A little black dress: we take an example from the stars Since then, as Coco Chanel has presented to womensuch a luxurious gift, it's been more than 80 years, but to this day a small black dress takes pride of place in almost all fashion shows. According to the stylists, this outfit should certainly be in the wardrobe of any woman. How to choose your "model" and how to combine it with the examples of celebrities. Irreplaceable in any situation and situation, a small black dress is considered to be a necessary basic thing for women's wardrobe. Thanks to all kinds of decor, different silhouettes and cut lines, any woman, regardless of age, weight and proportions of her figure can choose a small black dress of the model that perfectly underlines her beauty and personality. For some stars, the quaint choice of clothes is often part of self-promotion. Therefore, taking the example from the idols when choosing such an unassuming element of the women's wardrobe, do not forget that the rules of good taste have not been canceled yet.

Mariah Carey

In the photo on the left: The choice of a small black dress was made by the girl extremely unsuccessfully. This outfit, more like a knitted cardigan, even hard to call a dress. No one argues, if the lady has something to show to others. However, Mariah Carey clearly overdid it, exposing her bust to public view. In this outfit there is neither style, nor actuality, nor even sexuality. In the photo on the right: The owners of rounded forms should take very careful consideration of the choice of dresses made of soft thin jersey. After all, this material can emphasize not only your dignity, but all the wrinkles on your body. Also, it is worth to abandon the styles with decorative drapes, asymmetrically located at the buttock level. They will only give the figure a volume and visually make it more squat. Mariah Carey

Holi Madison

The outfit of this girl is another example of a passionatedesire to demonstrate to others their charms. The bodice of this dress is clearly intended for a more modest bust, from which the charms that appear from it seem disproportionately voluminous. It seems that by choosing this outfit, the girl pursued the goal to defeat the people around her with her own forms. Holi Madison

Jessica Simpson

In the photo on the left: The dress, dressed on the girl, clearly does not match her age. It is most likely intended for slim women over forty, and on a young girl it causes a sense of discrepancy and disharmony. In the photo on the right: No one argues that the black dress embroidered with paillettes looks very elegant, but only on very slender girls, as the shiny surface visually increases in volumes, adding about a couple of kilograms. To visually balance the massive shoulders and bust that have become massive, and also to extend the torso, which seems disproportionately short, this dress clearly needs to be added in the length of centimeters 6-7. Although in this case, the best solution is generally to change the outfit for something more suitable. Jessica Simpson


The girl's dress has no hint ofelegance. Thin matter shines through, demonstrating the surrounding underwear. In addition to the length in this dress there is nothing more positive. In this outfit you can hardly make a pleasant impression, just create a feeling of embarrassment among others. Riana

Shona Sand

A dress that does not have a puzzle. Through the weaving of a dress, put on a girl, you can study all the anatomical features of her physique. Perhaps this is an excellent version of beachwear, but no more. In this outfit, putting on over a leotard, it is appropriate to appear only in the coastal cafe. However, for any other pastime it is absolutely not suitable. Shona Sand

Kim Cattrall

Although the dress is very elegant, butit does not sit very beautifully to the actress. The impression is spoiled by a poorly seated bodice. Obviously, this outfit is designed for a larger bust. Therefore, when choosing a dress, it is very important that its upper part sat perfectly in shape, otherwise unnecessary creases and creases will create the effect of a flabby breast. Kim Cattrall


In general, the kit can not be called absolutelyunsuccessful. After all, at first glance, this dress, perfectly sitting on the figure, has no drawbacks. However, if you take a good look, almost all materials used in the kit have a dense, light-absorbing surface. For example, as accessories, dense black tights and high gloves are chosen. This decision is heavy. Even an attempt to diversify the kit with lacquer shoes and bags failed to save the situation. The set contains notes of incompleteness, boredom and monotony. Madonna

Heidi Klum

No excesses, interesting and modern design, silhouette and style fully correspond to the figure. An example of this little black dress is the most successful in his performance. Heidi Klum

Several current rules for choosing little black dress

  • When choosing a dress, first of all, one should be guided not by modern fashion trends, but by the peculiarities of his figure.
  • Choosing dresses as the basis of your wardrobe, it is worth giving preference to classic, laconic forms that are relevant and appropriate in any situation, regardless of fashion.
  • In order not to look vulgar, you should abandon the super-short model with a deep neckline. Believe me, this does not add to your sexuality.
  • Choosing a small black dress for the secularevents, give preference to exquisite fabrics (satin, velvet or lace). However, you should understand that for an office this outfit will be extremely inappropriate.
  • For young girls the perfect choice is a dress just above the knee, for women of more mature age - just below the knee.
  • When choosing a dress design model ispay attention to the balance of the silhouette. Dress with a puffy skirt will look very good with a tight bodice. While the volumetric collar and sleeves will be logical to look with a narrow lower part.
  • A dress decorated with bugles, paillettes orcontrasting embroidery, should be complemented with extremely concise accessories. And on the contrary, if the dress is kept and laconic in cut, you can safely use bright fancy accessories and ornaments.

If you are at a loss to make the right choice of clothes for a particular social event, choose a win-win option - a small black dress and open shoes. We advise you to read: