hair accessories for your hair Oh, these women! And all they need to decorate, make bright and attractive, shiny and original. So they try, come up with various tricks in order to become the most compelling and attractive. Decorate absolutely everything - bags, shoes, coats, belts, jackets. But the most attention is still paid to the hair. There are so many invented accessories and jewelry to them, that eyes run: barrettes, hoops, rubber bands, scallops, invisible and hairpins, ribbons and bows. But the true value and peculiar charm are accessories for hair, made with their own hands, and warmed by the soul. At this point, anyone who wants to, he and dodges, comes up with individual jewelry and then brags to his friends with his resourcefulness and skill. Do you want to always look beautiful and original? Then try to make jewelry for your hair with your own hands - there is nothing complicated in this, and pleasures, believe me, a lot.


So, the simplest version of the decoration is a hoop, hecomfortable and unpretentious, does not require any effort to create a hairstyle, but at the same time it is this accessory that allows you to always have a well-groomed and orderly hairstyle. It will take: a simple black hoop (the most common), a bright satin ribbon (not wide, but braid), a ribbon with crystals, scissors and pliers, glue. Now we act step by step:

  • We put on the ribbon with crystals a little glue (from the wrong side) and apply to the hoop. Squeeze your fingers and leave for 10 minutes - let it dry;
  • Now take the satin ribbon and begin wrapping it with a hoop. In doing so, we will bypass the strasiki (at this point it can be slightly rolled up), but on the inside we put it at full width;
  • We make one turn and tie a small knot. Be careful - the nodules should be located on the edge of the hoop;
  • Having finished wrapping, flatten the hoop with pliers and give it the desired shape. He must hold fast to his head, and not slip every minute.

All! A stylish, fashionable and original hair hoop is ready. By the way, for such decoration it is possible to use a ribbon for flowers and a chain with rhinestones, and a hoop can be both plastic and metal - here it's up to you to decide. beautiful hair accessories for your own hands


It's no secret that the bright and intensecolors in everything - in clothes, shoes and bags. But if you are a fan of warmer and pastel colors, but want to look fashionable, then use the hair comb - make it bright, and you are recognized as a stylish fashionista. It will take: a scallop and several bright ribbons. And to do something, this decoration is literally five minutes. We take ribbons and tie the teeth of the scallop, we have nodules at the base of the denticles. You can make a multi-colored decoration, but it is possible in one tone, but very bright. Such an accessory is used to create a variety of hairstyles and a unique image. fashion accessories for hair with your own hands

New life for old jewelry

If you want to bring some intrigue to yourimage, but at the same time do not own an exquisite taste, you can completely simplify everything. For example, all known hairpins - straighten them and put on large beads, can be colored, can be in the form of pearls. Now we give the original shape and everything - you can chop dulcies, tails and just lock the strands. With such an accessory, you will always be "on top"! Similarly, you can decorate and banal invisibility - just put on them beads or beads or glass stones. They are already sold with holes, and it is not difficult to pass a bolt in them. And with these hairpins you can create a whole picture in your hair - just geometrically arrange them (zigzag, flower, spiral) and be ready to receive compliments. You can experiment and decorate the banal hair elastic, for example, with flowers from the fabric. Now there are so many different stylish things on sale: stones, flowers, insects, which can be given to the will of one's imagination. Here in general, nothing to invent is not necessary - just glue or sew an accessory on an elastic band. And you can wrap a simple wrap around the fabric and sew the edges, you can make an elastic band yourself - at the same time use not only fabric, but also fur. In winter, in such a bandage, you will feel very comfortable! After a bandage can be worn on the ears - and warm, and original. Just do not forget to insert the elastic band inside the "fur", without fastening it will constantly fall off. It should be noted that making hair accessories is an extremely fascinating activity, which can easily become your hobby. And, by the way, this innocent hobby, possibly, will outgrow in profitable business, well or, at least, in economical. First, ready-made jewelry for hair is not cheap - that's for you and saving. And secondly, such jewelry can be given to friends and acquaintances or even sell. Handmade work has always been valued and valued by buyers. Take risks, fantasize and create hair accessories - this work will certainly be justified to the fullest. We advise you to read: