principles of proper nutrition Recently, the right diet is caused bypeople of increasing interest. And this, of course, can not but rejoice, because nutrition largely depends on our health. However, unfortunately, there is often no further banal interest. And all because many people are convinced that proper nutrition is a restriction in the amount of food and tasteless foods. However, in fact, this is not so! Proper nutrition can and should be tasty! No one calls you to eat only cereals and raw vegetables - the menu can be very diverse. It is about the right, healthy and delicious food, and we'll talk today. And we really hope that from now on the food will bring you not only joy, but also good.

Diversify food

Carefully analyze your menu at least forlast week. Well, are the results impressive? As practice of dieticians shows, the diet of a modern person is extremely poor, and the lion's share is made up of semi-finished products. Therefore it is foolish to say that you are eating tasty if three times a week you have pasta with cutlets, and three more - pelmeni. In the diet of any person should be sour-milk products, fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat, poultry and fish. Do not do without complex carbohydrates - cereals, legumes: they should account for the major portion of all calories per day. And in practice, the main share of calories is in sugar and fat - this is clearly not the best choice. Do not get hung up on the same products, even if they are useful - for example, you should not eat buckwheat seven days a week, because there are also wheat, rice and corn. Do you like tomatoes? It's wonderful, but do not forget that cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, beans are no less useful. Do you like salmon? But trout, and even mackerel not less than deserve your attention! If your diet is varied, your body will receive a sufficient amount of vitamins, micro and macro elements, as well as minerals - very soon you will simply forget about the need to take multivitamin complexes. In addition, you will eat with pleasure, because the menu will be diverse. Monotony is quickly bored and food intake will only turn into a mechanical process.

Do not forget about the protein

The most common mistake of most people -insufficient intake of protein. But the protein is necessary for the body much more than fat, which diet of an ordinary person simply abounds. Protein is the main building material for the body - virtually no exchange process takes place without its participation. In addition, protein is the basis of muscle tissue - this should be remembered for those people who are trying to get rid of excess weight. Simple starvation will lead to the fact that the muscle tissue is simply atrophied, and in the first place. And if you eat protein, this will not happen - first the fat tissue will disappear, which, in fact, is your main goal, is not it? Therefore, for lean people, protein is needed as air. And in the menu it is necessary to include both vegetable and animal protein - approximately in equal proportions. A large amount of protein is contained in the following products:

  • Peas, both fresh and dried. But they should not be abused - for an adult it is permissible to eat a maximum of 100 grams per day
  • All kinds of beans, especially pods. Fresh beans can be eaten in unlimited quantities, but dried must also be limited to the same 100 grams
  • Lentils. Lentils in general a storehouse of useful substances, including protein. But too often it is not worth it - a maximum of two times a week

Animal protein is in any meat, but not any meat can be attributed to healthy food. If you want to eat right, pay attention to:

  • Low-fat varieties of poultry. And the best way to eat breast, but from the legs it makes sense to refuse - there is too much unwanted cholesterol
  • Low-fat fish. The fish contains not only protein, but also phosphorus, which is necessary for normal brain activity. This is very important, given that a huge number of people are engaged in mental activity
  • Low-fat meat. Of course, not all people can do without meat. But a piece of lean beef will be much more useful than a roast pork chop, believe me

Dairy products can not be ignored. At once I would like to make a reservation - whole milk is not able to assimilate by far not every organism of an adult. But sour-milk products are useful doubly - it's protein and calcium. Yes, and problems with the intestines in people who regularly use dairy products, almost never happens. Therefore, be sure to include in your diet the following foods:

  • Cottage cheese, preferably home-made. If you watch the figure, you can give preference to fat-free varieties
  • Kefir and yogurt. They are a source of protein, calcium and bifidobacteria, normalize the process of digestion
  • Yoghurts. Yogurt is a very useful product, but only if it is natural, without the addition of artificial preservatives, fragrances and colorants

If you still have milk products for you yetin a novelty, enter them into your diet gradually, otherwise the intestine can respond with a disorder. And then do not get too involved - in the diet of an adult should not be more than 0.5 liter of fermented milk products per day. healthy principles of proper nutrition

The benefits of fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and fruits - this is what you can do withoutan adult will not succeed. If their diet is too small, health problems will begin - constipation, dysbiosis, beriberi. Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of substances, without which health begins to deteriorate rapidly. Fiber is necessary for a normal digestive process. And without normal digestion, human health is generally under great threat. An adult should eat at least three raw vegetables or fruits a day. Of course, the thermally processed fruits are also useful, but the raw ones are also necessary. And the most reasonable to give preference to those vegetables and fruits that have grown in the region of your residence. Let our apples are not as beautiful as, for example, Polish, but the health benefits from them are certainly much greater. An exception is the winter season, when there are no other vegetables and fruits other than imported fruits. There's no getting away - it's better than nothing. But in the summer, support the domestic manufacturer. Moreover, our vegetables and fruits cost less. As they say, a trifle - but nice. Especially useful are vegetables and fruits of white, yellow and orange colors - for example, carrots, broccoli, cabbage. They contain a huge amount of vitamin C and E, as well as carotene and antioxidants. By the way, the latter, by the way, are necessary to the modern man as the air, since they excel freely free radicals. And free radicals, as is known, have the property of accumulating in the body and eventually provoking the development of cancer. Antioxidants, if they enter the body in sufficient quantities, neutralize the negative effects of radicals before they have time to harm the body. In addition, scientists have found that antioxidants significantly slow down the aging of the body, which can not but interest the fair sex. Vitamin E, in turn, enhances the effect of antioxidants at times. In addition, the constant use of a sufficient amount of vitamin E most positively affects the cardiovascular system, improves vision, reduces the risk of developing cataracts. Yes, and beautiful skin can not be achieved by any tricks, if vitamin C will not enter the body in sufficient quantities.

Harm of sweets

There can be no question of proper nutrition, and in thatIf your diet is full of sweets. Of course, many representatives of the fair sex is very difficult to abandon the usual morning bun or a well-deserved chocolates after a hard working day. But if you care about your figure, your health and thought about the proper nutrition, you still have to do it. And first of all it is necessary to refuse baking, especially buns - buns, biscuits, cakes should no longer be welcome guests in your house! Firstly, it's sugar that nobody needs. And secondly, the only thing you can leave - and then a small amount - is a bran bread: a few slices for breakfast, no more. Candies, ice cream, milk chocolate - all these are extremely undesirable goodies, in which there is nothing but simple carbohydrates, which the body does not give anything except excess calories. However, do not think that from now on you are deprived of sweet - something you can still afford, even if the right food for you is a way to get rid of excess weight:

  • Absolutely any dried fruit
  • Sweet fresh fruit
  • Marshmallow and pastille
  • bitter chocolate

Although, of course, and in this case, remember aboutmoderation - one piece of pastilles will not do any harm, but a kilogram is an obvious surplus that will not have the best effect on both the volume of your charming priests and the state of the digestive system. And your pancreas does not need such a load. good principles of proper nutrition

Drinking regime

It is very important to pay attention not only to the fact thatyou eat, but what you drink. Drinking is extremely important and there are several rules that you must remember. And do not just remember, but faithfully perform. If you do not do this, all the principles of proper nutrition will not do any good. So:

  • Drinking fluid volume

An adult man, weighing about 60 kilograms,should drink about 2 liters of fluid. And it means drinking water, not teas and soups. However, there is a very important caveat - if you suffer from hypertension or any kidney and bladder disease, be sure to talk with your doctor. It is possible that you will be recommended a different amount of water.

  • What drink

Packaged juices, carbonated sweet water,coffee - all these drinks must be completely eliminated, since they do not bring anything other than harm. Excellent and with the benefit for health thirst quenches simple drinking water, unsweetened compotes and home-made smoothies, natural juices. However, with natural juices, too, do not overdo it - they often contain a lot of sugar.

  • Remember about calories

If you have made the right diet the alternativediets for weight loss, remember - all that is not water - this is food. And in a glass of compote and even more so natural juice contains quite a lot of calories. If you follow these fairly simple rules, your body will thank you - many health problems will disappear, the complexion will be perfect, and changes to the figure will pleasantly surprise you. Of course, the first time you will be very difficult. Most likely, on one "beautiful" day you decide to leave all this venture with proper nutrition. But gather your fist into a fist - very soon such food will become your way of life and will bring only joy.