trousers bananas Any modern lady no longer presents herselfwithout trousers, because they are incredibly versatile and they can be worn either for work or for a holiday, an ordinary walk through the park or the city, a shopping trip or a disco. Banana trousers are very stylish clothes that can easily fit anyone, even your favorite style. Naturally, they conquered the hearts of all the girls who want to remain fashionable in any situation. So what are banana trousers? The name of this model is like an incredible similarity of them with the same tropical fruit. These pants appeared in America in the forties, and their jazz musicians, who always tried to attract attention not only by the style of music, but also by extravagant clothes, made famous. Since the eighties, these pants are worn by women, and now they have already been considered part of a purely female wardrobe. In the coming warm seasons, so beloved pants will be in fashion again. A distinctive feature is only the length - they become a little shorter, and now they reach the ankle. Since the "bananas" visually shorten the legs, which is not very pleasant for any fair sex, even with the longest legs, you will have to wear shoes only with high heels. With this type of pants you can combine and wear a lot of things, you just have to show desire and work on creating a personal image, showing a special fantasy.

How and with what to wear banana trousers?

  • Pants-bananas, photos of which are presented below,it is best to wear a warm spring. They are perfectly combined with a stylish biker or other fashionable leather jackets. There are also such models that will look very good in the cold season. These are trousers that are made from dense and warm fabrics, not too bulky and with a classic length. It is these models of bright colors or with prints, shortened or simply short, very good looking and in the spring and summer season, they are usually sewn from light fabrics.
  • For sewing summer versions of bananasthe brightest fabrics. These models will fit well with sandals or sandals, which will be decorated with stylish buckles or a lot of belts. T-shirts, T-shirts will also be relevant here. On them you can throw a stylish waistcoat or a fitted fashionable blazer.
  • All beloved pants, in shape resemblingbananas, the length of the ankles, perfectly combined with shoes or ankle boots with high heels. From above it is better to wear an army jacket - a jacket or a short cardigan.
  • An unusual and original ensemble is obtained inCombination with a T-shirt with the effect of multilayeredness, which should be tucked under the trousers. Instead of a belt, it would be nice to place a cascading chain in the belt of the trousers.
  • Bananas of long style can be combined withan English short jacket or a fashionable jacket. A stylish waistcoat and jacket, sewn, for example, made of leather or fur, are also suitable here. Fashionable knitted pullovers and sleeveless jackets with beautiful jacquard patterns and ankle boots with lacing and open fingers are a wonderful ensemble that will emphasize the graceful female silhouette.
  • Pants-bananas of fashionable colors in cool weathercan be combined with stylish auto-lady jackets, which will best emphasize the slender waist and beautiful thigh shape. An extension will be a belt tied to a fashion knot.
  • With these pants look nice shirts, short blazers and blousons with a belt. In general, any stylish belts or belts look very good with bananas, since they give an accent to your waist.

trousers of a banana photo These pants have a very unusual shape: on them there are no arrows and they narrow to the bottom, and in the region of the hips - on the contrary, very wide. Naturally, they are best suited to girls of high stature and with narrow hips. If, on the contrary, you are the owner of wider hips and small height - there is a danger that these pants will fill you up and visually shorten your legs. But the owner of non-ideal legs with the help of these trousers can visually give correctness to their forms. Bananas, like many other original types of trousers (for example, breeches, afgani and wide trousers), are part of the style of kazhual. Each designer tries to introduce something of his own, unusual and newfangled in this model. Someone makes these trousers narrower from the knee, while others prefer to grab the ankles with the cuffs. Their fans already have a shortened model, which has a lot of similarities with Bermuda trousers, and they are considered more suitable for owners of slender beautiful legs. But in all styles one thing remains invariable: always the underlined volume in the field of the hips and waist. Bananas very rarely have an understated landing. Also, everyone would like to know the answer to the question, from what fabrics can you sew trousers of bananas? Fabrics can be as varied as possible, from knitwear to cotton. The most popular is in a small cage. The best stylists recommend choosing softer and lighter fabrics because they can easily create a variety of drapes in the hip area. The narrowed model can be made of dark color, and the fabrics of light textures should be as bright and bright as possible. We advise you to read: