poxudenie The problem of fighting obesity - one of the mostpressing on the planet, because every fifth person in the world must struggle with it. In Russia, it is also relevant, especially among women, almost one third of women are obese, and half are overweight. Among the main reasons of this medicine are allocated: overeating, unbalanced nutrition, characterized by increased consumption of carbohydrates, stressful situations, alcohol abuse, lack of motor activity, endocrine diseases. Many try to reduce body weight, resorting to a variety of methods, among which preference is given to the developed medical means - tablets, pills, teas, powders. Their popularity is explained not only by the huge advertising and availability in any pharmacy, online stores, websites. People with obesity want to get a quick release from their ailment and are psychologically tuned to help a little magic pill, without the complex effort on their part.

Overview of the main drugs for weight loss

The problem of losing weight, many try to solve, using the following drugs:

  • Chokolate Slim is a complex dietary product,providing cleansing of the body, getting rid of cellulite, acne, internal inflammation. Its components are grains of green coffee, natural cocoa, chia seeds, goji berries, acai, lingzhi mushroom extract. It suppresses appetite, craving for sweets, accelerates the oxidation of fats, normalizes fat metabolism. Its disadvantage is the presence of the effect only during its use - after the termination of the appetite increases, and many patients return to the previous weight;
  • Yagodzhi - natural berries, grown inMongolian mountains. They contribute to the establishment of metabolism in the body, the burning of fatty deposits, the acceleration of their oxidation. When they are used, the effect is observed due to the formation of a kind of gel in the stomach (the berries react with the liquid), providing a feeling of satiety. The disadvantage of the drug is the effect on the production of the hormone that regulates appetite - as a result, a person may not receive the necessary amount of vitamins, minerals necessary for its hormonal development;
  • Chewing gum Diet Gum - chewing gum based onextract of African mango, goji berries, acai, green coffee, Cambodian Garcinia. The main effect of the chewing gum is a decrease in appetite, its suppression under the influence of an illusory feeling of satiety;
  • Monastic tea - phyto-tea based on fennel,chamomile, dandelion, mint, linden flowers, elderberry. Weight loss in some cases occurs due to the normalization of water-salt balance, strengthening immunity, releasing the body from toxins, eliminating edema. Experts believe that a positive result with the use of tea is observed due to the large yield of liquid, feces, and not fat burning;
  • Ganoderma - a tool based on fungus lingzhchi,stimulating the growth of muscle mass. Weight loss is observed in patients combining the intake of mushroom tincture and physical activity. However, the drug has a diuretic effect, when urine leaves an illusion of rapid weight loss;
  • Garcinia is a drug with active ingredient Garcinia extract, which thanks to its properties maintains a high level of sugar in the blood, thereby informing the brain of the saturation signal.


Are effective means for losing weight?

Many are asking about the feasibilitypurchase of funds for weight loss. Unequivocally it can not be answered, because it all depends on the manufacturer - there are standing drugs, and there are frank dummies. It is also important to influence the body. If the medicine acts on the center of brain saturation, suppression of appetite occurs only during its reception - after the termination there is a wild feeling of hunger, and weight can again return to its place. If the drug has a laxative effect, weight loss occurs by removing the liquid, along with which electrolytes are lost, a beneficial intestinal microflora. The principle of some drugs is generally incomprehensible - this, for example, concerns fat burners that go away due to the acceleration of metabolism, however, it is not clear how this metabolism is accelerated by the action of taking medicines. Thus, it can be unequivocally said that there are no drugs with 100% weight loss results. Some can give a positive effect in view of proper nutrition, proper physical activity. Do not indulge in the possibility of continuing to overeat, and to burn fat, drink pills. The effectiveness of the means for losing weight takes place only under the optimal regime of loads, nutrition.

Liquid chestnut along with training gives a guaranteed result

All nutritionists in the world say that the effectivenessmeans for losing weight largely depends on their combination with training. Recent studies of the use of liquid chestnut in parallel with physical activity have shown a positive result in most patients. The basis of liquid chestnut is guarana - a tropical plant that provides fat burning effect. It, like caffeine, is a natural energetic, it is not absorbed at once, but provides a mild, long-lasting effect on the body. To achieve the result, liquid chestnut is taken in the form of a drink for half a teaspoon, while it should consist of guarana, and not substitute substances, as in fakes, where the content of this Brazilian plant does not exceed 5%. Find out how much it costs and where you can buy liquid chestnut on the website. When combined with training, liquid chestnut destroys fat cells, speeds up metabolism due to the active expenditure of energy. It also improves endurance, which significantly prolongs exercise and naturally promotes weight loss. The positive effect of liquid chestnut in most patients is observed due to the fact that it:

  • as a plant preparation helps to purify the body of toxins;
  • accelerates metabolism, splits excess fat;
  • helps reduce the stomach to normal size;
  • stimulates physical activity;
  • supports immunity.


General tips for losing weight

Having explained that taking medications alone will not help lose weight, we will give general advice on how to deal with people who have encountered this problem. They can be recommended:

  • Set the correct power: Limit the intake of fats, carbohydrates, give up alcohol, do not gorge in the evening, do not give up breakfast, install a fractional diet, use at least 2 liters / day, do not eat in front of the TV, computer monitor;
  • Set the correct exercise: exercise at least 30-45 minutes a day, do not seek to lose weight as soon as possible and only in certain parts of the body, classes should be regular, if possible at the same time, do not use the elevator, public transport if you need to drive a few stops;
  • Establish the right psychological rhythm: the normal duration of sleep, the absence of stressful loads, daily long-term exposure to fresh air.
  • If you follow the above recommendations foraccelerating the reduction in body weight, you can choose the right drug for weight loss and combine its reception and the correct regimens in nutrition, physical activity, psychological rhythm. Only then the effect of the drugs will not be short-lived, and the dropped kilograms will not return again in a short time. In some cases, taking dietary supplements may not be necessary - if the amount of calories consumed will match the amount consumed. Most drugs on a synthetic basis have a negative effect on a person and, with positive results, have side effects - dizziness, allergies, stomach upsets, insomnia. So that losing weight should be healthy - in the first place it should begin with the reorganization of thoughts on a balanced moderate diet, the appropriate physical activity, and not with rigid diets, hunger strikes, exhausting race procedures.