consistency of babysitting is extremely important. Often, parents make one very common mistake - they hire a woman of retirement age, believing that she will treat the child better and with greater love. Of course, there is a certain amount of truth in this opinion, and quite a lot. However, this excessive love can bring a lot of headaches. Often it happens that all your love is projected onto your child, which only a woman can do. And her attitude to the child will go far beyond the limits that are permissible for nannies. The child, especially the small one, as a rule, very quickly becomes attached to the nurse, who loves him very much. It would seem that this is good, but not always. And first of all, from this situation it is mother who suffers. Virtually all women begin to develop a sense of jealousy. As a result, relations begin to deteriorate, the family is in a tense atmosphere, and mother, nurse, and child are nervous. In addition, immediately during the reception of a nanny for work, talk about all the nuances of raising a child. It is undesirable to change sharply the regime of the child's day and the rituals customary for him. So, for example, if the mother always read the child before going to bed, let the nurse do the same. A small child, according to psychologists, is the hardest to bear any changes in life, even the most insignificant. choose a nanny

Varieties of nannies

In addition, parents must decide for themselves exactly which babysitter is needed for their baby. There are several varieties of nannies:

  • Daytime nurse. Day-time nanny is most often needed by working parents, to look after the child during the day. Typically, the working time of such a nanny lasts an average of 8 to 12 hours, five to six days a week. The salary in this case is paid either in a strictly stipulated monthly amount or by the hour. The duties of the day nursemaid include feeding the child, preparing food for him, walking with him, organizing the child's leisure, bathing, traveling to the polyclinic, cleaning the child's room. In a word, the fulfillment of all those duties that are usually placed on my mother's shoulders.
  • Night nurse. In some cases, young parents have to resort to a night-time nurse. Most often she comes to the baby around 8 pm, and leaves at 9 - 10 am. The duties of the nanny include full care of the child at night - changing diapers, night feeding, ensuring the baby's sleep. As a rule, a night nurse is needed in two cases: either the parents work at night, or the mother does not get enough sleep. Remember that babysitting at night is the most expensive.
  • Nanny for evening time. This type of nurse is most in demand if the child attends a kindergarten. The responsibility of such a nanny is to take the child out of the kindergarten and look after him until the parents return from work. As a rule, you can find such a nanny either among students or among retired people. Employment is assumed to be very small, and therefore the salary in this case is also small.
  • Nanny with accommodation. This kind of nannies is the most expensive. As a rule, only a very well-off family can afford such a nanny. The 24-hour nanny lives in the family house, absolutely all cares for the child are the responsibility of the nurse. To choose such a nanny should be approached very carefully, because she, in fact, is the most genuine member of the family.
  • The choice is made, what's next?

    So, how to choose a nanny, you already know. Next, you need to apply this knowledge in practice - that is, pick up a nanny. You can apply to a special recruitment agency, or you can give a private announcement, or search among friends. As a rule, you can find a good nanny in any of the above ways. Very many parents make the same mistake - they leave the child with the nanny immediately after she goes to work. However, it is much more reasonable to remain close to a nanny and a child for at least the first week. Thus, the mother will always be able to correct any moments in the communication of the child and nurse, to tell the nurse about all the nuances and individual characteristics of the child. And, moreover, in a week you will know for sure that the nanny is right for you. So, you can leave the child with the nanny without internal torments and experiences that the child will be ill without you. Yes, and the child during this time will be able to get used to a nanny and feel comfortable in her presence. We advise you to read: