what to take on a picnic With the onset of the summer season is increasingly pullingget out on the nature, relax with friends or family. And a picnic here as it is impossible by the way! What can I take on a picnic so that the rest brings maximum pleasure and a minimum of discomfort? It is very important not to forget anything necessary, as it can only spoil the whole rest. In fact often happens such, that going on a picnic, many many trifles are taken, and here something necessary is completely forgotten. Therefore it is important to think in advance what to take on a picnic, to make a list of the most necessary, and only then to be taken directly for packing luggage.

We Pack Luggage

First you need to determine: where, for what time, what will you go on a picnic, and how many people will be. If you go on holiday by car for the weekend, then you will certainly need things like a tent, warm clothes, sleeping bags. Of course, small cushions can also be taken, but this is not the most necessary, so if there is not enough space in the trunk, they should be left at home. Do not be superfluous and a blanket or blanket, which can be arranged with comfort. It will not hurt to take with them and oilcloth, especially if it was raining the day before. Putting it under the blanket, you exclude the possible wetting of the blanket from the ground. And if you have folding chairs, then be sure to take them with you. In addition, due consideration should be given to the choice of dishes. Beating dishes are better not to take - the ideal option will be a plastic disposable tableware, which after use can simply be burned. Knives and cutting boards should be taken with you, because without them you can not even make a simple salad. If you want to drink a bottle of wine in nature, then it's important not to forget to take a corkscrew. You may also need an opener if there are any canned food in your picnic menu. Instead of the usual towels, you should take paper or at all napkins. And it's necessary to take a couple of garbage bags with you to the nature to collect all the garbage that you can not burn in a fire. If you go on vacation to places where it is very difficult to find branches for a fire, then you should take with you an ax and firewood, or prepare firewood at home, then just put them on the fire. Do not forget to take matches! Otherwise you will have to forget about such an important moment of any outdoor recreation, like a bonfire. If you go to places where the branches are plenty - still grab a few firewood, because it may start to rain unexpectedly, but you can not make a bonfire out of damp branches. And the branches are not the best solution, if you plan to cook shish kebabs, since there will be no normal coals from the branches. What else can you take for a picnic? Well, firstly, if you go a noisy merry company, then you can take a badminton or a volleyball with you. Not too much will be a guitar, if one of you knows how to play it. After all, songs under the night sky by the fire in the circle of friends - it's so romantic. Such evenings remain in your memory for a long time and warm your soul in the cold season. If in the place where you go, there is a pond or river nearby, then you can take with you fishing rods and a bowler. A freshly prepared ear at the stake is very tasty! At home, such an ear can never be cooked. Also it will not be superfluous to take with itself a small tape recorder on batteries and disks with music. Among other things, a picnic with you should take such things as a first aid kit, tanning products and mosquito remedies. In the medicine cabinet should be:

  • Means for food poisoning;
  • Means for headache;
  • Means for temperature and colds;
  • Zelenka;
  • Iodine;
  • Alcohol;
  • Bandages;
  • Harness;
  • Vata;
  • Hydrogen peroxide;
  • Adhesive plaster;
  • Medicines that you or someone from your company accepts.

Also do not forget to take care of drinking water. It should be in abundance, because you will need not only to drink, but also, perhaps, to cook an ear, wash hands, vegetables and fruits. And if you plan to make shish kebabs, then take with you a brazier, a grill for grilling or skewers.

What to eat in nature?

what to take on nature from food Making a list of what you need to take on a picnic,do not forget that you can not eat the holy spirit. We need to eat something. Therefore it is very important to make a list of what to take on a picnic from the meal. To begin with, it is important to calculate how many people will be on vacation, then calculate the amount for which these or other products will be purchased and divide it into all participants in the rest. It is important to take into account not only your taste preferences, but also the preferences of other picnic participants. If you are going on a picnic for a few days, then in any case do not take perishable food. They can only be taken if you have such a useful thing as a mini-fridge or you plan to use them in the next 1.5-2 hours upon arrival at the holiday destination. The ideal products for a picnic are fruits, vegetables, canned goods, smoked sausage, processed cheese, smoked or fried chicken, baked meat. These products are stored outside the refrigerator for quite some time. In addition, when drawing up a list of what to take on nature from food, do not forget to include juices, mineral water and lemonades, especially if the weather is hot. When planning the preparation of shish kebabs, determine in advance the choice of meat. Well, if you know how to marinate meat yourself, and if not, then it's not difficult to find a ready-made shish kebab in the store. In addition, meat can be replaced by sausages, since fried sausages are not worse than a full-fledged shish kebab. What else can you take on a picnic from a meal? Of course, sandwiches! They can be cooked at home, but it is better to do this: cut bread at home and everything you need for sandwiches and put in separate packages. A simple food film will do. And on the nature of the prepared products you can quickly make sandwiches. In this case, the products will last longer, and the sandwiches will look fresh and appetizing. But do not do salads in advance. You just need to wash the products for salads, and take the mayonnaise with you. Vegetables for salad can be quickly cut into nature. And you can just dipped in salad dressing cut vegetables. If you take smoked chicken or baked meat with you, then it will not hurt to take with you ketchup or mustard, as meat products with such kind of dressing in the cold form are much tastier. You can also bring along sweets - sweets and cookies. This is especially true if you have children with you, all known gourmands. Tea, coffee and sugar will not be superfluous either. You can take a raw washed potatoes, which can later be baked in a fire. And do not forget to take the salt! After all, baked potatoes are without salt - not quite tasty. And cooking a number of other dishes for a picnic requires salt. And, of course, you can take with you any canned food, because they do not spoil for a very long time. That, strictly speaking, is all that can be taken to nature from food. Let's also note that the products will best be stacked not in packages, but in a three-dimensional basket - and the products will not crash, and pulling them out will be much easier. And the picnic basket looks more picturesque. In addition, when stacking products in a basket, fold frozen foods to the bottom, and all the others on top. And now we'll figure out what to dress for a picnic.

Clothes for picnic

If you go on a picnic for an openterrain, it is important to take with you hats that will protect you from the scorching sun - caps, straw hats, panama. Well, with this, everything is clear. But what should you take on a picnic out of clothes, and what should it be? Well, firstly, clothes should be very comfortable, cover your legs and hands. It is important to bring warm clothes or a jacket with you - it will suddenly turn cold or it will rain. Even after sunset, it is often very cool. The ideal variant of clothes for a picnic is a tracksuit, or loose jeans and a loose blouse, for example, a turtleneck. Among other things, it will not hurt to take along raincoats. And if there are none, then umbrellas can be useful.

Other trivia

what can I take for a picnic So we told about all the most necessaryfor outdoor recreation. And now let's talk about the little things that are not the items of urgent need for a picnic. As we mentioned earlier in this article, you can bring a tape recorder with batteries. Thanks to him you can arrange a small disco. It does not hurt to take a video camera or a camera with you, so that the memory of the rest is not just in your head. Just do not forget to charge the battery on the eve, or it may happen that in the height of the rest they will be discharged, and you will deprive yourself of a number of pleasant moments. And where can I go on a picnic? Well, the place to rest is not very difficult to choose. On a picnic you can go to the park, to the forest, to the river or pond, to the mountains. It all depends on what time you are going to go on vacation. If for a few hours - then the park is a very good solution. And if you are going to rest for a few days, a good option may be a river embankment or a forest. It is especially pleasant to have a rest in a coniferous wood as the smell of needles is very pleasant and useful to an organism. In addition, it is important to find a picnic site in which there are trees under which you can hide from the sun and a free site that allows you to build a fire without the risk of a fire. It is also important to investigate the site, considered for a picnic, for the presence of anthills. Agree, it is not pleasant when you comfortably settle on a rug, spread out the products, and the ants start biting you, as a result of which you will have to remove all the products and look for another place. When the picnic comes to an end - do not forget to burn all the garbage that burns, and the rest to collect in garbage bags and take it with you. Also do not forget to carefully extinguish the fire, so as not to become the instigators of the fire. Particular attention should be paid to this if your holiday passes in the forest. Well, as a matter of fact, everything you need to know and remember before starting the picnic. The main thing, do not forget that a picnic is first and foremost a holiday, which should be given only joy and fun. We advise you to read: