a combination of colors in the interior of the living room Starting repair in the living room, you need not onlyto think over all the details of the interior, but also to understand what principles should be followed to make the room look cozy and comfortable. The main role in creating a design is played by a combination of colors. After all, the influence of various shades on the human psyche has long been tested by research. So, for example, there are shades that can calm and relax a person. Or vice versa - cause headache and irritation. That is why the combination of colors in the living room should be selected with special care and positively influence both the hosts and guests of the house. There are three main types of combination of colors and shades in the interior:

  • Analog

In this case, the interior combines shades,They are in the same palette: for example, blue walls and lilac curtains. Here it is necessary to remember - choose one thing: either cold colors, or warm. Very beautiful and unexpected looks a combination of red and yellow tone;

  • Monochrome

Here one bright color is taken as a basis(for example, green), and all the details of the interior include its shades: green, turquoise, beige. That is, the living room is produced in one color scheme. The darkest is the floor, the walls are medium in brightness, the ceiling is the lightest. In such an interior must be present bright contradictory accents: lamps, vases, ottomans. In general, the combination should not be smeared;

  • Contrasting

In this case, we play on the contrast of colors ininterior. For example, white walls - cherry furniture. Or chocolate walls - turquoise furniture. Thus it is quite convenient to divide the living room into zones (if this is necessary). beautiful combination of colors in the interior of the living room

Selection of colors depending on the purpose of the living room

Of course, when choosing colors for the design of the living room, one must also start from its purpose:

  • Direct assignment

The room is used only for the reception of guests. Experienced designers advise to use in the interior heavy curtains, massive soft furniture, panels on the walls. It is possible to use golden finish and bright colors. The room should be cozy and comfortable for rest and long-term communication. It is in this case, it will be appropriate to look arches, stucco molding and even false columns.

  • Combination: living room and bedroom

Given our small apartments, thismatching is not uncommon. In the afternoon we take in the guest room, and in the evening the room turns into a sleeping area. And here the main thing is to understand how to use the color to divide the room competently. It is best to play against the contrast of light and dark shades. For example, the sleeping area to decorate in pearl or softly-turquoise tones, and the living room - in coffee or burgundy. Naturally, it will be appropriate to make a partition using curtains or a glass door on rollers.

  • Combination: living room and dining room

In this case, it is not recommended to make outroom in one color. It is better to choose something more original and bright. For example, a dining room in light colors, and a living room in orange or terracotta.

Color and lighting

The combination of colors in the interior largely depends andfrom lighting. It is necessary to take into account both the arrangement of windows and artificial light. Are the windows facing south and the sun a frequent visitor? So, choose cool colors: blue and green shades will look good. If the sun's rays rarely enter the room, let the interior have warm colors: bordeaux, yellow, sand, peach. You can apply gold and red colors - they perfectly match with each other and create a feeling of celebration in the living room. the right combination of colors in the interior of the living room

The role of color in the interior

Before choosing a combination of colors and embody your fantasies in reality, familiarize yourself with the influence of each shade on a person. This will help you make the right choice when decorating a room.

  • Green

Soothes, embodies nature and gives freshness to the room. But please note, only soft shades of green will be appropriate in the living room. Too sharp and bright tones can cause a migraine;

  • Red

Strong, energetic, exciting. In the living room is not recommended (except for contrast and a small amount), but for the kitchen area (when combined) - this is what you need;

  • Brown

Gives a sense of order, self-confidence, security. And absolutely all shades of this color have these properties;

  • Yellow

A cheerful and joyful color, which in any casewill give a great mood. It is appropriate in the living room, in the kitchen, and in the bedroom. Successfully combined with a sand tint, as well as with peach, beige and coffee;

  • Purple (lilac)

It has to communicate, serves as a soothing and soothing means. For the kitchen is usually not applied, but in the interior of the living room will be an excellent addition to the general style;

  • The black

It brings sadness, it can provoke depression. In no case, you can not use it in the interior in its pure form, only a combination with light shades is allowed: white, sand, yellow, beige;

  • White

Neutral color, combined with absolutely all shades. Can be used both independently and as a finish. Suitable for any room.

Fashion Trends

Of course, one should not blindly observe eachwhim of fashion. But to know the basic fashion trends in the design of the premises is necessary. So, this year all the shades of blue are in the lead. Despite the fact that this color belongs to the category of cold, it is able to be noble and deep, to possess warm energy. Blue fits well with yellow, beige, peach, pink and gray. Do not give up the position and a pearl shade - for the past 3 years, he is an invariable favorite among designers. By the way, it is in the interior of the living room that this shade will look best. Lilac color is also popular. The combination of this shade with blue, gray, brown or golden will look in the interior of the living room not only fashionably, but also cozy. Another actual shade is chocolate. And not brown or coffee, namely chocolate. Surprisingly, the furniture in this color can give any room a luxurious look. Especially it is indispensable if the walls of the living room are decorated in light colors. In this case, not only furniture, but curtains can have a chocolate shade. This combination of colors in the interior has a rest, gives warmth and a sense of comfort. When choosing colors for the design of the living room, be sure to listen to your inner voice and remember that it is most important for you to be cozy and comfortable in the room. You can give vent to your imagination and realize the wildest dreams. But at the same time, keep in mind that it is you who will spend a lot of time in the living room, so you do not need to create an overly saturated interior. The excess of brightness will not add to your good mood. Before you take up the design of the living room, consult with knowledgeable people, look through the magazines and catalogs. Look at how this or that combination of colors looks from the outside. And only after fully making sure of the correctness of your choice, begin to act. This approach will help you create a cozy and truly homey interior that you do not want to change for a long time. We advise you to read: