artificial Christmas trees Your decision to purchase an artificial Christmas tree is verycommendable. It does not matter what was the reason for its adoption - practical or humane considerations. It is important that artificial Christmas trees in our homes is a feasible contribution to the preservation of the forest (oh, how it sounds!). And, given the appearance of modern synthetic Christmas trees, you probably will not lose anything by refusing to purchase a living tree. On the contrary, such an acquisition will save you from an annual additional spending of at least 10-15 years at least. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the choice of this traditional New Year symbol. Such an acquisition should not be spontaneous, based only on emotions. The choice of an artificial Christmas tree should be approached thoroughly, given that it will last you for many years. In fact, the criteria for choosing a Christmas tree is not so much (but not a little). Guided by only three rules of choice, you can buy not only a beautiful and high quality herringbone, but also one that is most suitable for your home.

The first rule, dimensional-spatial

When choosing a tree, do not be tempted by the highest andwide copies. Remember that you are buying a Christmas tree for the house, and that Christmas tree, which does not look very large in the shopping center, can actually occupy almost half of the living room. Therefore, in advance, think about where you will install the tree. For standard apartments, artificial trees with a height of one and a half to two meters are best. If the ceilings in your house are high, then you can buy a Christmas tree and higher. Just start by measuring the distance from floor to ceiling in the place where the tree will stand, and also the area of ​​this place. Calculate the distance between doorways, furniture and walls to determine how wide a new tree should be. The fact is that some artificial Christmas trees have a standard size, others are narrower, and still others are more sprawling. Therefore, the size of the tree is important for its harmonious placement in the house. artificial christmas trees

The second rule, qualitatively constructive

The quality of the tree and its construction is the second importantcondition of your choice. Quality artificial Christmas trees must have a corresponding certificate. In addition, information on the presence or absence of harmful impurities should be on the packaging box. But even if all formal attributes of quality are present, it is worthwhile to carefully inspect and evaluate the tree. Soft needles on it should not be broken and easy to straighten, and hard - do not crumble. Important and fireproof tree. A good artificial Christmas tree is made with the addition of flame retardants (substances that prevent fire). What should be indicated on the package. Artificial Christmas trees from impregnated paper look natural, but they are short-lived. Christmas trees made of PVC-also look plausible and they are also quite safe. Molded plastic Christmas trees are the safest, but they are the most expensive. There are synthetic Christmas trees and by design. Most often they are made by assembled or folding. Prefabricated trees are collected with the help of hooks or hinges. Folding Christmas trees have a design similar to an umbrella. Therefore, when choosing a tree, consider the design, on which depends not only the convenience of its assembly, but the way of storage. It is most convenient to store the Christmas tree in a package or in a special bag for storage.

The third rule, visual-aesthetic

This is the rule of your personal preferences. And the main thing in it is to choose what you really like. Decorative artificial Christmas trees can be any festive (but not real for a Christmas tree) color - white, pink, golden, silver ... If you like such an avant-garde decision, safely buy an unusual Christmas tree. But if you stick to traditional views, then the choice can be much more difficult. Fir trees artificial - does not mean implausible. They mimic real spruce, pine, fir and other coniferous trees. Therefore, the color of the needles can be from light green to almost black. The shape, thickness and length of the needles also vary greatly. The fuzziness and design of the branches can be different. So, to buy an artificial Christmas tree - not a problem, the problem is to choose. Take into account all the rules of good choice and hurry to buy and decorate the tree. How else? New Year's on the doorstep!