cosmetic facial massage What does a woman look like that always followsyourself? First of all, of course, it must have fresh, elastic and radiant skin and have a healthy complexion. What is cosmetic facial massage required for? The skin of the face constantly requires special attention. After all, it is open to all negative influences of the environment: sunlight, wind, frost, as well as radiation, the effects of air conditioners, the disgusting ecology of the city. At the same time, the facial skin is very vulnerable and delicate. In addition, facial muscles have their own structural features: they are predisposed gradually, but steadily lose their tone. The healthy skin of the face looks smooth, elastic, matte, smooth and as if shone from the inside. In order to maintain and as long as possible to maintain the healthy beauty of the skin of the face and neck, it is necessary to perform non-hard, but regular care for it. And the main role in facial care, of course, performs a special massage, which perfectly helps to keep it healthy, smart, young and fresh. And this means, truly beautiful. A professionally performed procedure well supports and tone the muscles of the face.

Salon procedure

There is far from one technique and techniquecosmetic facial massage. Some species of this procedure have their own thousand-year history, and for some species the technique was developed not so long ago. In addition to them, there are also quite unique methods of performing massage - this is when there is a synthesis of several ancient and effective techniques from different cultures, and this completely new reading sometimes has quite an impressive effect. Professionals of beauty salons and clinics, as a rule, own many methods, they choose them individually - the technique of such massage should primarily take into account the needs and features of your skin.

Technique of cosmetic facial massage

The very first secret of cosmetic massagea person, one might say, is the key to his success, is comfort. In the cabin for you is always ready a very comfortable armchair-couch, and to it "attached" and relaxing music. Then you should close your eyes and just have fun. If you follow all the strictness of the rules, then even remove the make-up is necessary only through the massage lines of the face. The easiest scrub, only removing the dead cells and not damaging the stratum corneum, should complete the skin cleansing. Before the procedure begins, the person is warmed by a pleasant compress or a warm steam. In the salons and clinics all types of massage can be carried out with the use of olive oil, and with a massage cream, which is necessarily selected individually depending on the type of skin. If the skin is oily or normal, you can choose a cream, but if it is dry, then, of course, in this case, the oil is preferable. With the help of these tools, the correct massage technique is provided. Cream or oil allows you to observe the general rule - the prohibition on stretching the skin, its displacement and the formation of folds. The advantage of using creams lies in another secret of the qualitative procedure: during the receptions of the massage, the cleansed, active and warmed skin, like a sponge, absorbs from the miracle cream all vitamins and the substances necessary for it, which as a result further enhances the effect of cosmetic facial massage. After the end of the procedure, you can apply a face mask, which the specialist will choose, guided by the type of your skin. cosmetic face massage technique

The effect of cosmetic facial massage

Correctly done massage of the face and neck will improvelymph drainage and microcirculation, which will help to remove swelling; will increase the saturation of tissues with oxygen, strengthen their nutrition. There are such techniques of cosmetic hand massage for the face, which are specifically aimed at increasing the tone of the skin and muscles, promote the formation of a muscular frame of a well-toned face, have a lifting effect. Massage prevents the appearance of various cosmetic skin imperfections, such as, for example, acne, and even slows the course of the "biological clock", affecting the signs of aging - wrinkles, the second chin, dull color, flabby skin and so on. That is, facial massage, prolonging the youth of your skin, will greatly delay the acquaintance with mesotherapy, the introduction of Botox and many other powerful cosmetic procedures. After a facial massage, your skin will look fresh and rested, as if you were resting a week somewhere in the southern resort. And this is not counting those cases when a similar procedure for the face and neck performs real miracles: it not only solves cosmetic problems, but also adjusts your mood and overall well-being, relieves muscle clamps and, as a result, relieves you of stress. After all, a lot of biologically active points are located on the face, so their stimulation will have an extremely beneficial effect on your overall well-being, because these points are interrelated with many organs and systems of the body. That is why massage of the face is also able to normalize the work of our body as a whole, restoring to us the comfort of physical and spiritual harmony. And, finally, facial massage is an incredibly pleasant process, which in itself can already serve as a true relaxing pleasure. How many sessions are required for facial cosmetic massage?

  • Facial massage is either prescribed as necessary, or carried out by courses several times per year.
  • If you decide to take a course of such a massage, then plan your time ahead of time.
  • For the procedure should be visitedspecialist twice a week or just every other day. In this schedule, the main secrets of facial massage, or, more precisely, the secrets of its effectiveness, are concluded. Usually the full course is from ten to twenty sessions.
  • To maintain or maintain what has been achievedeffect, cosmetologists recommend taking two to three courses of cosmetic massage a year, which, however, always individually and again will be adjusted by your beautician.

The results of cosmetic facial and neck massage are notwill force you to wait too long. Immediately after the first session, you will feel that your face is noticeably fresher, its color has improved, and the skin has started to breathe freely. In general, facial cosmetic massage, both in the salon and at home, is a natural lifting, which in itself has a healthy and rejuvenating effect.

The procedure performed independently

It should be remembered that the procedure itselfit's pretty simple, and it's completely accessible to everyone. And, if you do not have the opportunity to visit a salon or clinic, then you know that in order to keep yourself in top form, it is not necessary to attend a masseur. Cosmetic facial massage can be done on your own, in comfort for you, even without leaving home. Cosmetologists recommend starting to do cosmetic massage from twenty-seven to twenty-nine years. Agree, it is easier to prevent the emergence of any problem than to deal with its consequences. It is very important to do everything right. Before starting the procedure, we remove all cosmetics from the face. As in the salon, the key to the success of a competent massage is in the correct massage movements, which exclude excessive stretching and pressure. It is not recommended to do cosmetic massage if there are acute inflammatory processes on the skin, dermatological diseases, increased skin sensitivity, sunburn and increased hair growth on the face. Self-massage is recommended to be performed daily or every other day. For the first time, its duration should not be more than five or six minutes, but for the second time it can be given up to fifteen minutes. This massage is best done two to three hours before bedtime. Under the influence of cosmetic massage there is an active disposal of the skin from the keratinized cells, the blood vessels expand, the work of the sebaceous glands normalizes and sweating increases. After some time, under the influence of self-massage, the skin becomes elastic, comes into tonus; puffiness disappears, you get a healthy natural color.

How correctly to do face massage at home?

Start a massage - and any other cosmeticprocedure - with a complete face cleaning. Then you need to apply a hot compress for two or three minutes, and after the compress apply an active cream on the face skin and distribute it evenly. Starting directly to the procedure, we must not forget that all movements must be made on certain lines - the so-called massage lines:

  • from the tip of the chin to the earlobe
  • from the lower lip to the earlobe
  • from the base of the nose to the temples
  • from the corner of the mouth to the middle of the ear
  • from the middle of the bridge of nose to the line of eyebrows to the temples
  • from the middle of the forehead to the superciliary line to the temples
  • from the eyebrows to the hairline
  • But neck massage is carried out exclusively onone direction - "clavicle - chin," and always strictly up. With cosmetic massage, light strokes are first used, and a little later - not strong pats and clamps. For the eye area, special treatment is necessary: ​​all movements should be very light, without pressure. The massage lines run along the lower eyelid from the temple to the bridge of the nose and further along the line "the inner corner of the eye - the superciliary arc - the temple." To make the procedure more convenient, you can slightly increase the tension of the skin, slightly opening his lips and slightly protruding forward the lower jaw. correct facial cosmetic massage

    Anti-Wrinkle Massage

    Such facial massage effectively helps to fight withwrinkles, making them not so deep and noticeable, and also prevents the appearance of new signs of skin aging. It is necessary to make easy tapping in the vertical and horizontal directions (in turn) in the forehead zone. In order to make wrinkles between the eyebrows less, you need to make pressing movements of the inner side of the wrist on the problem area, moistening the skin with cream before that. Then with your fingertips pushing light movements you should walk towards the temples. In order to make the wrinkles around the eyes become less noticeable, it is necessary several times to act on the problem area by lightly pressing the inner side of the wrist. In this case, tapping with the tips of two fingers is also used.

    Facial massage and double chin

    For prophylactic purposes with facial massage, you caneven more effectively use tapping movements - thanks to this double chin you will not appear soon, and if you do this procedure regularly, then the chin does not appear at all. To improve the result, you can use a towel soaked in salted cold water. The towel should be properly squeezed and rolled with a tight bundle, and then attach it to the chin so that its center is in the middle of the chin. Next, the towel should be stretched, then relaxed: alternate these actions. So you will achieve the pattering effect of terry cloth on the chin - they will be strong enough, but they will not deform the skin.

    Checking the reaction of the skin before the massage

    Before you conduct a course of cosmeticmassage the face of the house, it is necessary to check the reaction of the vessels of your skin. This reaction depends on the state of the nerve endings and vessels, which is also affected by the age of the skin. You can check this reaction in a fairly simple way: you have to put a blunt stick on your forearm. If the red strip after this does not come off for a period of two hours, it means that with a cosmetic massage at home you will have to wait until it's over, and it's best for you to prefer an address to a specialist cosmetologist - he can pick up an individual load for your skin. Self-massage has a rather positive effect on the perception of the face skin with useful active substances contained in cosmetic preparations. The use of scrubs, masks, caring balms and serums during cosmetic massage greatly increases the effectiveness and effectiveness of both the cosmetic massage itself and all these useful products. It has been repeatedly verified that the regular procedure for cosmetic facial and neck massage slows the aging of the skin, and also improves its condition and appearance quite quickly. The technique of this self-massage is quite simple, so everyone can easily master it. Find yourself a little time, be patient and strong desire to change, and soon you will begin to listen to compliments about your irresistibility! We advise you to read: