tin wedding Tin wedding - so called in Europeancountries 10 years of married life. In Russia and Germany this anniversary is also called a pink wedding. Both names are very symbolic. Tin is a strong metal, but at the same time capable of taking the right shape, as well as a long 10-year-old family life: strong relationships do not develop in one year. So the spouses become compliant and flexible in relations with each other, steadfastly withstanding all family storms. Their way is not strewn with roses, but they give these flowers with joy to their half, lining the family path and the marital bed with pink petals. All gifts for a tin wedding should be beautiful and harmonious, as the relationship of the couple. tin box for the wife

What a husband can give to his wife, and his wife to her husband

Usually this wedding is celebrated solemnly infriendly and family circle. Since the wedding has two names, it is not so difficult to choose a gift - the choice is great. Rose is a symbol of this date. There is a beautiful tradition whereby the husband gives his wife a bouquet of 11 roses: 10 flowers of which are red, a symbol of strong and long love, and one is necessarily white. Red and white roses together in one bouquet is a sign of unity. An excellent gift for a companion of life from her husband will be an elegant decoration. It can be jewelry made of tin or jewelry made of precious metal with stones of red or pink color: jade, quartz, coral, pomegranate, tourmaline, topaz. Coral beads - an elegant gift, which will be able to emphasize the beauty and sophistication of your wife. A nice gift from her husband can be a set of underwear pink, scarlet or red. And in the tone set - openwork negligee. A wonderful gift will be an elegant dress of the above colors. Purse or purse made of red leather. And, of course, the best gift for such an anniversary will be a red car! If the spouses are not married, the husband can buy tin wedding rings and make a proposal to the wife about the wedding in the church. If the husband is not deprived of a sense of humor, the wife can give him tin soldiers and a book about the hero of the same name Hans Christian Andersen. For business and pedantic husbands, a perfect gift will be cufflinks made of tin. In addition to gifts from tin, any gift of scarlet, pink or red color is suitable. It can be: a pink shirt, leather-rich brown-and-burgundy leather, red seat covers in a car, etc. a symbolic gift from friends

Gifts from relatives and other guests

Parents always try to make gifts for childrenuseful and with observance of traditions. They can give pewter utensils. For example, an excellent choice will be a set of tin cutlery - no good will refuse from spoons and forks of good quality. A carpet or tapestry of red and pink tones is a useful and original gift. Silk bed linen burgundy or bright red color - always a suitable present, which will never be superfluous. For not too superstitious, a good gift will be a wall or table clock with an ornament or roses suitable for the holiday date of tones. You can make engraving on them. Children can give their parents, for example, tin glasses. What can become a gift for a tin wedding from other guests? You can make handmade gifts with your own hands or order from a performer. A unique handmade gift can become an amulet and a symbol of family happiness. Here are some ideas for original gifts from guests for a tin wedding:

  • Family portrait
  • Twin caricature
  • Dolls-cartoon "Newlyweds"
  • Ceramic bouquet of roses in the basket (for example, "Pink tenderness")
  • Wedding photocrystal
  • Vase "Roses"
  • Linen tablecloth with lace "White roses"
  • Set of 2 tin piles
  • Spoon of the year from tin
  • Fairy of flowers made of tin
  • A bottle of expensive red wine
  • Table in bed for breakfast "With Love"
  • Tin candlesticks
  • Set of beer mugs souvenir with elements of tin
  • Original painting
  • Pitcher for water tin or with elements of tin author's work
  • Tin-shaped elephant-casket
  • Of course, the choice of a gift directly depends on yourbudget, as well as from the budget of the family of heroes. If the jubilees live rather modestly, a useful gift can be, for example, home appliances: a food processor, a multivark, etc. These items can also be picked up in red or pink. If you still find it difficult to choose a gift, but the jubilees are your close friends, you can donate money in a beautiful postcard-envelope with the best wishes or a gift certificate of a store. It is also possible to present a major gift to the hero of the day, having thrown off a large company, having previously found out what they need.