fetal arrest Pregnancy is not only a time of joyexpectations, but also many worries and anxieties. That, however, and not surprisingly - the development of a new life is a very complex process. And sometimes the expectant mother is not waiting for pleasant surprises. One of them is a delay in the development of the fetus. As it is easy to guess from the name of the pathology, in this case there is a lag in the physical development of the baby in the womb. As a rule, it is these babies that are popularly called "small-minded." In most cases, such crumbs are born before the due date - before 36 weeks of pregnancy. And only about 5% of children with intrauterine growth retardation are born on time.

The types of delay

Doctors distinguish two types of intrauterine development:

  • Symmetrical development delay

In this case there is not only a deficitof the body weight of the fetus, but also a lag in growth, a decrease in the circumference of the head. That is, in simple terms, the child is developed harmoniously, simply less than the expected duration of pregnancy.

  • Asymmetric development delay

In the same case, if a child lacks massbody is observed against the background of normal growth and the circumference of the head, doctors say about the asymmetric delay in development. By the way, this form of intrauterine growth retardation occurs most often. In addition, intrauterine growth retardation is also assessed by the severity of the course.

  • The first degree - the fetal lag in development for two weeks.
  • The second degree is the fetal lag in development for three to four weeks.
  • The third degree is the fetal lag in development for more than four weeks.
  • As you understand, the more the degree of lag in the development of the fetus, the higher the risk to your health, and sometimes the life of your baby. intrauterine growth retardation

    Causes of developmental delay

    Of course, the delayed development of the fetus is simply notthere will be somehow or other, but there must be some weighty reason. And there are quite a lot of reasons for this: chromosomal abnormalities, fetal metabolism, maternal thyroid hypofunction, and viral infections, in particular toxoplasmosis, rubella and herpes. Asymmetric form of intrauterine growth retardation often develops due to fetoplacental insufficiency. Simply put, the placenta is not able to fully supply the fruit with those nutrients that are so necessary for it for normal development. Moreover - in cases of particularly severe disruption of the placenta, there may be a shortage of oxygen - hypoxia. A violation of the placenta may arise as a result of gestosis, improper development of the umbilical cord, with multiple pregnancies, as well as with placenta previa. It is not surprising that under such conditions no normal development of the fetus can be said. In addition, the delay in fetal development of the fetus can occur under the influence of unfavorable external factors - the acceptance by the future mother of certain medications, radiation radiation, the use of alcoholic beverages, drugs, smoking. One can not fail to mention another interesting fact - doctors say that the presence of previous abortions at times increases the risk of delay in the development of the fetus. However, it is often impossible to establish the reason for the delay in development, unfortunately. Doctors can only guess, but for sure they do not know. Although, for the sake of justice, it should be noted that knowing this reason does not really help mom with the baby.

    Symptoms of fetal development retardation

    This pathology is not pronouncedSymptoms that could allow a future mother to independently suspect something is amiss. The only way to detect an EHEC - a delay in intrauterine development - is to visit your gynecologist on time, who will notice the problem and promptly prescribe the necessary treatment. There is an opinion that too little weight gain during pregnancy speaks about intrauterine growth retardation. However, doctors say that this is not so! Very often, the development of the baby is delayed even in those women who have gained even more weight. Although, of course, if a pregnant woman suddenly decides to follow the beauty of her figure and sits on a strict diet, the baby can suffer. If the degree of delay is very high, a woman may note a decrease in the movements of the fetus and their weakness. Although this phenomenon can serve as a symptom of very many disorders. But in any case, this should serve as a very alarming signal and cause immediately to call an ambulance!

    Examination of a pregnant woman

    Most often the doctor assumes a delaydevelopment of the fetus in the event that the height of standing of the bottom of the uterus is less than it should be on the date of pregnancy. In simple terms, the uterus is smaller than normal. After all, respectively, and the child is less than it should be. After this, the doctor will necessarily send the woman to an ultrasound examination, during which the circumference of the abdomen and the baby's head, the length of his thigh and the approximate weight will be measured. In addition, using ultrasound can determine how the crumbs are functioning internal organs. After a standard ultrasound, a Doppler study will be performed, which will allow to evaluate the blood flow both in the vessels of the umbilical cord and the placenta, and in the vessels of the baby. Then cardiotocography of the fetus is carried out - a kind of cardiogram for the child, which will allow to assess the general condition of the child and exclude (or confirm) fetal hypoxia. fetal lag

    Treatment of fetal development delay

    Regardless of the formintrauterine growth retardation and how much it is expressed, treatment should be started as soon as possible, immediately after diagnosis of the pathology. And only if the delay in the development of crumbs is not more than a week, the doctor can not take any action, but simply watch - but not more than a week! If there is no improvement, treatment will still be needed.

    • Medication

    For the treatment of intrauterine growth retardationkid doctors use a very large number of pharmacological drugs, whose action is aimed at improving blood flow in the placenta. In addition, if necessary, the doctor will prescribe a course of vitamins, which will also support the crumbs.

    • Eating a pregnant woman

    Very often a woman who learned about the delay in developmenthis baby, it is accepted to eat for two. However, there is no point in this - after all, the set of body weight is not your goal? It is much more important to ensure that your diet is balanced - vegetables, fruits, milk and meat products are vital, because the need for protein increases at times. It is proteins that are the very "building blocks" that are necessary for the health of the baby.

    • The mode of the future mother's day

    Not the least role in the development of the child is played bymode of the future mother's day. First, try to walk as much as possible in the open air. But, of course, there is no need to overstrain yourself - an hour of walking by a leisurely pace will be enough. Secondly, it is not superfluous to have an afternoon nap - if you sleep for at least an hour, your state of health will be much better. And thirdly, of course, it is very important to observe emotional rest - unnecessary stress to the future mother is completely useless, do not you think?

    Pediatric fetal arrest

    The appearance of a weakened baby is not afrom simple. In each case, the doctor carefully evaluates the situation and makes a decision, taking into account the condition of both mother and baby. If the delay in development is not too great and the general condition of the mother and child is satisfactory, the birth can be natural. If the child is weakened too much, or he has hypoxia - most likely, the doctor will decide on the need for a cesarean section. If the condition of the mother and child allows, doctors produce a cesarean section at the appropriate time, when the pregnancy is completely terminated. If the situation is critical, caesarean section can be carried out urgently. We advise you to read: