accessories collection spring summer 2016 Every woman seems to be reborn with the onsetnew fashion season, as it acquires that appearance that enhances its dignity in this period. In this it is supported not only by the magnificent ideas of famous designers of clothes, but also at first sight insignificant, but finishing accessories. Modern fashion trends are classic things in the ensemble with fashionable details. Accessories - Spring-Summer 2016 collection will help you always look like an inveterate fashionable woman, if you supplement them with fresh notes. Let's look into this issue in more detail. Accessories can be a barely noticeable stroke or a strong accent that can completely translate into themselves the admiring glances of others. Sometimes, in order to make the image the most perfect, it is necessary to make up a single ensemble, although sometimes there will be enough small tape or a narrow strap to complete it.

Which accessories will be fashionable in 2016?

fashion accessories 2016 spring summer Beautiful bags that are very relevant in the seasonspring-summer 2016, diverse in color palette and used for their creation of materials. Along with the traditional skin of snakes and crocodiles, designers began to actively apply amazing combinations of weave from straw and various straps, and beadwork and laser processing give the bags a chic style. Now in the fashion big bags with two handles on each side, and also small handbags on the oblong belt and various clutches - they will attract additional attention to you. Belts, which are very diverse in design, will be very popular in the summer of 2016. Today it is an independent accessory, and the function of forming a fitted silhouette has remained in the past. Their variety does not have a limit: leather, textiles, suede with bright buckle or without it, thick and thin, with a simple design or unusual, belts that look like a wide corset will be fashionable this season. The fashion for accessories 2016 spring-summer is presented in many popular magazines, where they draw their inspiration from the fashionista. They are not only articles, but also photos of new collections of famous fashion designers. It makes popular all kinds of fashion belts for skirts and pants with an inflated waistline. Embroidered with beads and original weaves, classical versions of the belts correspond with decorative products of an ethnographic nature. fashion accessories spring 2016 Each summer fashion season is characterized bya variety of headdresses, in particular hats, that can protect the delicate and delicate skin of women's face from scorching sunlight. Wide fields that were popular in the past season, this summer will also take a leading position. But now this tradition is carefully diluted straw hats, which will appeal to adherents of fashion in retro style. Along with them, fashionable shawls, scarves, bandanas and scarves come back, which can be on the fur for cold weather or from light silk for hot. Bandage in the form of a tape or a knitted strip with a small bow - the original trend of this season. Stylish costume jewelry will help you to fill a strict outfit with bright colors, so without it you can not go anywhere. Brooches, which were unfairly begun to forget, play the main role this year. Lovers of fashion trends will have to reconsider their views on the account of this accessory. Moreover, now its location does not matter. accessories fashion collection spring summer 2016 In the fashion now, and such types of jewelry aschains, beads, earrings, rings and bracelets, which look original, combining with each other. Layering is the leading trend of the season. Romantic girls will like the decorations in the form of beautiful flowers. In 2016, accessories that adorn the neck will also be popular. Many women will appreciate such original products as necklaces made from large beads, pendants resembling an oval, and various chains. The bracelets are already in fashion not one season in a row. And this year the manufacturers presented to our court products made of wood, leather, stones, and also in the form of chains with different trinkets. Bright, fun and positive look pendants in the form of pepper, tomato, cucumber and other vegetables. Well, in the summer, perhaps, it's hard to see a girl who would not wear sunglasses. Giving your image a mystery and mystery, they can change beyond recognition. The shape of the glasses varies from round to rectangular, and the color of the frame is combined with the color of the glasses. Virtually all women love accessories, because they are able to change even the most unusual thing. You can not argue with the fact that fashion can make our existence vivid and interesting, so many of its adorers form extraordinary creative talents. So there are new designers who make this world more positive. The same role is played by both summer and fashion accessories spring 2016.