how to iron a shirt No one from birth has anymastery - everything in this life needs to be learned. And the household is no exception. Few of the new masters can do this and, from the summer, take and weld borscht or ideally iron men's shirt. By the way, on how to iron the shirt, often men do not know themselves. Because some of them do not take an iron in their hands for the rest of their lives. And for most of the bachelors, the shirt that hangs over the night on the chair is automatically considered ironed. However, such a primitive way is not for women! And in general, we are not looking for easy ways! Any experienced hostess can say with confidence: "I iron the shirts properly, by all means!". And how to iron the shirt properly? By the way, it's not so simple - to stroke the shirt, without crushing the previously ironed parts. However, as we already said, everything in this life can be learned. That's what we'll try to do with you-learn how to iron the shirt properly.

Preparation for the process

Any process (especially such a responsible one!) requires preparation. Therefore, first, try to dry the shirts, hanging them on the hangers, in an upright position. This will greatly facilitate the entire subsequent ironing process. In addition, do not overdry a thing - in this case ironing it will be much more difficult. Avoid the automatic drying of shirts in the washing machine, if you do not want a pleasant and easy ironing turned into torment. Iron ... Of course, you can even iron a shirt with a prehistoric trench, as our predecessors knew how to use it. But we have modern, light and reliable assistants - irons. Oh, how they make our life easier! One - and it's ready! And all the folds are straightened out, and the fabric becomes pristine smoothness. That's just an iron to choose with the mind! It is important that this modern helper has a non-stick coating, a steam generator and several temperature regimes. And what do you want? After all, we will have to iron and weightless silk, and ascetic cotton, and capricious stubborn flax. Surface for ironing. You can make a table with an ordinary towel or sheet. You can iron the shirt on a chair or on a chair. But if you have an ironing board, then you are the superclass mistress! All at you will pass without a hitch, because to iron on the special adaptation where it is more convenient, faster and more pleasantly. But even taking advantage of the usual (without special twists) electric iron and atomizer with boiled water and spreading the shirt on the table, you will be able to restore her impeccable appearance if you follow the basic rules. how to iron a shirt


The main rule is to iron the shirts in a certainsequence. That is, ironing alternately different parts of the shirt. And it is very important not to violate this order! You need to start with small details, and then move on to larger ones. However, let's talk about everything in order.

  • Collar

It is necessary to start with the collar. This is one of the smallest details, which will not go away after ironing. But if you leave it for later, then everything that was ironed before will necessarily be remembered. Therefore, we lay out the shirt on the table and start gently and gently to iron the collar from the wrong side. And if we smooth the collar from the wrong side, as it is convenient for us, then from the front side it should be ironed from the corners to the center. But on the bend this part of the shirt should not be ironed at all - the collar will bend as convenient to him, and, accordingly, to you.

  • Cuffs

Follow the collar to iron the cuffs -the second small detail of the shirt. Here we act on the previous algorithm: first the wrong side, then the front one. Try to keep the cuffs on the cuffs! This part of the sleeves is always in sight, which means that it should look perfect. By the way, cuffs in the process of using the shirt do not crumple! And if you iron out carelessly, it will become clear to everyone that wrinkles on cuffs are the result of dishonesty ironing.

  • Sleeves

Naturally, following the cuffs followsSmooth the sleeves - larger details of the shirt. If you use an ironing board, do not neglect a special shelf designed specifically for sleeves. Begin to iron the sleeve from the center, smoothly moving the iron to the edges. Stitches smooth especially carefully, but we do not do arrows! Arrows on the sleeves, by the way, are considered bad form.

  • Back

Yes, yes, after the sleeves, smooth out the backshirt. And not because the back is smaller than the shelves. Just imagine that in the shirt unbuttoned and spread out on the table, the backrest and the shelves are considered one detail. That's why we start to iron it from the middle (as well as the sleeves). This stage can rightfully be called the easiest! We stroke the back from one side seam to the other. The only difficulty is the seam of the coquette and the trench under it. If the shirt you are ironing is of this style, then first smooth the coquette. Then walk the iron over the cloth in the place of the guard. Just smooth it in a crease! And then iron the rest of the back.

  • Shelves

The final stage of the work is the shelves of the shirt. Here everything is much more complicated: pockets, buttons, loops, straps and the same coquette. We begin to iron out the small details - pockets, coquette and straps with buttons and buttons. We thoroughly iron them. But then there is enough trouble-free part of the shelves, from which it is very easy to cope. By the way, many housewives with special zeal try to iron the bar with buttons. This, of course, is correct. But the main thing here is to stretch the cloth between the buttons so that this bar is not shorter than the bar with the loops. But the plate with its eyelets is just in sight in the buttoned shirt. And it must look perfect - iron it gently, trying not to make creases and smoothed wrinkles. That, strictly speaking, that's all! Take the shirt by the shoulders and lift it up, slightly shaking it. But is it really expensive to see? Now the ironed shirt can be hung on the hangers and put into the closet. It is done! how to iron shirts

Helpful Tips

If everything is clear with the process of ironing the shirt and with the preparation for it, the question of some of the nuances of this process remains open.

  • No matter how you dry the shirt, you need to moisten it before ironing it. Even if your iron is equipped with a steam generator, sprinkle the shirt from the spray gun.
  • Do not use this technique for silk and viscose shirts (and for other things, too). This fabric is sufficient steam humidification.
  • Shirts made from natural or artificial silk can be ironed only from the wrong side and only in the appropriate temperature regime.
  • From the wrong side, you should also iron the dark shirts of any fabric.
  • The ironed shirts must be immediately hung on the hangers so that the fabric is cool in a vertical position.
  • In the steam generator of the iron and in the atomizer, only boiled water should be poured, so that there are no stains and stains left on the fabric.
  • Acceptable other methods of ironing shirts, but they require a certain skill.
  • Here are some simple rules and secrets, knowledgewhich will help you easily cope with a difficult, at first glance, work. Do not worry if the first time you do not everything goes smoothly. Over time, this process will not make you nervous, and even on the contrary - will calm down and relax. After all, you already know how to iron a shirt. So put your knowledge into practice. Good luck!