preparation for childbirth Preparing for childbirth is a very important occupationand demanding from the future mother the most serious approach. Unfortunately, for most pregnant women, all preparation for childbirth consists in buying everything that is necessary for the baby. Well, at best - in reading any book on pregnancy and childbirth. And in the end, the birth is taken by surprise, despite the fact that she waited for them for nine months. It is especially difficult for most expectant mothers in the last month of pregnancy. And it's not surprising - all the preparations for the emergence of a new member of the family have long been made, and time drags on so slowly! And now, just perfect, and most importantly, a useful way to take your free time will be preparing for childbirth. And to begin our story is necessary about such an important aspect as breathing.

Preparation for childbirth - breathing

It is right breathing that will become the mainAssistant to a woman at the time of the birth of a baby. You need to master at least a few basic types - the breathing that you need in different stages of labor: First stage of labor Rare short contractions, not particularly tormenting a pregnant woman. In this period of childbirth, the "candle" is the most suitable breathing. This type of breathing involves frequent and superficial inhalations, nose. Practice in advance - quickly inhale the air with your nose, and then, almost without holding it in your lungs, exhale with your lips. To make it easier for yourself, imagine that you blow out the flame of an imaginary candle. The exhalations and exhalations should quickly replace each other, almost without interruption. Begin breathing immediately after the start of the bout and continue until its complete retreat. Be prepared for the fact that in the first minute of such breathing you can feel dizzy, sometimes quite strong. This is due to the fact that such a breath leads to oxygen saturation of the brain cells, resulting in a powerful release of endorphins into the blood. Or, as they are sometimes called - hormones of happiness. It is these hormones that suppress pain - in other words, frequent shallow breathing is nothing more than a kind of analgesic. The second stage of childbirth At this stage, the cervix begins to open more actively. And accordingly, and the pain sensations become much more sensitive. And then to help the future mother will come the breath of the "Great Candle". At its core, this breath is nothing more than a slightly modified previous version. However, in this case, breathing should be a little difficult. Imagine that you have a stuffy nose - take a breath with air. And exhale it through closed lips, with a certain effort. This breath relieves the pain much more effectively, but do not start it too soon - only when the previous breath does not really help. Third stage of labor In the third stage of labor, the cervix is ​​as open as possible. The baby begins to pass through the cervical ring, bringing it into an excited state. The consequence of this condition are frequent, very intense and extremely painful contractions. The fight can last one and a half - two minutes, and breaks - only 30 - 40 seconds. And the right breathing is designed to relieve a woman these difficult times. Doctors recommend this period to facilitate breathing with "Steam Engine". Breathing is very simple - the same "Candle", but with increasing speed of breathing - its maximum should fall to the peak of the fight. And when you feel that the struggle is on the decline, imagine that your engine is approaching the intermediate station - breathing should gradually go to a decline. preparation for birth

Breast preparation

Have you mastered breathing techniques? Very good. But this is still not enough to say with certainty that the preparation for childbirth is over. It is also necessary to prepare the whole organism properly for such a difficult process as the appearance of a new man. And we will probably start with the preparation of the breast. Yes - yes, do not be surprised! Of course, breastfeeding is provided by nature itself. But breast preparation should not be ignored. And in this task, simple procedures will help you. First, water. At least once a day, do a contrast chest shower. This will help not only to keep its shape and elasticity, but also to increase the elasticity of the nipple tissues. Secondly, massage. Taking a shower? Stay with a washcloth on your nipples for another minute. Watch TV? Also, give the breasts a couple of minutes - rub the nipples with a soft clean cloth, greasing them before it. Also for the breast, air baths are extremely useful - at least for a few minutes a day. However, remember that all manipulations related to the breast can be carried out only if you do not have the slightest threat of premature birth. Just in case, in advance, consult your doctor - gynecologist.

Body position

There are several poses that doctorsrecommend before delivery take as often as possible. The meaning in this extremely simple - poses are absolutely physiological, do not disrupt the normal process of blood circulation in the organs of the small pelvis, do not cause mum any discomfort. A future mother can take them at any time - for example, in front of a TV or reading a book while talking on the phone. And the benefits of these postures before birth are simply invaluable - it trains not only muscles, but also ligaments and skin. We offer you the most popular and effective of them:

  • "Butterfly". In this position, it is necessary to close tightly the heels and pull them to the perineum as close as possible. Knees and will be a kind of wings, which periodically need to move.
  • "Pose of a tailor." Sit on a hard surface - for example, on the floor - and cross your legs in front of you. This posture is very useful, but do not stay there more than 10 minutes in a row. This is the only posture in which footsteps are possible. Incidentally, this is why doctors do not recommend abruptly getting up from this pose.
  • "Sitting on the heels." Slowly get on your knees, tightly connect them together and very smoothly sit on your heels. The average length of stay in this position is 15 minutes.
  • You can take these postures as often as you likedeem it necessary - they will not bring harm, but it's difficult to overestimate the value. But remember some security measures. In the event that no one is around, take all the above poses in front of the couch or armchair - if you suddenly feel dizzy, you can keep your balance. Do not take these postures before eating. And, of course, before bed. body preparation for childbirth

    Preparation of the perineum

    Also, it would be superfluous before giving birth to take care of andthe condition of the perineum. It must also be carefully prepared for the stretch to which it will undergo in the processes of delivery. For this, there are several ways, one of which is massage. For the massage, you can use any vegetable oil - sunflower, olive, wheat germ oil. In any case, before use, the oil must be boiled and poured into a clean glass container. Before the massage it is recommended to warm up the skin of the perineum properly. This can be done both with a warm bath and with a warmer. After that, carefully wipe the crotch, oil it and begin to massage. In the eighth month of pregnancy, a similar massage should be performed every three days, and on the ninth month - every day.

    Exercises for the muscles of the perineum

    In addition to massage there is also a speciala set of exercises, which is also aimed specifically at strengthening the perineum and increasing its elasticity. You will most certainly choose the most suitable ones: Kegel Exercise To perform them, you will need a gym ball. Do not save - get it. He will serve you faithfully for more than a year. For example, for gymnastic exercises with a baby. But back to our exercises. In principle, it is extremely simple - squeeze the muscles of the small pelvis in such a way as if you are trying to stop urination. Fix them in this position for a few seconds and gently relax. Such approaches should be at least 10 at a time. In a day, you need to do these exercises at least once. Although, pay attention - this exercise can be successfully done without a gymnastic ball. Anywhere and anytime - from the side no one will notice anything. Exercise with a chair To perform this exercise you will need a stable chair. Take the standing position, sideways towards the back of the chair. Sit back in the chair with your hands and slowly move your legs to the side, lifting them as high as you can. Raise your legs one by one, 10 times each. Exercise should be done very smoothly, without any sudden movements - they can only damage the ligaments. The second exercise with a chair should be done immediately after the first one. The starting position is the same - standing sideways to the back of the chair, holding hands with it. The leg in this case must be raised directly in front of him, and not removed to the side. There should be 10 approaches for each leg. Exercise Plie Become close to the wall to lean on it in the event that you lose your balance. Set your legs apart and start to squat slowly. In this situation, you need to hold at least 5 - 7 seconds. Rise very carefully and slowly. Repeat this exercise 10 times at least.

    Preparation of the cervix

    Do not forget that the uterusBefore giving birth also it is necessary to prepare carefully. And to prepare the cervix you will need ... your husband! Starting from the 36th week of pregnancy, doctors recommend a married couple expecting a baby to be born, having sex without the use of a condom. This recommendation is explained very, very simply. Sperm contains such substances that stimulate the process of softening the cervix, thereby preparing it for childbirth. Incidentally, this is why during pregnancy, which is complicated by the threat of premature interruption, doctors recommend completely abandoning sex. Well, or at least use a condom to prevent sperm from reaching the cervix and provoke the onset of premature birth. As you see, the preparation of the body for childbirth is simply necessary. It will help you to transfer labor as easily and painlessly as possible. And let for you the birthday of your baby will be remembered only by the most positive emotions, and not by pain and fear. And a good dad will be a good helper in this difficult matter. This will help you to further build confidence and love. And the Pope preparing for childbirth will make you feel involved in the greatest mystery - the birth of a person. And not just a person, but your baby. We advise you to read: