mini shorts for women Shorts are very convenient for spring-summerseason clothes, which has long been moved to the women's wardrobe. They have transformed into a wide variety of options, from which the designers create new and increasingly unusual models. Mini shorts for women - photos of which are presented below - are quite practical and comfortable. On the one hand, they will allow you to demonstrate to everyone around your slender legs, and on the other - this is an excellent alternative to skirts: they are much more convenient and provide full freedom of movement.

Fashion trends of the spring-summer season

Miniature shorts - one of the most importanttrends of the season. Even last year their length was quite noticeable, but this season designers are shortening their models as much as possible. At first glance, you can even say that these shorts are like an element of underwear.

  • On the fashionable pedestal there are knitted andcotton light shorts. They are made in a variety of colors: from classical to bright and catchy. All of them can be supplemented with different T-shirts in color, T-shirts, tops, blouses, jackets - that only your heart desires.
  • Leather shorts became very actual. Purple, black and white colors predominate. Some of them are decorated with suede inserts, prints, gold trim and straps. You can also combine such shorts with any clothes, so fantasize and experiment.
  • Incredibly fashionable such a thing with an overstated waist. Shorts of such a model can smooth out the shortcomings of various figures, emphasize slender legs, then - a matter of taste. They look pretty elegant and stylish, combined with blouses, jumpers, sweaters and T-shirts. Very fashionable two-color options, as well as a strip.
  • Bright and juicy looking free mini-shorts with prints. It can be graphic, floral, African, geometric and ethnic images.
  • The frayed shorts of different colors remain actual. This option is acceptable for long-legged beauties. Supplement this image with large ornaments in vintage style, and you will be the most fashionable.
  • The retro style of the 70's is reviving, so fabrics like velveteen and suede are back in fashion. They are decorated with a variety of stones, sequins, paillettes, lace and jacquard.

denim shorts

Denim mini-shorts

I would like to focus on denimshorts-mini women, because now such material can be considered the most popular. They also differ in the variety of models, they allow us to highlight advantages and hide our shortcomings. Owners of slender legs can afford thin tight-fitting shorts made of stretch denim. If you have a few extra pounds, then you should give preference to a more free thing of this type. Ultra short shorts on the beach. Mini shorts for women's jeans are one of the important components of the women's wardrobe and never go out of fashion. The most fashionable in the coming season will be made of quality jeans bright blue, and also with the effect of light wear and tear - like the return of the retro style. Such a thing is necessarily adorned with a soft brown leather belt, the main thing is that it should not have a massive buckle. Actual addition, presented to us by world couturiers, became various lapels, sequins, fringe, sequins, holes. mini shorts women's denim

With what to wear jeans short shorts?

One of the newest fashion trends isa combination of denim mini-shorts with dense, high-grooved golf, better dark shades. To this tandem, shoes of black color on a high hairpin or a hidden platform and a classic T-shirt are perfect. A large pendant on a long chain and a few bracelets of any shape and color will perfectly blend in this way. Denim shorts with pantyhose - also quite a suitable tandem spring-summer season. Here the tights can be the most diverse: monochrome, color, thin and dense, openwork or in a grid. The combination of such shorts and black tights in the mesh is quite bold and sexy, so this option is appropriate in the style of the most daring extravagant personalities. It can be stressed that these shorts look great in tandem with any clothes, accessories and shoes. Traditional combinations can be considered with jerseys, jackets, tops and pullovers. As for shoes, then select it based on your image. In cool weather, half-boots or ankle boots will do, and in hot weather - classic shoes or sandals. The most effective is a high heel or platform, as well as gladiatorial sandals, which will be very relevant in the coming season. To give your appearance of rigor and as close as possible to the created image to the business classic style, put a one-colored shirt on the denim mini-shorts and tuck it inside. On top of that, put on a cardigan or jacket, if it's still cool outside. Very fashionable is the combination of similar shorts with a vest in colorful stripes. A trendy novelty will be a T-shirt with thin or deflated shoulder straps that fits to such a gizmo. World designers offer to our attention a wide variety of models, from extravagant to classic. Probably, now no one can imagine that before they were intended only for sports. But denim short shorts have long stepped beyond the stadium limit, turning into an object of the resort, and then the everyday wardrobe of each girl. We advise you to read: