the child under the eyes has bruises Parents have worries and worries for anxiety -even the most healthy children periodically fuss, get sick. But are there any reasons for concern? For example, a child under the eyes has bruises. The complaint is very common - pediatricians face it almost every day. Almost all parents start to panic - why are the bruises under the eyes of the child? And right those parents who in time noticed these bruises and turned to the doctor - they often testify about the health problems of children, at times very serious. And if you do not understand why this is happening, there can be serious problems. And this is not surprising, because children's skin is a very reliable indicator of the general condition of the body. The skin of children reacts very sensitively to the slightest change in the internal environment of the child's body. Attentive parents will immediately notice the alarming signal that something is wrong with their child. And the brightest sign of trouble is blue skin under the eyes. In most cases, blue appears due to thinning of the skin in this area, as a result of which the blood vessels begin to appear through the eyes. Less often, but sometimes there are bruises under the eyes, which appeared as a result of hemorrhage. The first thing to do is to determine the causes of bruising. Of course, parents can not find these reasons on their own - it is necessary to seek help from a pediatrician. However, all parents should know the main causes that can cause the appearance of bruises under the eyes of children. This is what we will tell you about.

Genetic factor

Mom's eyes, father's nose ... Genetics - terribleforce. As they say, you can not erase genes with an eraser. However, unfortunately, the child receives from parents not only external data, but also predispositions of the body - including the tendency to the appearance of bruises under the eyes. If the parents have thin skin and closely located vessels, then the children can have the same picture. This case does not require any treatment, since it is not evidence of the presence of any disease. However, the child must systematically receive courses of restorative therapy, vitamin therapy, observe the correct regime of the day, eat right. However, like any other child.

Increased fatigue of the child

In the event that bruises under the eyes appearedchildren of school age, parents can assume that the child is very much overworked in school. And it's not surprising - the modern school curriculum is strikingly different from the one we studied. And able to tire and dislodge even the most diligent and hardworking children. Not only that, the child is very tired at school, and at home time for a full rest remains very, very little - the number of homework can impress even an undergraduate student, not that of a miserable schoolboy. In addition, even if the child has a little free time, he often spends it not for walks and sports. And watching TV and computer games. As you understand, this rhythm and way of life is a serious test for a fragile, fragile baby organism. And, first of all, such a way of life will not affect the skin state of the child - it becomes dry, thins, blood vessels begin to shine through. Before all, it becomes visible just under the eyes - there are dark circles. And the first thing to do is to organize the child's day regimen correctly. Of course, it is impossible to free children from school. But at least his regime of the day and the rest of the child to parents can be normalized. Strictly follow the performance of homework - after the child does the lessons, take care of his walk. In addition, in any case, we must not forget about sports - even if the usual charging should be an integral part of the child's life. On weekends, try to walk with your child for walks, and ideally take him somewhere beyond the city - to the river, to the forest. Play with the child in various outdoor games - surely with you he will do it with great pleasure. Such games improve blood circulation, actively saturate all tissues with oxygen, nourish them. Not soon enough, bruises under the eyes will disappear, but the general condition of the body will improve many times. bruises under the eyes of a child

Inadequate nutrition

Unfortunately, in our time it is very difficult to finda child who feeds absolutely right. And it's no wonder - harmful products are found at every step: chewing gum, chips, fizzy drinks. And often parents can not control this issue - even in a school canteen, such "delicacies" are sold in large quantities. Yes, and parents themselves often go on about the child, buying him the same chips, lemonades. And on account of their laziness moms are very often - for example, prepare semi-finished foods instead of full-value food. Yes, and fruits and vegetables on our tables do not appear so often, unfortunately. And if they do appear, it is not at all in the form in which they are capable of benefiting. In order for the vegetables to go for the benefit of the children's body, they must be fresh and not processed thermally. Unfortunately, vegetables very quickly lose their useful properties - even vegetable salads in about 20 minutes begin to lose vitamins. By the way, this is why it is necessary to prepare a salad immediately before serving it. Very often children flatly refuse to eat such useful, but quite tasteless in their opinion vegetables. But also from this situation there is an output - prepare food together with the child, try to interest it. And the most common vegetables can be cooked a very interesting dish. For example, from the circle of zucchini you will have the head of a man, of peas - eyes, of sweet pepper - a nose and mouth, and a carrots - hair. Surely a child with great pleasure will eat a similar culinary masterpiece. And in the autumn-spring period it is recommended to give the child a course of multivitamin preparations. It is not necessary to buy in the pharmacy the first vitamins, even if widely advertised. It is much more reasonable to seek help from a pediatrician who will choose a drug in accordance with the individual characteristics of your child's body.

Violation of the daily routine

In order for the body to functionfully, you need enough sleep. If, for some reason, the child does not sleep much, the compensatory mechanisms of the body will begin to dwindle rapidly. And the very first sign of overwork will be the appearance of bruises under the eyes. And that these bruises are gone, it is necessary to normalize the child's sleep. A child under 10 must sleep at least 9 hours a day. Therefore, be sure to monitor the duration of sleep - if necessary, put the baby to sleep and during the day. Pay attention - not only the duration of sleep, but also its quality is very important. In order for the child's sleep to be calm, in no case should you allow any active games before bed. Yes, and a computer with a TV before bedtime should be deleted.

Iron-deficiency anemia

Such a problem as iron deficiency anemia,It is familiar to many parents. And, first of all, the lack of iron radically affects the condition of the baby's skin. In particular, the most notorious bruises under the eyes arise. And there are these bruises even before the blood test changes very much. That is why it is necessary to conduct a general blood test immediately after the appearance of bruises under the eyes of the child. This is especially true for babies - for young children anemia is a particular danger. But even if the blood test does not reveal a decrease in hemoglobin, parents still need to be careful for some time - perhaps anemia does occur. It often happens that for some time after the onset of the disease the child's organism independently compensates the lack of iron from its reserves. And for a while, blood tests will not reflect the pathology. However, this will not last long - a maximum of several months. Therefore, immediately after the appearance of bruises under the eyes of parents should adjust the menu of the child. Include in it products containing a large amount of iron - liver, buckwheat, pomegranate juice, apples. And a month later, it is absolutely necessary to repeat the general blood test. There will be no harm from such measures to the body of the child even if there is no iron deficiency anemia. Well, if the cause of bruising under the eyes is still anemia, timely measures taken will help to avoid the development of complications. the child has bruises under his eyes


In some cases, the cause ofbruises under the eyes of the child becomes the presence in the body of helminths. Or, simply, worms. The presence of worms has a very negative impact on the health of the child - the baby has to share his food with those parasites that live in his intestines. And then a small amount of vitamins and nutrients that remain child, absorbed very very badly. In addition, the toxins, which are released as a result of the vital activity of the worms, are detrimental to the child's organism. In this case, in addition to bruising under the eyes, the child often complains of pain in the navel. In order to accurately diagnose the disease, the doctor will prescribe a smear for enterobiasis and feces analysis for the eggs of the worms. If necessary, the doctor will give the child appropriate treatment. As a rule, it consists in the two-time acceptance of a medication - at the beginning of treatment and on the tenth - the fourteenth day. And pay special attention - treatment for worms should be carried out to all family members. Also, do not forget about pets - contact your veterinarian. Otherwise, it is unlikely that the desired effect will be achieved.


In some cases, bruises under the eyes of the childarise as a result of physical impact - either as a result of a stroke, or as a consequence of fracture of the bones of the nose. In this case bruises are most often bilateral, but can be only on one side. In this case, the cause of blue skin under the eyes is a hemorrhage under the skin. In order to eliminate bruises caused by physical impact, parents should, in the very first minutes after the injury, attach ice to the affected area. Any suitable tool - a bundle of ravioli, ice cream - will do. Yes, you never know what there is in the freezer? After this, it is worthwhile to see a trauma doctor. He will examine the child to make sure that the child has not been seriously injured. After that, will appoint any ointment, which will accelerate the resorption of the hematoma. Independently, no drugs should not be selected, because not all drugs are suitable for the treatment of children. As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why children can have bruises under their eyes. Therefore, do not rely on "at random" - do not be lazy and seek help from a pediatrician. You do not want to risk the most expensive - the health of your child? And ignoring the bruises under the eyes can result in very serious complications. So be careful! We advise you to read: