pain in the abdomen during pregnancy in the early stages Waiting for the child is a period of very exciting andresponsible and this, fortunately, is understood by almost all future mothers. And that's why during pregnancy, a woman listens to the slightest changes in her body, and from the very moment she finds out about her interesting situation. And rightly so, by the way - it is the first three months that are considered the most critical. Firstly, it is at this time that a radical change in the hormonal background of the future woman takes place. Secondly, in the first 12 weeks, all vital organs and systems of the future baby are laid. So most of the problems with the normal course of pregnancy declare themselves in this time interval. If a woman seeks a doctor at the first sign of a malaise, the chances of saving her pregnancy are very, very high. And the main such sign is, of course, the pain in the lower abdomen. But immediately I would like to notice that the pains in the abdomen in the early stages of pregnancy do not always say that the mother or baby is in danger. But let's talk about everything and in order.

Physiological causes of pain

The vast majority of women in the early periodpregnancy is marked by pains in the lower abdomen. But, fortunately, in most cases the pregnancy proceeds normally and a wonderful baby appears safely to the light. There is a completely logical question - why then did the abdomen hurt at the bottom? In fact, these pains are easily explained:

  • Reorganization of the body

If the pain is not intense, have a pullingcharacter, localized in the lower abdomen and / or lower back, most likely you are confronted with natural processes. The uterus starts to increase in size, the ligaments supporting the body of the uterus begin to stretch - and the uncomfortable sensations become just a consequence of all these changes in the body of the future mother. By the way, long-term observations of gynecologists make it possible to draw a very interesting conclusion: as a rule, pains of this nature in the early stages of pregnancy are most typical for those women who have always had painful menstruation. Although, of course, there are exceptions to this rule.

  • Problems with the intestines

In the early stages of pregnancy, problems withintestines - a fairly common phenomenon: with a swelling of the abdomen, two out of three expectant mothers face. And increased gassing, of course, inevitably leads to the appearance of pain. There is bloating due to a sharp change in the hormonal background of a pregnant woman. Over time, everything necessarily normalizes, but until it happens - carefully monitor your diet. From the menu it is necessary to strictly exclude products that increase gas formation - beans, soy, flour, sweet, carbonated drinks. pain in the abdomen in the early stages of pregnancy

Threatening causes

Unfortunately, pain in the lower abdomen is not alwayson the early such harmless ones - in a number of cases they signal serious health problems, and sometimes even the threat of termination of pregnancy. The most common causes of pain in the lower abdomen are:

  • Inflammatory processes

It's unclear why, but the fact is very commonthe opinion that during pregnancy no woman's gynecological diseases are threatened. In fact, this is not so. Since the moment of fertilization of the egg, the immune system of a woman begins to weaken - this is an indispensable condition for bearing a child. As a result, the woman's body becomes very vulnerable. And diseases do not miss the opportunity to declare themselves - for example, the inflammatory processes of the female reproductive system. Therefore, with pain in the abdomen in the early stages of pregnancy, first of all, it is necessary to exclude gynecological problems.

  • Threat of abortion

Sometimes the pain in the lower abdomen can serve as a signaldanger and testify about the threat of termination of pregnancy. However, do not waste time on panic - remember that this is just a threat. And in the vast majority of cases, timely treatment of the future mother to the doctor can correct the situation. Medicine in our time is capable of much and 90% of such pregnancies doctors can save. So do not despair ahead of time - just listen carefully to your condition and at the first signs of trouble immediately consult a gynecologist.

  • Ectopic pregnancy

The most dangerous situation is the ectopicpregnancy, which also declares itself a severe pain in the lower abdomen. Ectopic pregnancy is the pregnancy in which a fertilized egg starts to develop not in the uterus cavity, but in the ovary, abdominal cavity or - which is most common - in the fallopian tube. Such a pregnancy, unfortunately, is doomed - doctors are not able to save a child for today. Outwardly, such a pregnancy is similar to normal - a woman has all the symptoms, a pregnancy test is positive. The fetus develops until it becomes too large - then the uterine tube breaks. After that, the life of the most pregnant woman is at stake. Therefore, the sooner an ectopic pregnancy is detected, the more favorable the prognosis. To diagnose pathology is simple enough - the main thing is to turn to a doctor in time, and not to suffer pain at home silently. The doctor will direct the woman to an ultrasound examination to understand where the fetus was fixed. If the fears are not confirmed and the pregnancy is normal, the doctor will look for the cause of the pain in the lower abdomen. But if there is still an ectopic pregnancy, a woman will need surgical intervention of surgeons.

Causes not related to pregnancy

Not always pain in the abdomen of expectant mothersconnected directly with pregnancy - the future mother is subject to all the same diseases as all other people. Unfortunately, they are most often recalled in the last place, because of what the treatment begins with a huge delay.

  • Appendicitis

Surgeons do not cease to wonder how oftenappendicitis lies in wait for future mothers, and in most cases in the early stages of pregnancy. Not so long ago, a similar diagnosis during pregnancy meant a serious threat to my mother and baby. However, today there is absolutely nothing to worry about - surgeons will quickly remove appendicitis without causing any harm to the baby. Most often, it's appendicitis that causes pain, it's easy for a doctor. After all, the pain in this case is accompanied by such companions as elevated body temperature, weakness, nausea, vomiting. The performed blood test clearly indicates the presence of an inflammatory process in the body. Although in some cases the picture can be blurred - in any case, the correct diagnosis can be made only by a doctor.

  • Food poisoning

All because of the same weakened immunitya pregnant woman has a very high chance of encountering food poisoning. Of course, the abdominal pain in this case is by far not the only symptom of a malaise. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive gas formation, general malaise - it is unlikely that there will be at least one person who has never encountered poisoning in his life. A woman during pregnancy should remember that her digestive system is extremely vulnerable and the diet should be under strict control, especially in the summer. Give up cafes and restaurants, exclude any fast food and even the use of semi-finished products. By the way, these restrictions will in any case benefit the future mother. You do not want to get into your kid's body is not very useful substances? And for the extra weight you gain, your doctor will not pat you on the head.

  • Cystitis

A real plague for pregnant womenbecomes such a disease as cystitis, for which during this period there are a lot of favorable factors. Changing the hormonal background, weakening the immune system, anatomical metamorphosis in the body of a future mother - all this gives the inflammation of the bladder a "green light". In addition to the pain in the lower abdomen in this case, women complain of pain when urinating, frequent visits to the toilet. Treatment should be carried out exclusively under the supervision of a doctor! abdominal pain in early pregnancy

When should I see a doctor?

Of course, any abdominal pain in pregnancyshould be the reason for contacting a gynecologist. However how to understand, whether it is possible to wait till the morning and to descend or go in an out-patient department, or to call in all bells and immediately to cause first aid? Let's understand together. It is unlikely that your child and you are threatened by something in the event that you are faced with the following phenomena:

  • The pain is not intense, it does not cause any special discomfort.
  • You do not have temperature and general weakness.
  • Nausea and vomiting - it's not about you. Of course, if you do not suffer from toxicosis!
  • Pain sensations are not accompanied by bleeding.

If the pain is very strong and even more socramping, or you have at least one of the symptoms described above - do not delay. And you do not need to go to the hospital yourself - it's better to call the ambulance brigade. So you will be sure that on the way to the hospital if necessary, you will be provided with medical assistance. And most importantly, what needs to be done, feeling a pain in the stomach - calm down. Excess stress is completely useless - most likely, there are no reasons for concern. But even if you are faced with the threat of miscarriage, panic will not help you, but will only exacerbate the situation. Think about the good and you will always succeed!