foot care after shaving From time immemorial, every girl dreams of havingan ideal and attractive appearance. Legs and a bikini zone are no exception, so depilation or shaving is a must for smooth and shiny skin in this area. Often, after such procedures, the girls have acne, causing itching and unaesthetic appearance of the legs. Pimples appear as a result of ingrown hairs inside. Hair can not overcome the "barrier" of the skin, which causes inflamed pimples.

Can I warn myself against the appearance of acne?

Of course you can. To do this, use our tips:

  • Directly before shaving your feet, usesoft scrub. It can be prepared from a small amount of any shower gel with the addition of a tablespoon of soda. The scrub will help remove the dead skin cells, and then the blade will densely adhere to the skin.
  • Before shaving it is necessary to properly moisten the feet, then the softened hairs will be much easier to cut.
  • It is not recommended to shave your legs when the skin of your feet is covered with shaving foam or even completely dry. The procedure will be ineffective and very painful.
  • Try to pick up your "own" machine. By trial and error, select the device that suits your skin type and density of vegetation. Also, the machine should be well cleaned from the hair after the procedure. The blade should be wiped with a cotton disc moistened with alcohol, then it will not be dull for a long time.
  • Use a shaving gel designed for sensitive and dry skin, even if your skin is in perfect order.
  • Beware of shaving aidswhich includes camphor, alcohol or menthol. If such a product gets on the skin after shaving, then the irritation will appear in a few seconds. Replace the shower gel and soap can be air-conditioned for hair.
  • Shave your legs only against hair growth. In the process of shaving, do not use washcloths and loofah, observe precautions to avoid irritation.
  • After shaving, moisturize your feet with cream. In summer, you can use sunscreen to further protect the skin from hyperpigmentation.
  • It has long been known that you can get rid of acne,using preparations containing cortisol. You can buy them in the pharmacy, and you can cook at home. To do this, crush a couple of aspirin tablets and dilute a little with glycerin. This lotion should treat inflammation on the skin 1-2 times a day.

allergy after shaving legs

What are the causes of acne after shaving?

It also happens that you do not use shaving anddepilation, and pimples still appear. The cause of this can be colds. Especially it is worthwhile to beware of them during the autumn-spring periods, when chronic, including mental, stomatological, dermatological diseases become aggravated. Cold and damp on the street undoubtedly weaken the immune system and cause colds. And the girls, despite the possible hypothermia of the body, continue to dress easily "in fashion", forgetting about health. Very soon the girl, neglecting warm clothes, would understand how wrong she was. This will happen when the first spots appear and affect its appearance. Acne is prone to almost any part of the body, whether it be legs, back, butt or face. Since acne does not have enough air, they will constantly itch and itch, especially when touched with clothing. If such pimples have appeared, it means that it's time to strengthen immunity urgently. Watery pimples on the feet In winter, after shaving, you can even have watery pimples on your legs. If winter is outdoors and you always wear warm clothes that can hide your cold from prying eyes, this does not mean that this problem is not so serious. Often acne after shaving appears due to allergies or at the initial stage of skin diseases, and shaving simply speeds up the process. In this case, you must definitely visit a dermatologist. Most likely, you will be prescribed vitamins, or maybe it's all about the wrong diet. In any case, self-medication is dangerous! The appearance of acne is not only an aesthetic appearance, but also a sign of an approaching illness. Only a dermatologist can make an accurate diagnosis, identify the cause and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Acne between the legs after shaving Acne in the intimate zone is even more troublesome. The skin between the legs is very vulnerable and soft, so it is necessary to carry out depilation at this place with extreme caution. It should also be delicate approach to choosing clothes and pantyhose, it is desirable that your things consist of natural fibers. The appearance of pimples between the legs can very often indicate an increase in the level of sugar in the blood. You should take a blood test to find out about the disease at an early stage. More pimples can appear because of an infectious disease (molluscum contagiosum). "Pick up" it can be in any place of public use, as well as during fitting the clothes in the store. causes of acne on the feet after shaving

A common cause of the appearance of acne is an allergy

Pimples that have appeared on any part of the body,itch, blush, increase in size - this is a possible allergic reaction to uncomfortable clothes and poor nutrition. All this can lead to dermatitis or eczema. In this case, not only pimples appear, but also cones of red color. Over time, they begin to itch more and more, huge pimples are formed. They provoke an itch and a burning sensation, and the person involuntarily starts combing the neoplasm. At this point, brownish pus begins to accumulate, acne begins to grow together, skin peels off, a syphilis appears. It often happens that the pimples appear and disappear very quickly. This does not mean that acne has disappeared forever and will no longer appear, it is possible that the allergen has temporarily ceased to act on the body, and with repeated exposure, pimples will manifest. In this case, at the first appearance of acne, immediately review your diet and change the usual means to combat vegetation on your legs. Perhaps your machine has become unusable, or you are simply wrongly taking care of your feet.

How to get rid of acne?

Every person who suffered from the appearance of acne,had the desire to immediately squeeze them. Should not be doing that! Disease in this way you will not win, but the pits and scars on the skin will long remind you of your "unrestrained" hands. If you do not have any medications at hand, a simple solution is to cauterize acne with iodine. Means containing salicylic acid, will help in the fight against acne. For example, "Zinerit" or "Dalacin". But with these drugs should be extremely cautious, because they have a strong drying property. A popular procedure is ozone therapy. This method of treatment for acne is prescribed along with taking medications. In this case, the skin is saturated with oxygen, which unhindered enters the body, which makes treatment most effective. Dry the skin on your legs with an alcohol solution of marigold tincture or simply with alcohol. You can use dry ice, if you can endure unpleasant sensations. You can wipe the skin of your feet twice with a decoction of the same calendula or chamomile.

General rules and recommendations

Once the pimples have appeared, followtemperature regime in the house. The air temperature should be at least 24 degrees, in which case you are normalized. Use cleaning and cleaning products that do not contain chlorine. Do not neglect hypoallergenic laundry powders, because the skin should not come into contact with harmful substances. Take vitamin A or drugs with its addition. Usually, doctors recommend Retinol. But be careful, an overdose can be harmful. People's means can be trusted, because they have been tested more than once. At the first appearance of acne, you can use them. But if you see that the chosen funds do not help, do not delay with a trip to the dermatologist. Perhaps acne is a harbinger of a serious disease that has nothing to do with allergy after depilation. Try to eat right, because an upset of the gastrointestinal tract can also cause acne. Follow these tips, and your feet will never run into pimples, and if they do, you will meet the disease fully armed.