wool coat Demi-season coat of natural wool - onefrom the most actual things in the wardrobe of every self-respecting woman. This subject of top women's clothing, many years in a row not leaving the fashion podiums, this fall decidedly climbed to the peak of fashion. In the coming season, without a fashionable and stylish gizmos in its arsenal will not be able to do any modern fashionista. What does a woolen coat of a woman look like in the autumn-winter 2016-2017 collections? This we now find out, having made a small trip behind the scenes of fashion podiums.

Women's coat: fashion trends of the new season

Change of seasons always pleases womenthe fair sex, giving them the opportunity to update their wardrobe with fashionable and stylish novelties. The advent of this autumn is no exception and will be able to please women and girls with fashionable outerwear - bright collages of the new seasonal fashion. This is an effective and stylish coat of woolen women, raincoats and capes, hypnotizing the audience at the last fashion show. In the autumn-winter season 2016-2017 there is a pronounced blending of styles, cuts, colors and accessories, and this can not but rejoice our contemporaries living in different parts of the globe. This winter, designers offer us to try on several different styles of fashionable coats this season and choose the most suitable option that will feel comfortable and confident in the new season. Meet the most fashionable fall-winter styles 2016-2017:

  • Short fitted coat, knee-length withlarge buttons and belt - the unfading style of the distant fifties and sixties of the twentieth century is again returning to fashion with triumph. Fitted mini-coats in the collections of most modern designers are presented in soft "autumn" colors: from caramel to mustard. The main decoration of such models are two rows of buttons of contrasting colors. And although this fashion trend is intended primarily for the youth audience, it fell in favor of many respectable ladies. And this is not surprising, because such a model as no other allows you to show the surrounding slender beautiful legs.

woolen women's coats

  • Various woolen caps, short and longcoats in romantic style and ponchos - all these things are incredibly popular this fall and winter. Any of these options is good in its own way and each of them deserves your attention. This kind of women's coat will be to the taste of many women of fashion who appreciate the free elegant style of outerwear. You can be sure - giving preference to any of them, you will not remain unnoticed. The color of the trendy coat-capes this season can range from the solar palette to the "classic of the genre" - chocolate brown. With regard to accessories, then handbags, umbrellas and hats designers are advised to choose the tone of shoes, jeans or dresses.

Woolen Woolen Coat

  • Wool coat up to the middle of the shank orfully covering the legs to the feet - another fashion trend of the new season. Of course, this kind of outerwear can not be called practical, but for special cases this option is simply irreplaceable. A luxurious classic coat made of fine cashmere fabric, perfectly combined with high-heeled shoes, is a good option for going out into the light, whether it's going to a theater or a restaurant. The color scale of a coat of this style, as a rule, is sustained in accordance with the traditions of style - saturated both light and dark colors.

wool coat

  • Autumn-winter coat-hybrids - a novelty of thisseason, managed to conquer the hearts of fans of exclusive things. Effective union of various fabrics - leather sleeves, natural fur and wool, inserts of silk and cotton - make it possible to implement the boldest designs of designers. The unconditional trend of the autumn winter season - fur accessories and decorations in the form of decoration - allow modern designers to widely use collars, sleeves, manti and scarves from natural fur of various animals.

fashionable woolen women's coats

Advantages of a coat made from natural woolen fabrics

In addition to the attractive appearance, elegant woolen women's coats have a lot of advantages that are very difficult to overestimate:

  • they perfectly retain heat;
  • Do not interfere with the penetration of air, thereby providing a comfortable temperature regime during socks;
  • practically do not crumple;
  • repel dirt and are easy to clean;
  • very light and soft.

Whichever style you preferwhen choosing an autumn or winter coat, you can be sure - even in the rainy days, outerwear made from natural woolen cloth will protect you from frost, protect you from cold and give you a good mood for the whole day.