cozy bedroom The bedroom is a special place in the house. This room gives us privacy, peace and a feeling of complete security. Here we throw off the masks and become ourselves, here you can relax from everyday worries and restore vital energy. That's why the bedroom should be cozy and soothing. How to make a bedroom cozy? After all, this concept for each means something special, special. Let's look at a few examples of the design of the bedroom, which are created on the basis of their character and preferences of the woman. And you will only have to choose the option that best meets your requirements.

Bedroom for the Amazon

For a girl who is strong-willed and unbridleda character who prefers always and in everything to rely only on himself, the bedroom may well resemble the home of a mischievous robber. It is in this environment that she will be more comfortable than most. To create this interior, give preference to beige and brown shades, as well as coral and terracotta. Here, soft, pleasant to the touch fabrics are perfect. Curtains and curtains must necessarily be with drawings that mimic the skins of wild animals. On the bedroom floor, it is desirable to lay a carpet of artificial fur. Spot lights on the ceiling are perfect for lighting such a room. A sconce in the form of torches especially well complement the interior of the Amazon. Wall decorate with unusual masks and decorative feathers, place the fancy shapes of vases and statuettes of African gods everywhere. For decoration, you can also use houseplants, resembling the shape of palm trees, for example, pineapple, bamboo and dracaena. And finally, do not forget to put on the bed a few drops of your favorite perfume. Aromas of wild jungle, will help to make the bedroom not only cozy, but to fill it with a special atmosphere. In this situation, you can do without clothes, except that the loincloth will be appropriate here. the bedroom is cozy


What does it mean a cozy bedroom for girls,who prefer bright and glamorous things? Most likely, their room will be designed on the principle of a doll house. To design such an interior, it is preferable to use bright saturated colors that will perfectly match with the decorative elements of darker succulent colors. As an upholstery and finishing of a room smooth and silky materials are preferable. As for the design of windows, then it is better to use translucent fabrics. Of course, the main decorative elements of such a bedroom should be soft toys, beautiful bright caskets, colorful bows, small cushions in the form of hearts, as well as fresh flowers. Soft light of the floor lamp, fragrances of fruits and flowers will help create a romantic atmosphere in the doll bedroom.

The Royal Boudoir

If you are a leader and organizer by nature, it's easyadvance on the career ladder, confidently go to the intended goal, and also appreciate comfort and expensive things, then you will come up with a bedroom more like a royal boudoir. To create comfort, choose rich colors: red, emerald, dark blue and burgundy, which will perfectly match with decorative elements, finished "for gold." In such a bedroom, chic fabrics should prevail: natural silk, velvet. Heavy, beautifully draped curtains - the best option for decorating the windows of the royal boudoir. The bed must be wide and massive. In the frame of the tulle canopy it will look just great. Decorate the bedroom-boudoir will help the original statuettes, books in beautiful bindings, paintings in patterned massive frames and fresh flowers in beautiful vases. As lighting, you can choose a large crystal chandelier, which is suitable for such an interior best. A sconce in the form of candles can be a good addition.

Antique Hall

Bedroom in antique style is an excellent choice forcalm, balanced women, who are not familiar with vanity and haste. When you make a bedroom in white or very light colors, you surround yourself with space and light. To decorate a room in the antique style, use light and thin fabrics. Also appropriate fur, well matched to the overall color scheme. Best is a bright, fluffy carpet. Original vases, Greek amphoras and, of course, white delicate flowers can become an excellent decorative addition to such a bedroom. As a lighting, you can use a sconce in the form of flowers, which fits perfectly into the interior. The goddess in a translucent nightgown to the toes, is capable not only to blind and delight the man of her heart, but also to drive him crazy. It remains only to add a little flavor: sea, citrus or flower. how to make a bedroom cozy

Country cosiness

A bedroom in a rustic style is suitable forcurious, impressionable and loving traveling ladies. For the design of the bedroom it is recommended to use only natural materials of beige, blue, green, sand, cream and milky white. Fabrics "under matting", as well as cotton and linen with hand embroidery will look great in such an interior, and create additional comfort and coziness. Lace lampshades, wicker lamps, straw mats, fruit baskets and vases with flowers - all this will complement the interior, which is characterized by provincial simplicity. Give preference to natural flavors: the smell of honey, wood and dried herbs. As you can see, in order to create coziness in the bedroom, it is necessary to proceed only from one's own preferences. And then the atmosphere created by you will become not only comfortable, but also intimate. What kind of man can resist the ancient goddess, the imperious queen or the passionate Amazon? We advise you to read: