basic wardrobe from Evelina Khromchenko The journalist, the presenter of television programs,a novice writer and just a beauty - these phrases describe only one woman who thanks to her talent, efficiency, dedication and knowledge became known far beyond her homeland. The great John Galliano, when asked by journalists about what Russia is for him, answered: "This is caviar, Red Square and Evelina Khromchenko."

Woman with a capital letter

Today this fragile woman isthe international editorial director of Les Editions Jalou Paris, for more than thirteen years occupies the chair of the editor-in-chief, as well as the creative director of the Russian edition of the magazine L'Officiel. However, in early 2010 there was a scandal - they wanted to remove it from this post. According to rumors, the head of the publishing house, which publishes "L'Officiel" in Russia, accused Khromchenko that she was excessively engaged in promoting her own name, which she devotes too much time to other projects (in particular, the broadcast of "Fashion Sentence", which leads Evelina) , which is detrimental to the work of the magazine. Therefore, in place of Khromchenko, the disgruntled chief appointed his wife. However, justice still prevailed: after a couple of months, the publishing house Parlan lost its rights to release the Russian version of L'Officiel - they were bought by AST, and Evelina again took the same place. As a 17-year-old girl and studying at the Faculty of Journalism of one of Moscow's most prestigious universities, Moscow State University, the future star got into the staff of the All-Union Committee on Television and Radio Broadcasting. In just three years, the girl went from a conventional referent to a columnist, she was entrusted with authoring radio programs on the radio. Later, Evelina began to cooperate with the TV company "Vid", then her first publications appeared in Izvestia, Elle, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Ogonek, Cosmopolitan and other popular publications. At 22, Khromchenko already ran her first magazine project, and in 24 she became the owner of her own business. A year later she headed "L'Officiel", in which she still works. This woman, who knows everything about fashion, even more, opened such talents as fashion designer Denis Simachev, Lilia Pustovit, Alena Akhmadulina, Igor Chapurin and other young talents. Khromchenko always looks stylish, neat and tasteful. This is a bright personality, which knows what it wants, and goes to its goal. As Evelina herself says: "Everything is very simple in life. If you are fat, use the diet Plisetskaya - do not eat! If there is health, then, you can assume that you have no problems. Just work hard, and then everything will turn out! ". A woman who independently achieved such a success, certainly worth listening to. In addition to life advice, Evelina advises girls on fashion issues. She knows exactly what a real lady should look like, and her appearance is a vivid confirmation of this. cloakroom from evelina hromchenko

Rules of a successful woman

In an interview, Evelina Khromchenko said,that "a poorly dressed woman will never make a brilliant career." Her own life shows that she and in the professional field are all right, and with the wardrobe no problems arise. According to the editor, in order to succeed, you need, first, to act: "Are you waiting for the prince? In the beginning, love yourself for real, and then under your windows there will be a whole regiment. " And secondly, observe a few simple rules. We will talk about them below. Do not advertise your age The age of Evelina itself remains a mystery to the public. Some publications write that she was born in 1971, others call a later date - 1973. Khromchenko herself once mentioned that she was born in the year when this world left the great Coco Chanel. Accordingly, today the woman is already 41. However, despite her age, she remains incredibly slender, young and attractive. What causes this - diet, exercise or plastic surgery - is not known. But one thing is certain - Khromchenko possesses charm, subtle mind, natural beauty and impeccable taste. Adjust the height and do not hide slender legs If you are not the owner of long legs, then your main task is to visually add yourself a couple of centimeters. Khromchenko demonstrates this rule on a personal example. She, being only 158 in height, appears in society exclusively on high heels. "For the first time I put on shoes on my heel rather late - after twenty. Then I was appointed to a new position and I flew to Paris to get acquainted with my leadership. All four days that I spent in the city of lovers, I had high heels. The shoe was uncomfortable, so I suffered a lot. Since then, I choose shoes very carefully. " As the fashion expert notes, "a woman always runs much faster on heels than on a solid sole." Shoes with a hairpin or on a platform visually extend the legs and make them slimmer. It does not have to be very expensive, the main thing is convenient and high-quality. As for fashion brands, if you can not afford the original luxury brand, do not buy a fake. This, at least, is tasteless. If you have slender legs that deserve to be looked at, do not deny yourself this pleasure. Take the example from Evelina Khromchenko: recently she boldly demonstrates her charms, dressed in short dresses and mini skirts. At the same time, age is not an obstacle. Just choose the style that suits you. And to visually extend his legs, the expert recommends buying pants and jeans just above the ankles. They visually add growth. The naturalness in all of Evelyn can rightly be called a real icon of style. Her images are always perfect, emphatically refined and individual. She does not pursue fashion, but follows her. The worst thing, according to the woman, is to descend to vulgarity. Below it, the expert means blouses, sweaters and tops of bright pink tones, t-shirts that open the naked belly, wide straps with large golden buckles, stones, sparkles. Also considered vulgar are fur elements on cashmere sweaters, mother of pearl, leopard and lurex in any quantity and kind. In addition, the editor stands against shoes with long socks. You're not going to go hunting, are you? Another prohibition Khromchenko imposes on shoes opened in front: "Even if such shoes are made in the classical style, it should not be worn in the office. I can not stand shoes with an open toe. It's like calling "take me" in the middle of a banking institution or in a negotiating hall. An exception, if your work is connected with journalism or show business. Want to show your feet to the world? Then you better put on sandals. " Another element that is worth noting is the metal finish in the shoes. Naturalness should be in everything from the color of the varnish and ending with your makeup. Khromchenko can not be imagined with dyed-up eyes and bright lips - she always looks natural. In her arsenal of matting powder, which smooths the tone of the face, a delicate pink or solid shade of lipstick and caramel blush. "A sense of proportion is never superfluous. No successful woman is painted like a doll, "says Evelina. Right bags and jeans Today, fashion dictates its rules, but not always they need to follow. The volumetric bag should be in harmony with your image. If you, for example, going with friends in a cafe, put on a beautiful gentle dress, high heels, it is natural that a great accessory will look ridiculous. In this case, a clutch or miniature reticule in the style of Chanel is suitable. "I do not understand the girls who carry huge boulders, in which absolutely unnecessary things are put up," says Khromchenko. - At least once take out everything and analyze what you really needed from this week. " Instead of bulky bags stylish expert recommends as often as possible to use clutches, which can be held in your hand or hung on a thin strap. It is desirable that the product was made of genuine matte leather, so you will look "more statusful". Another tip from Evelina is to buy only the right jeans. They should have a classic cut and be selected depending on the type of your figure. Girls with long and slender legs fit tight jeans, some should prefer a wide or flared model. All individually; the main thing - avoid all kinds of rhinestones, stones, a huge amount of lightning, embroidery, excessive perforation and other elements of decor. Jeans are strict clothing that must be made in dark colors (for example, blue or black) and look solid. Make a neat manicure and collect a basic wardrobe. To say that the hands of every woman should be groomed, we think, will be superfluous. And it is clear that at least once a week and a half or two weeks you have to go to the nail salon or carry out the procedure yourself. Do not allow unnecessarily long, bitten nails, burrs and rough skin. Regularly use softening and nourishing creams. As for the color of the varnish, then, according to Khromchenko, it should be either monophonic or colorless. Whimsical patterns, inaccurately accreted long pointed nails are not allowed. According to the fashion expert, this is a complete lack of taste and lack of sense of style. Now with your neat and well-groomed hands gather a minimum of clothes, which should be in the closet of every self-respecting woman. The basic wardrobe from Evelina Khromchenko includes dark jeans (referred to above), a white blouse, a black dress, an alcoholic tank top, a beige coat and many other things that we'll dwell on in more detail. evelina chromenco base wardrobe

Required minimum for each lady

The main principle of Evelina's basic wardrobeKhromchenko is that each girl has to be a certain set of needed things without which no woman can not be stylish. The guru of fashion does not oppose the purchase of bright and modern models, in her opinion, to acquire exclusively seasonal outfits every season, which next year will be released, simply impractical. In addition, a must have from a TV presenter is a classic of the genre. These outfits are perfectly combined with all things, both in a style and style, making your look stylish and fashionable. By following these simple guidelines, you can make the actual ensemble for any occasion:

  • Footwear. A universal option, which should be purchased by each girl - boats on a hairpin or on an average heel. But no bent socks! Shoes must be black, if possible, buy and beige. In addition, for long trips, shopping trips, walks and travel, you should have a model on a solid sole: pastel moccasins, sneakers or ballet shoes.
  • Pants. In the arsenal of each lady should be dark trousers, cut according to the classical canons, without any stripes, rhinestones, pebbles, scuffs and the like. They are required to perfectly emphasize the smooth curves of the figure and mask the flaws. In addition, another mandatory attribute of the wardrobe - black pants, closing the heel of shoes to the middle. If you want to visually extend your legs, choose a model not less than an ankle length.
  • Buy a plain white shirt with a deepV-neck. It is suitable for both business meetings and a hike in a cafe. If it's cold outside, add an image with a cream or light beige jumper, which will look great with a small elegant brooch. Another must have is a dark turtleneck. It can be worn with trousers, skirts, sarafans and so on.
  • Black elegant dress does not lose itsrelevance since the time of Chanel. It is suitable for women of all ages, regardless of weight and type of figure. The dark color will visually make you slimmer - the main thing is that the model is correctly selected and sat on you like a second skin.
  • As for outerwear, then Khromchenkoinsists on purchasing a classic cashmere coat of pastel tones: cream or beige. Such shades go practically to all and ideally harmonize with dark trousers, black boats. Thanks to this thing you can create an image of an elegant and confident person.
  • As already mentioned above, bulk bags, withwhich women so love to appear in society - is an option for every day. However, the accessory must necessarily be in harmony with other things. According to Evelyn, from the "big trunks" better and refuse at all, if they are filled with unnecessary trivia. The expert recommends to prefer the elegant clutches on a long strap necessarily made of genuine leather. Fussy options a la Dolce or Versace, bought from the grandmother in the subway crossing, throw in the trash. Elegant woman will never take the hands of a fake - it is better to buy a quality and stylish accessory unknown brand.
  • As for ornaments, they also mustmeet the principles of minimalism. Forget about the huge earrings with pseudo-precious stones, about plastic bracelets and rings. Long beads made from natural or artificial pearls help to complete the image, and elegant brooches will decorate a strict blouse or jacket. Do not forget about scarves and shawls - skillfully tied, they are able to transform every woman.

Updating your wardrobe and guided bythe above principles from a fashionable TV presenter, do not forget that things should be quality, classic and not necessarily insanely expensive. Do not buy flashy models with an abundance of cheap accessories, rhinestones and embroideries - it's vulgar. And more, the most important thing: appreciate and love yourself - then everyone around you will be delighted with you! We advise you to read: