how to brush your teeth How often do you brush your teeth? Do not find the question incorrect, but, probably, you do this at least twice a day. Do you clean your teeth with your dog? Most dog owners not only do not do this, but they will find this procedure too much. And in vain! Yes, it's an animal, but this animal does not live in a wild forest, but in your home. So care for the animal should be appropriate. And if the basic rules for caring for a dog are known to everyone, then not all know how to properly brush a dog's teeth. It is believed that the dog's saliva has medicinal properties. In ancient times, with its help, wounds and skin diseases were treated, and even today they are used in folk medicine. But the opponents of such treatment have a weighty argument, they say, in dog's saliva contains not only useful substances, but harmful microorganisms. But they are right! And our domestic dogs are so fond of kissing! Not hygienic? May be. But just try to avoid this joyful muzzle, which just strives to literally kiss you from head to foot. And even children can not even explain what's wrong with the dog licking them. However, by themselves canine kisses are harmless, but the fact that they kiss with unclean teeth is really unpleasant, and to some extent dangerous. By the way, it is not particularly pleasant for this (unclean teeth) and for the dogs themselves. Therefore, to care for the teeth of a dog is necessary for hygiene purposes, and to maintain the health of the animal.

When to start?

Only teeth are needed to clean teethdogs. Babies with milk teeth can easily do without this procedure. However, it is necessary to accustom a dog to brushing teeth from a young age. In general, all the habits of dogs are laid in puppyhood. Therefore, the basic skills of hygiene (washing the paws, cleaning the ears and teeth, bathing and combing), it is necessary to plant them for a growing period. So get used to yourself and accustom your puppy to the fact that you need to clean your teeth. And since the procedure should be more educational than a hygienic nature, then the baby's teeth should be simply rubbed with a gauze soaked in a meat broth. Do this every day, carefully and gently cleaning both the teeth and gums. Especially careful to be at a time when the baby's teeth begin to loosen and fall out. how to brush your dog's teeth

How can I brush my teeth with a dog?

Of course, the most optimal option is a special onetoothpaste for dogs and a special rubber brush. This is a brush-cap, which is put on the finger. It is convenient to use an electric toothbrush, and just brush your dog's teeth, a finger wrapped in gauze or bandage. Toothpaste, intended for humans, is not harmful to the teeth of a dog. However, it is better not to use it, for, because of the large amount of fragrances and flavoring agents, such a paste will not just not like the dog, but it can cause a banal allergy. If a special toothpaste is difficult for you to buy, then you can use alternative means. So, for example, for cleaning a dog's teeth a mixture of tooth powder (without mint flavor!) With ordinary drinking soda is suitable. To do this, just add a little (about half a teaspoon) of soda to the jar with powder to get an excellent powder for cleaning dog's teeth. Immediately before cleaning, take a portion of the powder and dilute it with water to the state of gruel. Apply the mixture to the brush and gently brush the dog's teeth. After that, with a syringe or shower, rinse the mouth and rinse the remainder of the powder from the muzzle.

How to brush your teeth?

Let's assume that you will brush your teethby all the rules. How to do it? First you need to wash the toothbrush with water. Now put a little tooth-paste on the finger (special!) And give it to the dog. Modern toothpastes for dogs contain such fragrances and flavoring additives that do not cause the animal to disgust. But still give a try! Brush toothpaste over the entire length of the bristles. Begin brushing your teeth with circular motions along the lateral surfaces of molars and incisors. Now, with scrubbing (sweeping) movements, go through the teeth, leading the brush from the lower gums upwards and vice versa - from the top down. Then, by reciprocating (forward-backward) brush movements, clean the chewing surfaces of molars and premolars (molars). And do not forget about the inner surface of the lower and upper dentition of the dog, which must also be cleaned. Finish the procedure by cleaning the front incisors, brushing the sweeping movements on both sides of the teeth. If, after brushing your teeth, your dog's gums bleed, then wipe them with a tampon moistened with a 1% hydrogen peroxide solution. This procedure, firstly, will stop bleeding, secondly, disinfect the gums, and thirdly, whiten your teeth. If the gums are inflamed, then you need to stop the cleaning of teeth for a while, and lubricate the gums with a special preparation, such as, for example, Lugol. than brushing a dog's teeth

How to remove tartar?

With the systematic cleaning of the teeth of the stone on themshould not be formed. And still. If you find a stone on the teeth of your dog, then it must be removed. It is best, of course, to contact a veterinary clinic, but you can also cope with this problem yourself. To begin with, you need to purchase a dental elixir of Ksident (or an elixir with similar properties). With this elixir, you can remove small deposits by applying gauze moistened with this liquid to the stone. After a while (about a minute) this compress, rub the stone with the same gauze. If you need to remove the old stone, you will have to use a mechanical method of cleaning. To do this, you will need a dental scaler (special hook) or any thin but sturdy metal plate. For example, a nail file or a screwdriver. Take the dog by the muzzle, squeezing her jaws and simultaneously lifting her lips. Take the scaler and place it on the spot where the gum sits on the tooth. Gently, gently lift up the gums and sharply, but gently slide the scaler down from the gum. In two or three sessions you will remove tartar. And yet it is better to seek help from a veterinary clinic. They will conduct the procedure qualitatively and painlessly. And that the stone does not appear, you need to systematically clean your dog's teeth. The procedure should be done twice a week, and in addition, it is desirable to give the dog beef brain bones (knees). The fact is that when a dog gnaws such bones, it not only enjoys it, but also brushes the teeth naturally for dogs in a way. And for decorative breeds and too small dogs, brushing your teeth with toothpaste and brush remains the only hygienic procedure for maintaining your dental health. After all, often large cerebral bones, in the literal sense of the word, are too tough for them. Do not be confused by the fact: "I'm brushing my dog's teeth." Modern domestic dogs live in too refined conditions and do not receive such food, which would help to clean the teeth and prevent the formation of tartar. Knowing how to properly brush the dog's teeth, you can without any extra trouble and without much difficulty to carry out this procedure. Be attentive to your pets and remember that we are responsible for those who have been tamed. We advise you to read: