How to choose clothes on body type Even a girl with perfect proportions is necessarythink about what things to choose to create an image. And it's not just a combination of colors and styles, but also in the harmony of lines and shapes. It is extremely important to choose clothes according to the figure type correctly, so that beauty is only emphasized. Well, if the proportions are not ideal, for example, there is an imbalance between the bottom and the top, this issue needs to be given a double attention. Properly selected clothes can emphasize the merits of the figure and will surely hide its shortcomings. Ideal for the image of things will draw attention to the gracefulness of the shoulders, will make the waist more slim, and all the bends - more exciting. But, of course, for this you need to give things a preference, guided by certain considerations.

Three golden rules for choosing clothes

  • If you do not have a narrow waist, do not aimincrease it even more. Things in a horizontal strip can be included in your image, but this should not be items of the wardrobe "below the belt", that is, skirts, trousers and so on. Remember that clothes with such a pattern visually increase the hips.
  • Try to pick up things that will doemphasis on your "strong" places - on the chest, waist, hips or buttocks. This will help visually smooth out the flaws (if, of course, they are) and generally improve the image.
  • Things that look baggy, hiding all the lines of your figure, you do not need to choose. They will not bring the expected effect - just visually add you a few extra pounds.
  • Features of individual elements of clothing

    Now we want to tell you about whathelp to emphasize certain objects of the costume. Armed with this knowledge, you can make your suit just perfect, that is, emphasizing only dignity.

    • Jacket - its soft neckline accentuates attention on the chest, its length just below the waist highlights the hips.
    • Blouses - the "neutral" subject of the wardrobe, which should be chosen simply by the figure.
    • Top - the stronger its neckline, the more emphasis is placed on the chest.
    • The skirt - its wide waistline slants the waist, its narrowed cut visually increases the length of the legs.
    • Coats - only models are needed, as they make the figure more elegant.
    • "Women's" jeans and trousers with a low waist - make the thighs slender, and the legs are longer.
    • Skinny dresses with an American armhole - accent attention to the breasts, enhance the overall sexuality of the image.

    About the individual things we have already written, nowlet's look at the different types of shapes in general. We will show you how to create images depending on your physique, height and other parameters. Let's see what things are worth wearing, what kind of wardrobe items should be preferred. clothing by figure type

    Type "inverted triangle"

    It is somewhat man-like figure - with wideshoulders and narrow hips. It is athletic, but at the same time its owner can have a large chest. A vivid example of a woman with proportions such as an "inverted triangle" is Salma Hayek. And the best option for such a figure is a dress with A-silhouette. Also a good choice will be blouses with a sufficiently bold neckline (with a large chest) V-shaped. But there should be no shoulder pads, wide collars with lace, sleeves with a flashlight - simplicity is important. If we talk about costume jewelry, then you need to complement the image with chains or pendants, that is, those accessories that "pull" lines and silhouettes. to choose clothes by the type of figure

    Type "rectangle"

    This is an androgynous figure, that is, a teenager, witha small difference between the hips, waist, shoulders. It is often called unfeminine, but it is not so: Emma Watson is the owner of such proportions, and while the girl is considered one of the most sexual in the world. And all because she knows how to choose clothes for the image: the absence of exciting bends and shapes, she replenishes with large details in a suit, more decor, draperies. Girls with a figure of this type should follow the example of Emma Watson and choose short voluminous skirts, dresses with decorated collars and / or fluffy sleeves. In their collections, designers gave the rectangle quite a lot of attention. The same Phillip Lim offers girls with a figure of the androgynous type to wear dresses with wide belts that emphasize the waist, zippers that increase the hips, and prints with a horizontal pattern adding volume. ACNE calls for a choice in favor of sloping waistcoats and multi-layer dresses. House Alberta Ferretti proposes to add volume using belts and air dresses with a contrasting pattern. And Alexander McQueen focuses on chic and complex structures: on voluminous sleeves, wide skirts, lush fur. beautiful clothes by the figure type

    Type of "hourglass"

    This is an emphatically sexy and feminine figure,always attracting the attention of men - her lucky possessor goes all. To see this, it's enough to look at the secular lioness Kim Kardashian. However, if a girl with proportions "hourglass" wishes to emphasize her dignity even more, she must wear tight-fitting dresses with a deep neckline. Of course, the finishes and decor on such clothes should be at a minimum - nothing should divert attention from the silhouette. Fashion designers gave "hourglass" enough attention, including solutions for them literally in all their collections. So, Zac Posen offers dresses with a pleated decollete zone, looking solemn and stylish. Erdem focused on narrow tops, lush skirts below the knee and medium belts. Bottega Veneta glorifies the trends of skirts-pencils and correct jackets. And Haider Ackermann advises women of fashion to choose dark trouser suits in combination with smooth coats. correct clothing by figure type

    Type "pear"

    Such a figure is also called a "triangle": its owners have wide hips and rather narrow shoulders. Look at Beyoncé - she has exactly such proportions, and she looks very tempting, because she knows how to select a wardrobe. Girls with a pear-shaped figure simply can not wear tight skirts. But they need to buy A-line dresses, smoothing the discrepancy between the bottom and the top and emphasizing the waistline. Preference is given to models with lush sleeves, but without decor and too deep cutouts. Let's see what the "pears" are offered by designers, especially since there are many interesting solutions. Donna Karan gives preference to flowing skirts and topless strapless shirts, V-neck, that is, tricks that counterbalance the figure. Christopher Kane emphasizes the shoulders and chest with the help of geometric tops, "lifting" up the look of the one who looks at you. Jil Sander admires fashionistas with airy dresses with elegant cutouts on her shoulders, combined with voluminous coats. And designers Balenciaga bet on one thing - a white skirt, distracting its simplicity of attention from the bottom of the figure. how to choose clothes according to the type of figure

    Type "apple"

    This figure has plump girls,which are usually sloping shoulders - Jennifer Hudson is the best example. Girls with such a figure is better to wear simple dresses or things with a multilayeredness at the bottom and baggy at the top. It is worth choosing outfits with vertical seams, bodice decor, deep decollete. If you wear a dress, it is semi-adjacent, with open shoulders and belt, but without ruches and other voluminous details. Designers paid much attention to the "apple", presenting in their collections a variety of clothes for this type of figure. Piazza Sempione offers pleated dresses and skirts, as well as tight belts for accent at the waist. MCQ pleases with jackets with intentionally large pockets and V-shaped cutouts that emphasize the hips. Carven raises the trend of the combination of shorts and blouses, in which the top is lighter than the bottom. And Thakoon gives preference to fitted jackets and trapezoidal skirts above the knee. As you can see, making a choice is not a problem - you just need to follow the above tips and take into account the decisions of design houses. In doing so, any girl with a figure such as "apple", "pear", "triangle", "hourglass" or "rectangle" can find the perfect things for yourself. At your disposal a huge number of trends, therefore, knowing how to choose clothes by the type of figure, you can easily create an impeccable look, emphasizing all the advantages and correctly arranging the accents. We advise you to read: