1 The creation of a family in highly developed countries is oftenis postponed until a certain age and status is achieved in society. Corporate ethics so creeps into our minds that in the plans of every second young careerist the point of "giving birth to a child" is given to years to thirty. Contrary to all prejudices there are also young mothers, who themselves are still children. Last year, the youngest mother in Bulgaria was recognized as Kordesa Zhelyazkova, a gypsy by birth. At the age of 11, she met her future 19-year-old husband, who heroically saved young Kordesu from hooligans. The sympathy of the young couple quickly developed into intimacy, and already from their own wedding Zhelyazkov was taken by an ambulance. The baby was called Violetta and the next day continued the celebration. No matter how accusing modern society of violating many rules of decency and morality, but cases of pedophilia were known even in the most stringent times. It was as a result of rape that the youngest mother in the world gave birth to her first child in 1939. A woman from Peru, Lina Medina, first got into a local hospital with a diagnosis of a swelling of the abdominal cavity, however, during a more detailed examination, it turned out that the baby is 7 months pregnant. Lina, at the time, was only 5 years old. The child grew up a healthy boy, not suspecting that his older sister was his mother. Unfortunately, at the age of 40 he died from a sudden illness. But Lina has another child born in a legitimate marriage. Until now, this case is considered the most unusual in medical practice. Latin America is rich in miracles, and therefore in neighboring Brazil, about 2 years ago, an Indian girl became a mother. Despite the fact that 9-year-old mother suffered from pneumonia, malaria and anemia, which apparently provoked premature birth, her daughter was quite healthy. As in the previous case, it was not possible to find out who the father of the child was. Several years ago, Russia also had a place for early childbirth. In her 13th Nastia managed to marry a guy who is 7 years older than her and give him 2 sons. Children are distinguished by strong health, and therefore they provide jobs in rural areas. A young mother negatively responds about school education and does not want to send her children to school in the near future. After all, in life the main thing is health and children, and everything else will be. Therefore, the young family, despite the persuasions of doctors, is already thinking about the daughter. Scotland stood out among the rest of the world. Here an 11-year-old girl, smart beyond her years, became pregnant in a state of deep intoxication from her high school friend. One would think that the innocent little child was drunk and seduced, if we do not take into account the fact that the young lady abused cigarettes and whiskey at the age of 9, and also grew houses on the cannabis window. I guess I was going to make a herbarium. The schoolgirl, who wished not to advertise her name and surname, is proud of her deed and believes that the earlier sexual experience - the wiser the person. Although among the young mothers there are also irresponsible "detachments" and caring guardians of the home, it is still necessary to remember that the birth of a child is the most precious gift that we receive for our lives. Text: Marina Lineva