how to wash blinds Here, it would seem to what a useful, convenient anda hassle-free device - blinds. From the sun perfectly protect, the interior "modernize", but all the while. One day blinds somehow suddenly lose their gloss and glitter immediately, dust and dirt can be seen on them, and then more fat and soot (if in the kitchen). "Here you are and on - you think - you have to wash!". But how to wash blinds, if this has never done, and indeed, if this prospect is not very happy? Do not be afraid, do not give up - you are not the first, you are not the last. Everything is not so scary and not so difficult. Fortunately, the experience of cleaning and washing the blinds by the hostesses is considerable. And you can only draw from this experience the most useful and necessary and, accordingly, to put it all into practice. Well? Shall we start to scoop it?

What kind of blinds can be washed and what can not be?

Strictly speaking, you can wash any blinds. And although manufacturers of blinds made of wood and straw do not recommend this way of care, some particularly zealous mistresses manage to wash even such blinds. You can not wash the blinds with special impregnation. The water on them will be collected by dirty droplets, roll down, leaving ugly razvodya, which then will be difficult to clean. Such blinds should be cleaned in a dry way. As for the other varieties, the most trustworthy material for washing blinds is plastic. It's really not necessary to wash it, just wipe it with a cloth dampened in soapy water. The most versatile material is fiberglass. Such blinds can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, and wipe it with a dry cloth and a damp sponge, or even wash it like ordinary curtains. Metal blinds are easy to clean and without washing, but with strong impurities calmly carry washing in water with special means. Wooden blinds can be washed only in case of emergency, because the tree is a tree, and under the influence of moisture can swell and lose shape. The most whimsical are the fabric blinds. Most manufacturers of such blinds warn of the possibility of only dry cleaning, while the fabric most often requires washing. But, experience shows, our desperate mistresses are successfully washing what can not be washed and erased that it is forbidden to wash. The secret is how to do it.

Washing options

Well, here we have no special choice: or we have them over my canopy, or we remove from windows and then already mine, or even erase (only by hand!). Again, as experience shows, the second option is more preferable. Well, judge for yourself, without removing from the window blinds can be vacuumed without problems or wiped with a damp cloth or cleaned with a brush. But washing (present, with water and detergents) is fraught with the fact that in the process of such a radical cleansing, only the blinds themselves become clean. But the window, walls, window sills and much more is just the opposite - it gets soiled with dirty drops, soap foam and sprays. If this prospect does not frighten you, then, try to wash the blinds with a canopy (oh, and it takes you much time!). To wash horizontal blinds, lower and open them and wash each rack separately. Vertical blinds will also have to be straightened and opened, and then, laying on the arm and supporting each individual tape to wash them in turn one by one. The options with what means you can clean the blinds, not much more. As a rule, housewives use usual dishwashing detergents or a solution of soap and shampoo. Some are content with the window cleaner. But the latter is more suitable for plastic horizontal blinds, which are washed without removing from the window. In general, if we talk about the options for washing the blinds, then the option "right on the window" is acceptable for easy cases, when you need to remove dust and small dirt. If suddenly your blinds become such that "it's easier to buy new ones", the first variant "does not roll". Then either buy new ones, or remove the blinds from the window and go straight to the bathroom. what means can I wash the blinds

My removed blinds

First about vertical. Remove them is not difficult, as well, and wash. First you need to wash off dust from them, then soak for a while in soapy water, then gently wash with a brush or sponge. What you can not do is rub, "chew" and crumble. After that, you need to wipe the blinds with a towel and hang it in place. Horizontal blinds (lamellas) and remove and wash much more difficult. How to do it?

  • We lift the lamellas up to the cornice.
  • Supporting the blinds with your hand, move the flags of the brackets to the right and to yourself.
  • Easily pull the blinds forward and down and remove them from the bracket.
  • Straighten and close the removed blinds.
  • Alternately wash each side with soapy water and rinse with a jet of shower (under pressure).
  • Let's drain off the water, hang it in place.
  • We open the blinds and wipe each lintel with a dry cloth.
  • A day later, remove the blinds and put on the ends of the slats and eaves plugs
  • Lubricate the mechanism of turning the rails.

Helpful Tips

  • If it is necessary to wash it and use the vacuum cleaner uncomfortably, try to sweep the dust with a dry paint brush or a piece of sheepskin.
  • Blinds with a relief pattern try to clean with a soft toothbrush.
  • Clean the blinds with a soft, lint-free cloth only.
  • For the lubrication of the swivel mechanism, it is most convenient to use a spray-lubricant for the car or oil for sewing machines.
  • Metal blinds should not be cleaned with a brush too often - this will lead to the fact that over time they will get dirty faster and stronger.

In general, these blinds will require you totrembling attitude, because washing metal blinds is necessary with caution: be sure to dry, be sure to wipe and leave no chance of rust and corrosion. And any other blinds should be treated with care, without sacrificing the purity of their quality. Let them serve you long and true. We advise you to read: