honey massage The scourge of modern cosmetology is the fight againstcellulite. Disputes about what it is and whether it is worth fighting against it are endless. But there is an opinion that remains indisputable - honey helps to cope with this ailment, smooth out the skin, give it velvety and softness. In addition, this curative product has other, equally useful properties. Honey is a wonderful antiseptic, a bactericide and just a delicious potion. Pamper your body, charge it with solar energy, get rid of a lot of health problems - will help honey massage.

How useful is honey massage?

Honey is a biologically active product, itsthe structure is such that all the substances in it are instantly absorbed by the body. Even if we take into account that honey is applied to the surface of the skin during massage and can not fully penetrate the body, it does not entreat its properties. Massage with honey allows the skin to penetrate deeply with amino acids, saturated with water-soluble (fast) vitamins. The technique itself, which involves honey massage, is aimed at stimulating nerve endings, improving blood flow, expelling stagnant fluid, regulating metabolic processes. honey massage

Preparatory procedures

Like any other massage, honey massagepresupposes preparatory procedures. The surface of the skin should be cleaned. It is advisable to take a shower, if possible, visit the bath. The second option is most attractive, since the dehairing of the pores and the release of some of the toxins will greatly simplify the honey problem. Before starting the procedure, you need to warm up the muscles, disperse the blood. To do this, use regular strokes. At first they are soft, then more intense. It is necessary to warm the body, especially the limbs, which tend to stagnate. In connection with the characteristics of the lymphatic fluid, massage should be done in one direction, preferably from the bottom up. The application of honey is preceded by bringing it to the desired state. In many sources you will find information that uses liquid honey. But this consistency is only available in early summer. In other periods we have to be content with what we have. The main thing is that honey should be real! Thickened honey in no case can not be heated above 60 ° C, so put it in a microwave oven, stove, steam room - categorically not! To heat honey is best in a water bath, by placing in a vessel with warm water.

Technique of execution

Honey of acceptable consistency is applied tosurface of the body. And all at once. The area of ​​the neck, bikini, armpits, sensitive parts of the breast can not be massaged. Thinner skin and nearby blood vessels are in the legs, so they apply a thin layer of honey. Honey massage begins with the feet, then moves upward: the lumbar-cervical region, the thoracic region, the hands, the cervical region, the abdomen, the thorax. The technique is simple and accessible to the layman. It is necessary to apply palms to the massaged area, to withstand a 1-2 second pause and slowly to clean hands. The first 5-7 receptions will pass without effort, the following will draw honey for themselves. It will be more difficult to make movements, the skin will reach for your hands, painful sensations are possible. If this happens, change the technique. Try sharp and smooth movements, feel the way to continue the honey massage. This procedure assumes a one-time use of the material. After 10-15 minutes, the honey will become very thick, change the color to an unpleasant dirty yellow. This is due to the fact that the substance absorbed all the dirt of your body: dead skin scales, toxins, sweat. After all parts of the body are involved, honey is removed with a hot towel. Massiruemy covered with a blanket, blanket or bathrobe for 15 minutes. It is good to drink herbal tea during this period. Only after a long time, you can change the body temperature and wash off the remnants of honey.

Indications for honey massage

  • Stagnant processes in the body, with the exception of thromboses and varicose extensions;
  • Metabolic disorders, not complicated by severe hypertension;
  • Vegeto-vascular dystonia;
  • Colds, except for periods of exacerbation;
  • Honey massage as an immunostimulation;
  • Cellulitis;
  • Nervous and physical overstrain.

massage with honey

Contraindications for honey massage

Honey massage is definitely a useful thing. But, like any medical procedure, it has a number of contraindications. It should be borne in mind that some of them are absolute, and some are relative, that is, they occur in certain periods.

  • Arterial hypertension;
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Violation of the integrity of the skin;
  • Fungal and parasitic diseases;
  • Strong hairiness of massaged zones;
  • Severe forms of diabetes mellitus. Here we do not mean the ability of honey, as such, to increase the level of glucose, but the inadequate response of the body to physical activity, as well as the danger of injury;
  • Child age up to 2 years;
  • Allergic manifestations.

Features of honey massage

Honey massage has a complex effect onorganism. Due to his wonderful properties, he is able to influence both the external and the internal image of a person. Without special evidence, conducting a procedure for pleasure, a person is charged with powerful energy. A significant disadvantage of honey massage is the high cost of the procedure. Turning to a salon or medical center, you pay for an hour of pleasure 1-3 thousand rubles. It would seem that at home everything is much cheaper, but there is a nuance. One procedure consumes about a glass of honey, the price for which is not so small. Honey massage can be done both at home and in professional. Despite the availability of the procedure, preference should be given to the second option, since honey massage is still part of medical rehabilitation, and it is better to trust one's health to professionals. We advise you to read: