blue clay for hair Care of the skin and hair is, probably,one of the most endless topics of discussion for all women. And one of the most pleasant and useful procedures is to lie absolutely relaxed with a clay mask on the hair and medical mud on the body. After all, hair masks and therapeutic mud are the oldest cosmetic procedures. Different types of clay have long been used for medicinal purposes. It is useful because it is rich in iron, magnesium and aluminum, it is very convenient to use, stimulates skin breathing, invigorates, cleanses it and always brings excellent results. And also the clay has a good effect on the condition of the hair, which was known even in ancient times, when there were no beautiful jars with masks. Therefore, the treatment of hair with clay, of course, not simple, but cosmetic, cleansing hair and absorbing dirt, was very popular.

Useful properties of clay in masks for hair

Cosmetic hair clay possessesthe ability to return hair shine and silky, and also to revitalize the hair - thanks to the nutrients contained in it. A mask made of clay can strengthen the roots of hair, remove irritation of the scalp and relieve dandruff. Hair becomes more durable, because with such care, their growth is stimulated. Mask for hair from clay is rightly called one of the most useful, because it not only gently cleanses, nourishes the roots of hair, heals in general, but also gives locks a beautiful natural shine and makes the hair more voluminous. Also, cosmetic hair clay is used to absorb excess sebum. Clay is used as a separate cosmetic product, and in combination with other various components. hair mask with blue clay

All kinds of clay

There are several types of clay: white, red, pink, yellow, green, gray and blue, and they are all used in cosmetology. Different colors of clay imply their different properties. Therefore, there is clay against hair loss, and for hair growth, and other useful species. You can prepare and masks, and shampoos, make healing solutions for wraps and baths of clay for hair - reviews say that all these products from clay are equally effective. I must say that the effect of each type of clay will be different. So, for example, black is very effective at combating excess weight and cellulite, and green stabilizes the work of the sebaceous glands. But we are interested in the blue, because the mask of it has a lot of useful properties. Which ones? Now we will talk about this in detail. Blue clay for hair is the most healing of all possible species. It best strengthens the hair follicle, thus being an effective anti-hair loss remedy. And also prevents brittle hair. Because of the high content of silicon in its composition, it can also be called clay for hair growth. If you suffer from dandruff, then the mask of blue clay will help you cope with this nuisance. Thus, use blue clay is necessary for hair growth, when they are fragile and weakened. Also, it will help to successfully combat the presence of dandruff and strong hair loss: reviews after its use indicate a strong therapeutic effect of blue clay. In addition, it deeply cleanses the hair. The reason that it is optimal for hair growth lies in its composition, which includes a set of unique substances: silicon, aluminum, iron, calcium, magnesium, titanium anhydride. So, having examined in detail all the merits, you can safely conclude that the mask of blue clay will be an excellent option. Of course, depending on the specific case, the problem. Blue clay for hair can be bought at the pharmacy. It is worth it inexpensively. Clay masks for general hair strengthening are best done twice a month. And for hair restoration - two or three times a week.

Proper use of blue clay

Now tell you how to make masks out of the blueclay for hair and how to apply clay to the hair. For cooking, use only fresh clay solution, because the diluted can not be stored until the next application. Clay in powder should be diluted with warm water according to the instructions. It should be a consistency like thick sour cream or a bit more liquid. After clay, apply to the scalp and hair. Make sure that this liquid clay mask completely absorbs your hair. At the top of the hair, you must put on a shower cap (or a bag, or wrap it around a food film) and wrap your head with a towel. The mask usually acts on the hair for twenty to forty minutes. Then the hair should be thoroughly rinsed with warm water using shampoo. And at the end of washing on clean hair, you must apply balm - otherwise after drying they will be very hard. Owners of light hair, if they used this kind of clay, after washing off the mask, it is recommended to wash the hair with shampoo with a toning agent. It is necessary to dilute them in proportion to two parts of the shampoo to one part of the shade means, because after using blue types of clay, the color of the light hair may turn yellow or become gray. A shade means will return blondes the original shine and color of their curls. blue clay for hair growth

About clay masks for hair

Of course, the topic of hair clay masksinexhaustible. They should be constantly diversified, so as not to reduce their effectiveness. As already mentioned, the most healing since the earliest times is considered to be blue clay for hair: the reviews also testify to the greatest popularity of this species. Therefore, just imagine the most common and effective mask based on blue clay. Mask for hair from blue clay For its preparation you need to take one teaspoon of blue clay, one yolk, one teaspoon of lemon juice, butter and also honey. Next, you dilute the blue clay with warm water to the state of thick sour cream and add all the other ingredients. All mix well, apply first to the roots, then distribute along the entire length of the hair. This is the only correct application. If you have very dry tips of hair, then they must be pre-lubricated with any cosmetic oil. When the mask is applied, as usual, cover the head with a film and wrap it with a warm towel. This mask should be kept on the hair one, and preferably two hours. After this time - rinse with warm water. This recipe can also be used for oily hair - then instead of butter simply add one teaspoon of castor. Regular use of this mask (once or twice a week for a month) promotes a good acceleration of hair growth. In all clay masks, you should additionally add ingredients such as honey, olive and burdock oil, lemon juice, vinegar, egg yolk, cream or milk.

About washing your hair with blue clay

In addition to using clay masksa common procedure is to wash her hair, because it is also effective and useful. By the way, it has the same healing properties as masks. Moreover, if you do not have much time, and your hair needs to be recharged to give them strength and shine, then your choice should be in favor of washing the hair with clay. So, how to wash your hair with clay? Here is one of the most effective recipes. For him, you need to mix in equal parts water and apple cider vinegar - four tablespoons. It is necessary to fill this solution with two or three tablespoons of blue clay and stir the mixture with a wooden spatula until a uniform consistency is obtained. After it is necessary to put it on the hair and massage the scalp for five to ten minutes. And rinse thoroughly with warm water. If you want the hair to become even more shiny and soft, then rinse them with water and lemon. And after washing clean hair is best to smear a little with almond oil.

Clay for modeling

Perhaps, not everyone knows about this, but there iseven a blue clay for styling hair. In another way it is also called modeling. You will be surprised, but yes, such clay is used to create semi-monolithic folds. Its production and application is widely spread in cosmetology. Modeling hair clay, as a rule, allows you to design hairstyles, highlighting the accents on any hair. In addition, it helps to tighten the hair, makes them more elastic, serves to form a volume with plastic fixation. To use it, you need to rub in your palms the optimal amount of blue clay for styling hair. Apply evenly to dry or damp hair and simulate styling with hands. Usually such a modeling clay is used for cross-styling. We advise you to read: