how to clean gold at home Although gold is called a noble metal,It over time there are all kinds of pollution, because of what the original shine of gold is lost. The decorations become dull, look untidy and not quite aesthetically pleasing. Previously, problems with the restoration of attractive types of gold products did not arise, as the service network of manufacturing, repairing and cleaning jewelry was very widely developed. But today it is quite difficult to find such a workshop. Therefore, sooner or later, before the owners of gold jewelry, the question arises: how to clean gold at home? In order to release it from the oxide and layers of dirt you can apply simple techniques. Armed with the experience of housewives and professional advice of jewelers, you can clean gold at home without damaging or scratching it. And also learn how to properly clean gold with diamonds, to make the stone sparkle and sparkle with all facets. In addition, we will tell you how to clean gold with ammonia, which is part of some of the funds and, finally, how to clean the white gold, so as not to damage the top layer.

Cleaning of gold by domestic means

So that gold does not lose its luster betterall to take off ornaments at carrying out house works and, especially, at work with abrasive means. Do not expose gold products to chlorine - this can eventually discolor it. But even with careful handling of ornaments, gold fades with time. On it there is a fat coating, and sometimes dark spots. How to clean the gold of the house without difficulty and without harm to the ornaments? Small dirt can be removed with a soap solution. Products are immersed in a warm soap and water and leave it for a couple of hours. Then the dirt is removed with a toothbrush, and the dressing is washed and dried. If such a purge of gold has not produced results, then more effective means should be used. You can clean the gold with ammonia (half a teaspoon per glass of water), and then wash it off with soapy water. It is even better to wipe the product with ammonia mixed with chalk and also wash it in soapy water. In this case, the purification of gold is carried out both chemically and mechanically. Jewelry from gold without various impurities usually does not occur - in it for strength add alloys of other metals. It is their oxidation that appears on the surface of the products in the form of dark spots. The lower the sample of gold jewelry, the more alloys in them. Therefore, to clean gold products, you can purchase special products or clean them with ordinary toothpaste. How to clean gold with toothpaste? Elementary. Just take a toothbrush, put a paste on it and clean your jewelry. To clean the chains, you can grease the product with paste, clamp it with a soft cloth and pull back and forth a few times. And then rinse thoroughly with clean water. You can prepare the cleaning paste yourself. To do this, mix in equal proportions chalk powdered into powder, petroleum jelly, soap shavings and water. The paste should be thick. This paste is easy to clean gold. It is applied to the surface of the product and wiped with a soft rag. After this, the decoration is washed with water to remove the greasy film and dried. Return the products shine with lipstick. The titanium dioxide contained in it makes it easy to remove black from the surface of gold. Lipstick is applied to a cotton swab or rag, which wipe the product, after which it is slightly polished. You can clean gold at home with juice from onion and table vinegar. These funds can remove dark spots. After cleaning the product should be washed off with water, the remaining juice or vinegar and dried decoration. You can also use special chemical solutions for cleaning gold. They readily dissolve the grease and sulfur compounds of metals deposited on the surface of the decorations. If the surface of the product is heavily soiled, but has no dark spots, then it can be wiped off with an aqueous solution of borax, moistening a woolen cloth in it. After this, rinse and rub the jewelry to a shine. You can dilute in a glass of warm water 2-3 teaspoons of granulated sugar and put in the decoration solution for the night. This way of cleaning gold will give the products a shine, but will not clear the dirt. Cleaning the gold at home can be done with the help of a detergent (a tablespoon on a glass of water). Decorations are kept in this solution for half an hour. Take an ampoule of ammonia, a vial of hydrogen peroxide and half a teaspoon of a detergent diluted with water. The solution is mixed in a glass jar, where gold ornaments are then placed for five minutes. After that they are well washed with water and dried. It is very rare, but it also happens that a spot of iodine appears on the gold ornaments. How to clean gold at home in this case? To remove stain from iodine, it is necessary to lower the product for 20-25 minutes into the solution of hyposulfite used in photography as a fixer. You can buy this drug in stores for amateur photographers or in a pharmacy. The solution is prepared based on one tablespoon of the drug on a glass of water. However, this procedure is not always crowned with success. Since stains from iodine are the result of a chemical reaction. You can try to increase the concentration of the solution by half. But if this does not help, then you should contact specialists. how to clean gold at home

Cleaning of gold products with stones

If your gold jewelry is adorned with preciousstones, then cleaning should be done very carefully. Especially with such stones as malachite, amber, pearl, turquoise, opal and moonstone, which do not tolerate high humidity. Cleaning rings and rings with stones can be done with a stick for the ears, which should be dipped in cologne and gently cleaned the stone from below and from above. Sharp objects to clean the rim of the ring is not recommended, because you can damage it and scratch the stone. Cleaning of gold with stones can be carried out and with the help of alcohol, if you want to remove from them the old fatty spots. It should be remembered that if the stones are glued, then in no case should they be immersed in water. Enough after applying an alcohol solution, just wipe them with a cloth soaked in water, and dry it. The fat film can be removed with gasoline, using a soft toothbrush for this. It is not recommended to use tooth powder or paste, as they can leave scratches on the stone. Gold jewelry with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, topaz and emeralds can be cleaned in a solution of any washing powder with a soft rag. After that, the product should be washed with water. Ornaments with opal, turquoise, malachite, moonstone should be washed in soapy water and then wiped with a wet cloth and dried. All products with stones should be protected from the temperature drop, since many of them, for example, turquoise, pomegranate, topaz and ruby ​​under the influence of sunlight can change color. Cleaning of gold with diamonds should be carried out monthly, as they are quickly covered with fat. And this precious stone in its pure form reflects light better and looks larger. Cleaning of gold with diamonds is best done with liquid detergents in warm water with a toothbrush. It is best to use a liquid soap or shampoo, because the laundry soap worsens the brilliance of gold or platinum, which diamonds usually repair. To clean gold with diamonds with ammonia, in a glass of cold water, drip six drops of ammonia and put the decoration there for half an hour. Then wipe on a thin stick wipe the places around the stone and the back side of the rim. Again dip the product into the solution and immediately blot it with paper.

Cleaning of white gold

How to clean white gold in order not to damagesurface layer? White gold is called an alloy of gold, copper, nickel or palladium. And still the products of white gold are covered with rhodium, which is more expensive than gold. And although it is a chemically stable element, it can wear out over time. Therefore, cleaning of white gold should be done only with a soft cloth. White gold is often made of jewelry with diamonds. It is believed that the frame of this metal does not distort the color of the stone, perfectly reflects its brilliance and creates the effect of additional illumination. Cleaning of white gold is carried out with a solution consisting of equal parts of water and ammonia, in which you can add a little shampoo. The product is kept in this solution for about half an hour, and then it should be washed and thoroughly dried. Another tool for cleaning white gold from grease and dirt is 25% aqueous ammonia solution. And in no case can you clean white gold with different powders, pastes and a toothbrush.

Cleaning products with pearls and turquoise

Pearl refers to organic compounds andcan quickly lose its pearlescent shine. And since it is rather fragile in nature, it should be handled very carefully. How to clean gold with pearls correctly? To do this, use a soft brush for shadows. It must be soaked in warm water with a neutral shampoo, and then gently wash the pearl, then rub it with clean water and leave until completely dry. Be careful not to use vinegar for gold items with pearls, as the pearl in it dissolves. How to clean jewelry from gold with turquoise? Turquoise is afraid of virtually everything - water, alkalis, alcohol solutions, high temperatures, sunlight. It reacts to fats and can turn green. The better to clean gold with turquoise you will be prompted by experts who will conduct its refinement without removing the stone from the product. how to clean gold at home

Cleaning products with gilding

There are jewelry that are madenot of gold, but only covered with a thin layer - gilding. The most ancient way of making such decorations is to glue the products with gold foil. Note that no hard or abrasive materials for cleaning gilding are unequivocally not suitable, because over time, the top layer can be erased. How to clean the gold products at home so as not to damage the gilding? Gold-plated jewelry can be wiped with a piece of cotton wool soaked in wine alcohol or beer. A good tool for cleaning gilding is a raw egg white, which is very carefully wiped jewelry. Gold-plated products can be cleaned and vinegar. Soaked in a weak vinegar solution with a cotton swab gently carry out the decoration, and after five minutes the vinegar is washed off with water and allowed to dry the product. In order for jewelry to please you for many years, remember the simple rules of jewelry care:

  • store them best in a box or in a case away from light and heat;
  • it is necessary to remove gold jewelry when doing housework;
  • it is desirable to clean the gold at least once a month;
  • so that the decorations do not scratch against each other during storage, they must be shifted with a soft flannel.

Jewelry - gizmos are very whimsical andneed regular care. Their apparent hardness and inflexibility is just an appearance, but in fact they need attention and care. Take care of your jewelry and look after them. Then your gold rings, chains, necklaces, earrings and bracelets will last you for many years, without losing your pristine beauty and brilliance. We advise you to read: