Apple vinegar On the shelves of almost any groceryshops you can easily find apple cider vinegar. But do everyone know that this same vinegar can be used not only for cooking? The use of apple cider vinegar is really just invaluable. And these useful properties are known to people for more than one century. For the first time, apple cider vinegar was mentioned in ancient Egypt. And pay attention - the application of apple cider vinegar is very diverse. It is used both for the treatment of certain diseases, and for combating obesity, and for carrying out cosmetic procedures. And indeed indeed - practically all the recipes actually work in practice! And it's not surprising. After all, apple cider vinegar is nothing more than a strong concentration of all those beneficial properties that apples possess. Moreover - in apple cider vinegar, these substances are processed in such a way that they do not lose their useful qualities for a very long time. In our country, apple cider vinegar began to acquire wide circulation around the beginning of perestroika. It was during this period that the first publications about the use of apple cider vinegar began to appear in various mass media. And the people almost immediately began to test the effect of apple cider vinegar on themselves. And almost always successful.

Natural vinegar from apples

However, at that time there was one "catch" - to buythis apple cider vinegar was almost impossible. It simply was not produced in our country. However, the enterprises reacted very quickly to the emerging demand and began to produce so-called environmentally friendly apple cider vinegar. But in fact, the product that eventually turned out, this apple cider vinegar had nothing to do with it. A small amount of artificially synthesized apple extract was simply added to conventional synthetic vinegar. It goes without saying that there was no need to speak about any positive effect when using such a product. Moreover - the state of health of a person who tested a recipe for a similar grief - vinegar, often only worsened. Therefore, we can fully explain the fact that very quickly the first wave of interest in apple cider vinegar simply subsided. Moreover - in the minds of a large number of people firmly established a strong dislike for apple cider vinegar in general. And is it harmful apple cider vinegar? Of course not. To great regret, and nowadays to buy natural apple cider vinegar is not always possible - most of the available apple cider vinegar is still the same synthetic vinegar, which is added to the apple flavor. But people, not knowing about it, buy a similar product and apply it. How to choose the right apple cider vinegar? First, let's see what it is all about. In its essence, natural vinegar is the product that is obtained as a result of souring the natural way of dry grape wines. Or, if we are talking about apple cider vinegar, sour apple juice. The resulting alcohol reacts chemically with oxygen. And the result of this reaction is water and the same acetic acid. In order to buy natural apple cider vinegar, first of all pay attention to the label. The composition of apple cider vinegar should not include any preservatives and flavors - only apple juice and acetic bacteria. Also pay attention to the color of apple cider vinegar - it should be a saturated amber color. And after you open the bottle at home, be sure to smell vinegar - it has a specific smell of sour apples, quite pleasant.

How useful is apple cider vinegar?

As already mentioned a little bit above, the useful properties of apple cider vinegar are very diverse. And it is not surprising - in apple cider vinegar contains a huge number of a variety of useful substances:

  • Mineral substances, micro- and macro elements: potassium, calcium, fluorine, silicon, sodium, phosphorus, copper, iron and many other substances.
  • Organic acids: acetic, citric, lactic, propynic.
  • Ballast substances: potash, pectin.
  • Different groups of vitamins: A, B1, B2, B6, C, P, E, as well as beta-carotene.

As you can see, the composition is unique - almost everyoneof the components of apple cider vinegar is extremely useful in itself. However, the main value of apple cider vinegar is precisely in the combination of these components, and in their complex effect on the human body. Apple cider vinegar at times improves metabolism in the body. Moreover - it stimulates the cleavage of both fats and carbohydrates, which makes it simply an indispensable assistant in the fight against excess kilograms. For the digestive system, apple cider vinegar is also very useful - they perfectly protect the body from various intestinal infections. Yes, and dysbacteriosis apple cider vinegar is very effective, as it very quickly restores a favorable intestinal microflora, and also stimulates its healthy peristalsis. Vinegar also helps in the fight against various colds. Cough, high fever will quickly recede if you wrap the useful properties of apple cider vinegar against them. apple vinegar

Apple vinegar: application in the fight against diseases

So, let's talk about the use of applevinegar for the treatment of certain diseases. However, remember that there are a number of contraindications to the use of apple cider vinegar. Therefore, before applying this or that recipe, do not be lazy and consult your doctor. Otherwise, you will then have to treat the consequences. Apple cider vinegar is used to treat diseases such as:

  • Phlebeurysm

In the event that you suffer from suchan unpleasant disease like varicose veins, the following remedy can help you. For him you only need natural apple cider vinegar. It must be applied to the affected areas at least twice a day - in the morning, immediately after you wake up, and before going to bed, after a shower. Rub the vinegar into the skin of the legs, in the direction from the foot to the thigh, in smooth movements. Simultaneously with the external application inside, you need to take a solution of apple cider vinegar. It is prepared as follows: in a glass of warm boiled water, you need to add one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and two teaspoons of honey. The solution must be thoroughly mixed and divided into two parts. You need to drink them, respectively, for two meals - in the morning and at night. The course of treatment should last at least a month, after which it can be repeated, after a week-long break. This treatment is particularly effective during pregnancy. After pregnancy, varicose veins are a very common phenomenon.

  • Fungal diseases of the nail plates of the hands and feet

If a person suffers from fungal diseasesnail plates, the following remedy will come to his aid. Boil four liters of water, add there two cups of table salt or sea salt, half a glass of apple cider vinegar and five drops of iodine. After the water has cooled down to an acceptable temperature, lower the affected limbs there and hold until completely cooled. After the tray, wipe the nails and lubricate them with a solution of iodine. Be prepared for the fact that the first few days at the time of application of iodine, you can experience painful sensations. The course of treatment should continue until complete recovery.

  • Increased sweating of feet

With this problem, there is a very largenumber of people. And you can also cope with it with the help of apple cider vinegar. There are two main ways to get rid of sweating and bad feet. We will tell you about both ways, and you choose the most suitable for you. Method one - the bath. Heat two liters of water to a tolerable temperature for you, pour it into a basin and add half a glass of apple cider vinegar. Keep your feet in the basin until the water cools. After that, do not wipe your feet - let them dry up on their own. The course of treatment is 10 days. Pay attention to the fact that the treatment must be continued to the end, although the smell and sweating will begin to disappear after three to four procedures - the action is quite fast. The second method is wiping. Wash your feet thoroughly, dry and allow to dry completely. After that, moisten a lot of cotton swab or gauze and lubricate your feet. After this, allow them to dry. As a rule, the effect of this procedure is observed after the fifth application. And continue the course of treatment for 10 days.

  • Angina

Virtually indispensable for this vinegar and in the treatmentsuch an unpleasant disease as angina. To do this, you need the following solution: dissolve in a glass of water one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and five drops of iodine. Gargle with this solution is necessary every hour, so that the effect of vinegar is not weakened. Pay attention - rinse your mouth and immediately spit out the solution, since it contains a huge amount of toxins. When you have a fifth of the solution, you not only rinse your throat, but also swallow the solution. This is necessary for the solution to be washed and the back of the throat, which during ordinary rinsing can not be captured. After the pain in the throat is reduced, the rinse interval can be increased to three hours.

  • Pain in the legs

If a person suffers from pain inlegs, and no matter what they are caused, the following recipe will help him. For its preparation you will need one chicken egg, a teaspoon of turpentine, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Mix all the ingredients together. The resulting mixture rub in painful places and cover with a plastic wrap. You can feel a slight burning sensation - do not panic, it's completely normal. After this, rinse the skin under running water, lightly pat yourself with a towel and again apply vinegar. The pain will recede within an hour. The course of treatment should last no more than 10 days. At the same time, you need to take the next solution - in half a glass of water, dissolve one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and natural honey. You need to drink it once a day, before bed. In pregnancy, only the external application of the drug is possible.

  • Strengthening of the bone system

In the event that in the human body is notenough calcium, you can resort to the next remedy. By the way, this recipe very effectively helps and at fractures - bones coalesce in one and a half-two times faster. For its preparation you will need two hundred grams of crushed egg shell and two hundred grams of apple cider vinegar. Pour the shell into a glass jar and pour it with apple cider vinegar. After that, cover the jar with a lid and put it in a dark cool place. Approximately after three days of shell, under the influence of apple cider vinegar, completely dissolved. After that, the product is ready for use. In the morning, until half an hour before breakfast, in a quarter of a glass of solution stir two tablespoons of honey and drink in small sips.

  • Runny nose

A good ally, vinegar can also become acoryza - of course, apple. The application is very simple - take two cotton flagellum, soak them in apple cider vinegar and place in the nasal passages for at least 10 minutes. In a day you can spend no more than 4 such procedures. Otherwise, the action will not be so effective.

  • Shingles

Tinea is a disease thattreatable is extremely difficult. However, in this case, the help of apple cider vinegar will be invaluable. And the treatment is extremely simple - just three times a day apply to the affected places gauze wipes, soaked in undiluted apple cider vinegar, four times a day. In the event that the disease annoys you and at night - you wake up from itching, you can also carry out the procedure. It very effectively removes the itch - it disappears in only 15 to 20 minutes and does not return within a few hours. The full course of treatment should last until complete recovery - usually about two hours.

  • Diabetes

Speaking about the use of apple cider vinegar, you can notnot to mention that it effectively helps with diabetes. Of course, this remedy can not replace the basic treatment that doctors prescribe for diabetes, but it can be a good help. For the preparation of this product you will need only water and apple cider vinegar. Before each meal, take one teaspoon of vinegar, dissolved in a hundred grams of water. Many people who have tried this recipe for diabetes, argue that the sugar level stabilizes very quickly - within a day. The course of treatment should continue according to the "month in a month" scheme.

Hair care

However, the beneficial properties inherent in the applevinegar, are used not only in folk medicine, but also in cosmetology. It's time to talk about the use of apple cider vinegar in the eternal women's struggle for beauty. And we will begin the story with recipes that help to preserve and enhance the beauty and health of hair. Apple cider vinegar very effectively eliminates dandruff and itch of scalp, strengthens hair, gives them silky, volume and shine. Moreover - even styling in these cases turns out to be a real treat, after all, hair after application of apple cider vinegar becomes unusually obedient. And with the most terrible problem - with hair loss - vinegar is able to cope quite harmlessly. So why miss such a chance? Let's take a few recipes for armament. Apple cider vinegar can be successfully used for rubbing into the scalp, combing the hair. Even ordinary rinsing can do the real miracles - firstly, it very effectively removes the remnants of cosmetic hair remedies, normalises the balance of the PH of the scalp, regenerates the hair structure, returns smoothness and shine. But let's look at the existing recipes in more detail. apple vinegar

Hair masks

Masks for hair using apple cider vinegarvery, very effective. They are perfectly fighting with hair loss, dandruff and skin itching. And there are masks for both fatty and dry hair - you will definitely choose the best for yourself. So, let's begin?

  • Mask designed for dry hair

To prepare this mask you will need oneegg yolk, one teaspoon of castor oil and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Mix all the ingredients very carefully - you should get a homogeneous mass. An hour before washing your head, carefully rub the mixture into the skin, top it with a plastic bag and wrap it with a towel. After an hour, rinse with shampoo, preferably for children, designed for the youngest children. A similar mask should be done at least twice a week, for three months. But the result will be noticeable after the first procedure.

  • Mask of brittle hair

Many women are familiar with thisa problem, like brittle hair. This problem is especially important in pregnancy. By the way, the next recipe for pregnancy is completely safe. However, from this scourge you can get rid by the following mask. For its preparation you will need one teaspoon of honey, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and skimmed yogurt, three cloves of garlic, a small onion. Bulb grind on a fine grater, squeeze out the garlic, mix thoroughly with vinegar, kefir and honey. The resulting mass is applied to the hair, cover them with plastic wrap and wrap with a towel. Leave the mask for about 40 minutes, then rinse thoroughly under running water, without using a shampoo. After that, rinse your hair with a solution of vinegar - at a rate of 1 to 10. This measure will help you get rid of the smell of onions and garlic. Similar masks should be done every other day, for a month. The result will not be long in coming.

  • Mask that gives hair shine

Remember advertising, starting with the words "Yourhair became dull ..? So, it's absolutely not necessary to immediately run to the store for expensive cosmetology products, the effectiveness of which, incidentally, is under big question. Try the next mask. For its preparation you will need one medium-sized apple, one egg yolk and three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Apple grate and mix all the ingredients and apply the mask over the entire length of the hair. After 15 minutes, rinse hair thoroughly with running water.

  • Mask against dandruff

Strictly speaking, in order to get rid ofdandruff, the mask itself is not needed. Just 10 minutes before each washing of the head, carefully rub the apple cider vinegar into the skin. After this, it is necessary to put a plastic bag on your head and wrap it with a towel. Just a week later, dandruff will become noticeably less, and in just a month you will completely forget about it.

Vinegar for skin beauty

There are also many recipes in which the benefitsapple cider vinegar is used to improve the skin condition. We offer you the most effective of them. However, when choosing, be sure to consider your skin type:

  • Peeling

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent remedy forpeeling - and you need only vinegar and cotton pads. Just wipe the skin of your face thoroughly before going to bed, avoiding the area around your eyes. This procedure should be carried out throughout the week. On the seventh day after apple cider vinegar, use an ordinary face scrub, then apply any moisturizer. In fact, such procedures are nothing more than a real chemical peel. Vinegar dissolves dead skin particles. And the result will not slow down to please you - the skin will become clean, the pigment spots will disappear, the complexion will equalize. This peeling is especially effective in pregnancy, if the future mother has pigmented spots.

  • Vinegar Lotion

In the event that you have oily skin, tryprepare a lotion of apple cider vinegar. To do this, in a glass container, mix one part of the vinegar and six parts of water. After that, add a few dried inflorescences of chamomile and insist five days in the refrigerator, shaking the bottle from time to time. Use this lotion as well as any other - for wiping the skin.

  • Mask from blackheads and black spots

Are you tired of the debilitating fight against acne? So the next mask is for you. For its preparation, you need 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, 2 teaspoons of any natural honey, 2 tablespoons of oatmeal. All the ingredients must be thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous mass is obtained. After that, apply the mask to the skin and leave for 20 minutes. To wash off a mask it is necessary to prepare in advance a warm infusion of a camomile.

Lose weight easily!

Of course, you can not finish the story of the applevinegar, without telling how it is used in the fight against excess kilograms. So, let's talk about how to drink apple cider vinegar for weight loss. After all with his help you can lose weight quickly enough if you drink it on an empty stomach. And, importantly, without any strict diets and debilitating workouts. Although, needless to say, do not forget that the diet should be chosen correctly. Methods of how to take apple cider vinegar for weight loss, a lot. We will tell you about the most effective and popular ones:

  • Drink from apple cider vinegar

Before each meal, drink one glassdrink, which includes one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and half a teaspoon of honey, dissolved in cold water. Depending on the season, the drink can either be heated, or, alternatively, add a little ice to it. First portion - only on an empty stomach! The course of weight loss - no more than one month.

  • Good morning!

The following recipe will help you not only lose weight,but also to be charged with energy for the whole day. It is drunk immediately after awakening, strictly on an empty stomach. Its composition is very simple - a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and half a glass of water. Weight loss course - a month. If you do everything right, you can lose up to 8 kilograms per month.

  • Improve digestion

In the event that you drink apple cider vinegaron an empty stomach, you will improve and digestion. But in this case, despite the fact that the composition of the drink remains the same as in the previous recipe, the water should be warm. If desired, water can be replaced with milk, but you still need to drink only on an empty stomach.

  • Intensive weight loss

In the event that your task - how canfaster get rid of extra pounds, try the following recipe, the action of which is the most intense. The composition of the drink is the same, but without honey - half a glass of water and two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar. The first portion is drunk on an empty stomach, the second one - one hour before lunch, and the third - at night. By the way, a portion at night can be on warm milk - at night is especially useful, since it calms the nervous system.

  • Express method

This method is suitable only for people who havethere are no problems with the stomach. On an empty stomach, drink one tablespoon of vinegar dissolved in water. There is nothing to eat until dinner. Just before dinner, also on an empty stomach, drink another tablespoon. Dinner is completely excluded - in this way, it turns out that even before going to bed you will drink vinegar on an empty stomach. Such a diet should not last longer than three days. After all, because the vinegar you drink on an empty stomach, your stomach may suffer. For the same people who suffer from gastritis, this recipe can be modified. Vinegar is still drunk on an empty stomach, but five minutes before that, you need to drink a teaspoon of vegetable oil. Thus, the effect of vinegar on an empty stomach remains, but the mucous membrane of the stomach is protected. In more serious cases, for example, with a stomach ulcer, you should not drink vinegar on an empty stomach, as it can become worse. As a rule, these recipes turn out to be really effective. However, remember that it is very important to drink the first portion on an empty stomach. Do not use these recipes in pregnancy! We advise you to read: