barley on the eye how to heal Today we will talk about a phenomenon like barleyon the eye, how to treat it and what causes the development of the disease. For sure, almost every person faced this unpleasant phenomenon. And some people are lucky even less - they face barley regularly enough. As a rule, looking in the mirror and seeing barley, the person shakes his head sadly and ... waits for the problem to disappear by itself. In most cases, this is exactly what happens. However, alas, not always. And this is not surprising, because barley is not a runny nose. Barley is nothing but a purulent inflammation of either the sebaceous gland or the hair bulb of the eyelash. And any inflammatory process, and even more so purulent, represents for the human body a very real danger. As a rule, barley is localized on the surface of the upper or lower eyelid. However, in some cases, the infection can get into the meibomian glands. And then the focus of inflammation is located inside the century. This type of barley brings the greatest discomfort. And the treatment is much more difficult. Therefore, doctors treat inner barley as a serious illness. Therefore, it is necessary to contact the doctor as soon as possible - the oculist, who will select the appropriate antibiotic therapy.

Causes and symptoms of the disease

To begin with, it is necessary to understand what is becomingthe cause of the development of barley. More precisely, what exactly is quite understandable: different pathogenic microflora. By the way, most often the causative agent is Staphylococcus aureus. And bring it into the body themselves sick people - dirty hands, towels. Any violation of the rules of personal hygiene can lead to infection. Most often barley develops in children and women. And this pattern is explained very simply:

  • Barley in the child

Children - the creation of funny and unpredictable. For them to rub their eyes with their hands, with which they just molded sand from the sand, or hug with a street cat - a completely normal phenomenon. And all your exhortations, as a rule, fly past the child's consciousness. And not because they purposefully ignore the words of their parents, but because they simply forget about it. That's why they are children. And as a result, barley.

  • Barley in a woman

Women almost always become"Victims" of their own beauty. Yes, yes, it is beauty. Remember how you usually apply makeup? Correctly, often it has to be corrected with your fingers. Do you always wash your hands before this? That's it ... And, in addition, very many women neglect a simple rule - cosmetics, like a toothbrush, should be strictly individual. It is unacceptable to use someone else's ink, shadows and other things. Yes, and its cosmetics can not be given under any circumstances. No one, not even my best friend. And it does not matter whether it is healthy or not, because the causative agent, peacefully living in the body of one person, can provoke the development of the disease in another. At the very beginning of the disease a person most often experiences an intolerable itch of the century. After a while on this place reddening is formed, which is quite painful when pressed. After some time the reddening becomes denser and becomes convex, the eye swells. All - the result is obvious. than to treat barley on the eye

Treatment of barley

In the event that you notice the barley itselfits early stage, you can try to stop its further development. To do this is not so difficult - you will need the most common green and cotton swabs. Burn redness by holding the cotton swab moistened in green for about 20 seconds. Do not be afraid that in the morning the green will remain on the eye - for the night it completely disappears. Most often just one procedure, but in some cases it is necessary to repeat it two - three evenings in a row. There are several very effective recipes that have been helping people get rid of barley for a very long time. So:

  • Compress with chamomile broth

As soon as a person sees the appeared on the edgereddened painful swelling, he can try to make a warm compress with a decoction of chamomile. Place three tablespoons of dry chamomile inflorescences in an enamel pan, fill them with one liter of water and boil for 15 minutes. After this, strain the broth with gauze cloth. Cool it to room temperature, moisten the gauze napkin and for 15 minutes, attach to the affected area of ​​the century. Pay attention - water in any case should not be hot, because in this case you can only worsen the condition. By the way, immediately flush the second eye, using a clean napkin. This will help prevent a possible spread to a healthy eye. Such compresses must be done every three hours, until complete recovery.

  • Flax seed

A good tool can become flax seeds. Prepare a gruel from them and apply to the affected eyelid every three hours. It is prepared as follows: fry on a hot frying pan a third of the tea bed of flax seeds, for 3 minutes. After thoroughly crush to a gruel-like condition. Cool to room temperature, mix with a drop of iodine. The procedure should be performed before recovery.

  • Lotion with aloe juice

Aloe juice also excellently cuts offinflammatory processes. Cut one aloe leaf, place it for one hour in the freezer. After that, squeeze the juice out of it, warm it to room temperature and moisten the cotton swab in it. This tampon should be applied to the eyelid for 15 minutes, every five hours. To this method of treatment it makes sense to resort only in the first two days of the disease.

  • Infusion of St. John's wort

To a large extent accelerates the processrecovery and infusion of St. John's wort. It is prepared in the same way as ordinary tea - three tablespoons of thyme pour a glass of steep boiling water. Insist it for at least 20 minutes. The broth should be cooled to room temperature, after which it is possible to wash the eyes. Remember that for each eye it is necessary to take a new napkin or a cotton pad, so as not to transfer the infection from the patient to the healthy eye.

  • Garlic

One of the old proven ways of how toto treat barley on the eye, is ordinary garlic. Just peel one slice of garlic and lubricate its affected eyelid. But at the same time, make sure that garlic does not get into the eye.

  • Tansy

Get a tan at the pharmacy. During the illness, every five hours you need to eat 5 tansy baskets, washed down with boiled water. It is necessary to drink it right up to the very recovery of the sick person. But do not forget that all the above-described ways of how to treat barley on the eye, in no case should become the main treatment. Visiting a doctor - oculist necessarily in any case, since joking with your health is not worth it. Therefore, all national recipes can only serve as a supplement to the treatment prescribed by a doctor. Yes, and his consent, and approval is also required. After all, only he can tell, than to treat barley on the eye. In addition, pay attention to the following fact. In the event that you have barley more than 3 times a year, there is a serious cause for concern. Most likely, your immune system suffers. Therefore, in addition to a doctor - an oculist is very desirable to visit an immunologist. After all, barley is the first alarming "bell". We advise you to read: