a gift for the husband from the bride Looking at the history, we see that Russian womennecessarily prepared a gift for her future husband by the day of the wedding. And they were preparing for this even before he appeared on his life path. Embroidered belt, shirt, towel or handkerchiefs, made by themselves with dark nights. Years have passed, and many have forgotten about this tradition or consider themselves beloved as the best gift. But the wedding should not be the end of romance in a relationship, because a gift to her husband for the wedding will be one of the symbols of love and a sign that he is dear and necessary.

The value of a wedding gift to her husband

One of the exciting, romantic and unforgettablemoments of life, which you remember for many years, is a wedding. So many worries in the preparation, traditions, superstitions, doubts, and to all this is added the question: what to give to her husband for the wedding? Preferences are the same as for couples. Some people like banal gifts, someone prefers exclusive, unordinary or a gift made for themselves by a loved one. Whatever it is, but if you put your soul and efforts, the gift will be remembered for the rest of your happy family life. Sometimes it is this little thing that can overcome the cooling feelings that are cooling in the rough everyday life of everyday life or overcome the quarrel because of misunderstanding, understatement. When choosing a gift, try to put in it feelings, such as the value of the husband and the significance of the event, which became the reason for just such a gift. First of all, decide on the direction: a practical, creative or romantic gift. In choosing a gift for a husband, one must start from his lifestyle and preferences in her. a gift on the nature of her husband

Gifts on the nature of her husband

For an active and athletic husband it is possible in advanceto buy roller skates or bicycles. The groom after overcoming all the whims of the witness, guests from the bride and relatives makes their way to the room where the bride is with an unexpected gift. As a result, a beautiful bride in a snow-white dress and a groom in a tuxedo on bicycles or roller skates rush along the street towards the registry office to create a new social unit. Romantic and athletic. A business man will appreciate expensive pen pens. This gift can be used to solemnly sign an agreement on marriage with a loved one. And the pens will automatically gain aura of luck. Creative husband flatter admiration for his personality - a book about the success of her husband. If he is an artist, photographer, poet, writer or journalist, then collect his personal favorite works in a general book and design it accordingly. The efforts will be appreciated, and when the guests are already in the family, the husband will not miss the opportunity to brag about the gift of his chosen and his talent. The best gift for a musical husband will be a song performed by the bride. And especially it will be touching if the song is performed under the mother-mother-in-law dance with the groom's son. If the idea with the mother-in-law is too much for you, it will also romantically perform the song during the first dance of the young. For the husband with a sense of humor, a picture with his image made to order on a photo in the form of a cartoon will do. To the husband-child give a car or helicopter on the control panel. Such a gift will bring a lot of joy and fun, but at the same time it will make interesting unusual wedding photos.

Practical gifts for men

Do not forget that men are great practitioners and prefer useful gifts, namely:

  • The coolest, powerful, smart and powerful gadget: laptop, console, phone;
  • The biggest dream of a fisherman / builder is an extraordinary super-functional fishing rod or a set of tools;
  • Tie, cufflinks or tie clip;
  • Bikini for car, motorcycle, etc. It can even be a detergent, only necessary with the functions of protection from dirt, water, dust or something else. Suitable and new speakers, a navigator, a radio tape recorder or a flashlight.

symbolic gift to her husband for the wedding

Wedding gift-symbols

In our time, gift-symbols have become fashionable. Almost every city has a bridge, hung with locks of love. It is very symbolic to give a husband a lock with a key from his heart. A few years will pass, and, passing by the carriage on this bridge, the couple will see the symbol of love, which will remind them of their wedding - and the heart will hammer faster. One of the old traditions is giving a gift to the husband, who is embroidered with the hands of the bride. Also the embroidered thing has a strong energy and is an amulet for your family. It can be even a knitted sweater, a picture-wax or doll-motanka. What a man does not expect a wedding night! A good gift will be the embodiment of his sexual fantasy. The suit of a maid, a schoolgirl or a sexual secretary will show her that you still have many surprises for him and life after the wedding does not end, but only opens on the other side. The husband will always strive to know his wife, and a woman can be so unpredictable, changeable and playful. Now the people are intensely interested in their pedigree. The entire Internet is full of all kinds of programs in compiling a "family tree". But there are people who have access to archives and can make an accurate pedigree. Such a gift will be interesting and impressive. In the future, you can decorate it with a proper look and insert it into the frame. Leave under a little space, and when the children appear, it will be nice to extend your pedigree. wedding gift-imprinting for her husband

Wedding gifts-impressions

  • Entertainment. A man will necessarily like active gifts, such as jumping from a parachute or from a bridge on a rope; riding horseback on the woods, mountains and fields; fishing in the high seas, diving, hunting, go-karting, paintball. For the less active, a banal trip to the cinema, a theater or a rented house in the forest (like a hike with a tent, only more civilized and for "lazy") is suitable;
  • Journey. An excellent gift will be the organization of a trip abroad or in the cities of our country. You can even just rent a private house on the seashore, not in the resorts, and forget about all the problems at work and city bustle;
  • Romantic dinner. Cooked favorite dishes with their own hands for a loved one (in case the wife is not able to cook, then ordered in a restaurant) and created a romantic atmosphere with aromatic oils;
  • Stag party. The played scene will bring unforgettable sensations. Tell your husband that a friend in the dacha has an emergency and he urgently needs help, the phone sat down, and the friend just had time to ask that they call him to the rescue. When he, agitated, will fly to the rescue, there he will be met by friends with a party in honor of his wedding;
  • Love story. The remaining tickets from the cinema, theater or night club visits, love notes, and maybe even letters (sms) - from all this you can put together a small book about the beginning of your love, alternating with photos and significant phrases. It will be a love story, in which the main characters will be your couple. Such a gift for the wedding, he will never forget, and on the anniversary he will also be relevant.
  • When choosing a gift, do not always concentrate onwhat your future spouse is doing. Men secretly dream of something that does not fundamentally coincide with his daily life. The best ideas for such gifts are presented below. Business husband. The manager of the bank, a strict man - his wife gave him a cartoon. The groom stands near his car at the entrance to the bank and meets his employee with a gun in his hands. The groom was delighted with such a gift, laughed for a long time and even brought him to the wedding to show his friends. Sensitive husband. An example of romance can serve this situation: the bride was pregnant and made a wedding bouquet of leaves of cabbage, in which sat a little angel. In the morning the witness, who was going to gather the groom for the wedding, delivered the bride's bouquet, and he impressed him so much that he even shed a few tears. A brave husband. His wife defeated the situation, called her future husband and very quickly, whispered how she was stolen and taken to a car outside the city. They drove into the village called Romashkovo and stopped near a tall green fence. I very much asked to quit and personally save her. In confusion, the husband flew like an angry man on the indicated route and, finding a similar fence in the village, broke in there. And there he was waiting for his friends, a bath and shish kebabs. After experiencing such an extreme situation, he laughed with his friends for a long time over his heroic salvation of his beloved. Love and imagination are the best advisers when choosing a gift for a husband for a wedding. Not money makes a gift special and desirable, but tenderness, awe, care and love with which it was chosen.