treatment of a furuncle in an intimate place If the hair pouch inflamed and appeareda compaction that causes pain, then, most likely, a furuncle was formed. This purulent formation appears on the areas of the skin that have hair follicles. Also, a furuncle may appear in an intimate place. In the common people it is called chiri. First, a strong itch appears in its place, then the condensation of a roundish form of bright red color. In the center, the abscess forms, which has a necrotic stem, and the place of the furuncle swells. As a rule, the boil is single. However, if several furuncles are formed at once or they appear one after another, this is a sign of furunculosis. Self-treatment is prohibited - it is necessary to consult a doctor. disinfectant

Causes of a furuncle

The reasons can be very different: a weak immune system, impaired metabolism, diabetes, beriberi, severe humidity and poor living conditions, minor cuts, abrasions, scratching. One of the reasons that there was a furuncle on the labia is a cold. So the body reacts to the microbes that have entered. Because the immune system is weakened and unable to fight them, microbes provoke inflammation. A furuncle in an intimate place can arise after shaving the bikini zone. Microbes, such as streptococci, golden and white staphylococci, enter the hair follicle in microcracks and cuts and become inflamed. Therefore, you should take care of intimate hygiene. Also, chiri can appear in places of scratching. If a pimple appears in the intimate area, do not scratch it. You can bring dirt.

Symptoms of furunculosis

When the body is in an inflammatory process,people feel bad, lose appetite, the temperature can rise. An inflamed patch of skin hurts and tingles. Skin cells are dead, and festering ripens. Furunculum squeeze out and pierce impossible, since germs can get into the blood. Infection can cause severe complications, up to a lethal outcome. We must wait 5-7 days for the chiyri to open. When the boil erupts, the pus flows, the stem must be removed (squeezed), so that there will be no relapse. If this is a very painful procedure for you, it is better to consult a surgeon. He will make an incision and remove pus. After that, the tumor slowly subsides and the wound grows, forming a scar. treatment of a furuncle in a surgeon

Treatment of a furuncle with medical and folk remedies

When a furuncle is formed on the labiatry to provide peace, abundant drink and nutrition, filled with vitamins. Treatment of a boil can be done independently, even if you have a furuncle in an intimate place. Non-inflamed skin around the redness can be rubbed with 2% salicylic alcohol, 3% boric acid solution or hydrogen peroxide. During the ripening period, a bandage with ointment is applied to the chirium. Suitable hydrocortisone, ichthyol, erythromycin ointment, as well as ointment Vishnevsky. Heal and apply bandages only with clean hands. It is useful to apply dry heat for 20 minutes twice a day. This will speed up the purulent process and ease the pain. To strengthen the immune system, you can take brewer's yeast, immunomodulators, antibiotics. Treatment must continue after the opening of the chirium. On the furuncle, a sterile bandage is applied with a left-omic ointment for rapid healing. If the treatment of a furuncle on the labia with the help of ointments does not like, you can try folk medicine. One way is this. It is necessary to chew freshly ground black bread with salt and attach it to the inflamed area for three hours. After that, chiria should be revealed. To boil faster than ripe, advise to put a bandage on it with laundry soap. At night, apply a softened burdock leaf. To do this, put it down for 5-7 minutes into boiling milk. The burdock is well sucking out pus. If the boil only began to form, then after a burdock, it may even pass.