patchwork ideas If you are a fan of the fashionable nowadayspatchwork, then surely look for the possibility of using this magic technique, wherever possible. But do you know that the very idea (as such) of patchwork sewing can be embodied not only in the process of "tailoring" itself, but also without needles and thread, for example, with knitting needles or a hook, glue, paper and foam. We offer you some original ideas for using scrappy technology to decorate the interior of the house, creating fashion accessories and useful (but beautiful) trifles. By the way, in order to translate these ideas into reality, you do not have to be a highly skilled quilter. It is enough to have an idea of ​​the patchwork technique, to have an artistic taste and desire to transform your home and decorate your life. So, let's begin.

Ideas for the home

Of course, it's worth starting with the most traditional -covers, pillowcases, pillows, blankets, potholders for the kitchen. All this can be done in the patchwork technique, using its most diverse types, ranging from strict English patchwork to the crazy (literally, the word) crazy patchwork. Such interior accessories will definitely add warmth and comfort to your house, and will also become bright and "cheerful" accents. But this is not the only option for using patchwork patchwork for the house. It is very fashionable today to make upholstery upholstery from multi-colored scraps. So if your sofas, armchairs and soft chairs with stools are slightly worn out, then do not rush to run to the store for a new upholstery fabric: it can be replaced with your own hand-sewn patchwork. If you change the upholstery on your own, you can not do it, then limit yourself to new furniture covers, sewn also from rags. By the way, all these ideas can be realized not only with the help of sewing. If you know how to knit, then the patchwork-related covers, capes and pillowcases will also be able to update your furniture. Another variant of the idea of ​​patchwork sewing is to use the patchwork technique for decorating the walls. For example, to abandon traditional wallpaper and paste the wall (only one, not all!) With large pieces of colorful fabric, or use wallpaper trim for this purpose. By the way, when decorating the walls, you can rely on the strict rules of traditional patchwork and create a strict patchwork pattern on the wall, or you can prefer a crisy patchwork, in which you do not need to use strict geometric shapes, but simply "play" with the color and texture of the material. Ideas patchwork for the house can be realized in the manufacture of a new lampshade, and when sewing curtains, and even when decorating nice interior details: frames for photographs, caskets, mirrors. However, in this case, you will have to get acquainted with such techniques as patchwork without a needle. patchwork ideas for home

Patchwork without a needle

Another great idea of ​​using the techniquepatchwork. Quilting without a needle came to us from Japan, where this art is called Kinusayga and is used to create paintings from silk shreds. The technology itself has been adapted by modern craftsmen to its capabilities and is used to "draw" decorative panels, decorating cabinet furniture, boxes, boxes and any flat hard surfaces. This technique is based on the idea of ​​patchwork sewing, but it is embodied with the help of flat foam, knife and colored flaps. First, a pattern is applied to the foam plastic, along the boundaries of which the groove-grooves are cut, individual elements of the drawing are covered with pieces of cloth, the edges of which are filled in these furrows. If desired, the borders between different fabrics are decorated with braid or cord, but this is already a reception from the Crazy Patchwork. In this way, you can make out the back of the bed (especially the nursery), and an old rarity chest or cabinet, and also make a panel or even a real silk painting in Kinusayga's technique. And another patchwork without needles is one of the ideas for making souvenirs and Christmas-tree toys, decorating nondescript boxes or boxes (tin, plastic, wooden and cardboard) for storing small things. patchwork for home

Patchwork for yourself

In search of the idea of ​​using patchwork technologypatchwork should not forget about yourself. If you know how to sew or knit, then try to make clothes using patchwork ideas. It can be a summer light skirt, and a smart vest, and even a warm jacket. By the way, when designing such clothes, use old jeans stuff, which will become an excellent material for things made in patchwork style. In addition to clothing (for yourself, or for your children, the patchwork ideas are quite suitable, for example, for a new bag, which can also be tied up or sewed from rags. In addition to the bag, you can find a cheerful patchwork coloring: a cosmetic bag, a purse, a phone case, a spectacle case and other small things that live in your bag or on the dressing table. Actually, any patchwork ideas just hang in the air. Look around: what could you sew or tie to decorate your house or do it just for the soul? Almost for all this, you can use patchwork ideas. So use it! Be original and do not ignore any crazy ideas that have visited you. Originality, like patchwork, is now in fashion! We advise you to read: