manifestation of thrush For some reason, it is believed that thrush is cleanfemale disease. Poisoning life and foul smelling discharge, similar to the cheese mass, constant itching - a rare woman did not face candidiasis and does not know how it manifests itself. Thrush in women occur more often than men, but men suffer from this disease. With a disease caused by yeast-like fungi-candidias, all segments of the population, regardless of age, gender and social background, face. It is not necessary to think, that if the thrush happens at all, it is not terrible and to be treated it is unessential. Candidiasis significantly worsens the quality of life, and during pregnancy can inhibit the development of the fetus and even lead to its loss. causes of candidiasis

Where does candidiasis come from?

To say that this disease is being infected, there will bewrong. Fungi of this culture are constantly present in the human body: the intestines, genital organs, on the mucous membranes of throat and on the surface of the skin. As soon as favorable conditions are created for the disease - fungi begin to multiply, and you can observe the manifestation of thrush. In most cases, more precisely in 95%, the disease is caused by fungi of the genus Candida albicans. By results of analyzes, scrapings and smears, in other patients yeast fungi of other types are revealed. Thrush in women is usually diagnosed by gynecologists. It turns out that the disease is sexually transmitted? A similar path of infection is possible, but more often thrush can manifest itself:

  • during the seasonal decrease in immunity;
  • for those suffering from diabetes mellitus;
  • due to infectious and systemic diseases, due to the action of antibiotics and some other medications;
  • with direct contact with the carrier of the disease.

And very few people know that in some cases, the diseasetransmitted by airborne droplets. So it is necessary to approach to treatment of a candidiasis seriously enough. Removing external manifestations from the disease can not be eliminated. treatment of the disease

Symptomatology of the disease

Wherever there is a thrush, it can be determined by the following symptomatology:

  • itching;
  • burning;
  • swelling of the affected area;
  • occurrence of erosion.

Depending on the location of the disease, the diagnosis sounds different.

  • Yeast glossitis - the so-called thrush, which "wound up" in the oral cavity and "occupied" the tongue.
  • Onychomycosis - candida has amazed fingernails or nails and nail platens.
  • Stomatitis - the disease manifests itself in the oral cavity; this form of the disease is most typical for young children.
  • Cutaneous candidiasis.
  • Candidiasis vulvovaginitis - the so-called frequent form of the disease - thrush in women.
  • Unpleasant sensations characteristic of this particulardiseases - itching and discharge - are aggravated by the evening. Also, the candida can manifest itself if you enter into the diet an excessive amount of products with yeast, spicy foods, carbonated drinks and sweets. Fungus like dampness and warmth. Intensified sweating is a paradise for this microorganism. During pregnancy, thrush in women is quite common. The hormonal balance is disturbed, the rate of metabolic processes varies, which leads to Candida activity.

    Prevention of disease

    Like any disease, thrush is easier to prevent than treat. This is not so difficult if:

    • Use only your personal hygiene items: toothbrush, towels, dishes;
    • Do not get carried away with detergents with odors and additional antibacterial protection;
    • change frequently daily pads;
    • Do not wash out with excessive desire for cleanliness a healthy flora from the vagina;
    • maintain immunity at an adequate level;
    • Do not abuse the wearing of synthetic underwear;
    • in time to treat genito-urinary infections and not to allow unprotected sexual contacts.

    Treatment of the disease

    Definitely a medicine against thrush appointit is impossible. The general algorithm to combat candidiasis medicine has not yet worked out. Adequate treatment depends on the degree of tissue damage and on the site of activation of the fungus. In children, thrush is often treated with a soda solution, making it like this: half a teaspoon of baking soda for half a glass of warm water. Wrap the bandage on the handle of a teaspoon or fix it with medical tweezers, soak it in a prepared solution, and gently treat the affected mucosa. In cases of severe inflammation, use is made of candida cream or nystatin ointment. In men inflammation in the foreskin is treated with the same nystatin ointment or clotrimazole. In order to cure thrush in women, many drugs have been developed. As external means, candles with nystatin or preparations based on clotrimazole and pimafucin are used. Currently, pimafucin is considered one of the safest drugs. Its use as an oral agent is more effective than the course of treatment with nystatin. With the constant recurrence of the disease, in most cases, women are prescribed fluconazole. In his favor, he says that he acts on all kinds of Candida. Taking fluconazole tablets cleans the fungus, not only the genital tract, but also all tissues of the body. The drug is very quickly absorbed into the blood. The side effect of it in most cases is a single disorder of the intestine. But this substance is not prescribed to pregnant women. Means of local action include:

    • gel epigen-intim;
    • candles of lavarole;
    • candles of ginezol.

    Treatment of onychomycosis occurs on the samealgorithm, as well as fighting with other manifestations of candidiasis. The only difference: in drugs for onychomycosis the active substance is greater than in the drugs that are used to remove the fungus from the mucous membranes. Of the folk remedies, treatment of thrush with the help of soda solution (how to cook it, has already been described), kefir and whey is most effective. Kefir or serum is impregnated with a tampon, and at night it is injected into the vagina. Women treat candidiasis with warm baths and syringes with a solution with herbal tinctures, sea salt or soda. The tea tree oil has harmful effects on the causative agents of the thrush - 2 drops per half a cup of water for syringing is enough. Among the recipes of traditional medicine, you can find a lot of money to get rid of an unpleasant disease. This broth for syringing is made up of the same amount of bark of oak and chemist's chamomile, to which nettle and sponges are added nettle. The last ingredients are taken twice. A mixture of herbs boils in three glasses of water for about five minutes and filters. You can add rosemary and yarrow to the daisy and oak bark. Such herbal "teas" not only syringe or rinse their mouth with stomatitis caused by candidiasis. They also impregnate tampons. There is an opinion that herbal preparations are an excellent way to get rid of thrush. However, many doctors believe that the herbs only relieve unpleasant sensations, and the disease itself is simply muffled. If a woman is waiting for a child, then the treatment of a thrush should be dealt with only by a gynecologist. Especially this caution concerns those who prefer traditional medicine. Some herbs that are used to kill candida, for example, spores, are categorically contraindicated for pregnant women.