cozy bedroom on feng shui The bedroom is the most intimate and important room in thehouse. It is here that we spend almost a third of our lives. On how well the space in this room is properly organized and how well placed the accents, it depends not only the quality of our rest, but also the well-being of family relations.

The bedroom is a sacred place

For a good rest and a good sleep,keep your bedroom in order. It is here that the sleeping person is transferred by his consciousness to other dimensions. It is very important to keep this room in proper cleanliness, not only physically, but, equally importantly, energetically. There are several simple rules, adhering to which, according to Feng Shui, you can properly organize the space in your bedroom:

  • There should be no objects reminiscent of workor study, whether it's a desk, a computer or a folder with documents. If there is no possibility to allocate a separate room under the office, then it is desirable to keep all these items as far from your bed as possible. This same rule also applies to the arrangement of the children's bedroom - foreign objects can have a negative impact on the child's sleep.
  • Do not combine the functions of the bedroom and gym. All simulators and sports equipment should be stored in another room.
  • According to Feng Shui, it is not recommended to installin the bedroom there are wardrobes with clothes and a mezzanine. We must try to hang all winter clothes in the pantry, in the corridor, and leave light clothing in the next room.
  • Try to clean up andorder in your bedroom, take care that the door does not creak, and the windows are always clean and let the sunlight pass freely. The bedroom needs to be ventilated regularly, letting in the renewed energy of chi.
  • Do not put any things under the bed.
  • You should avoid having mirrors in the bedroom.
  • buddha for harmony in the bedroom

    Summing up

    When choosing a bed, you need to pay attention toon its back - it should be smooth, without any sharp corners. In addition to the bed, it is advisable not to put any more furniture, or to choose such that it occupies a minimum of space and does not dominate its size above the bed. Interior colors are selected according to the size of the room. For a small room it is better to choose light shades; if the area allows, then you can choose a more saturated color. However, it is necessary to observe the measure, so that the whole situation does not irritate, does not press and does not cause aggression. If you need to build a sex life or regain your former activity, you can add bright red spots to the design. According to Feng Shui, the bed should not be placed with the feet to the door. Best of all, if the doorway is somewhere outside. It is advisable to avoid placing the bed on one straight line between the door and the window, as well as near the wall, if it is adjacent to the bathroom - this can seriously damage your health. Compliance with these recommendations will not be difficult, but it can bring harmony in the relationship, give a full rest and a good sleep.