how to put a child without breast While the young mother continues to breastfeedfeeding, problems with falling asleep of the child, as a rule, never arise. Sleeping baby, sucking chest - what can be more beautiful and natural? However, the closer the moment of weaning, the more often Mom thinks about how to put the baby without breast. And the fact that most mothers think about this in advance is absolutely correct. After all, if the mother knows exactly how to put the baby to bed without breast, she can prepare in advance. After all, if you excommunicate the baby from the breast abruptly, without accustoming him to fall asleep without a breast in advance, shouts and whims can not be avoided. After all, the kid has fallen asleep all his life with the chest and this is for him - the only known option. If a child is deprived of this opportunity, crying will be a natural reaction to a stressful situation. Teaching a child to fall asleep on its own and sleep peacefully all night must be consistent and systematic. Only by showing a certain persistence, you can achieve the desired result. Below are all the steps that Mom needs to do if she wants to softly and gradually wean the baby to sleep without breast.

Does your baby sleep only with the breast?

The fact that a child falls asleep only with a breast,far from being the biggest problem that nursing mothers face. Much more inconvenience is caused by the fact that the child sucks all night long. This deprives the mother of a proper rest and greatly exhausts her. As a result, a woman becomes nervous and irritable. A small children like a litmus paper - they are very sensitive to the emotional state of close people, and mom especially. Sensing a mother's unstable psycho-emotional state, the child also begins to be capricious even more and is much more often applied to the chest. In this situation, my mother's breast is not a source of food, but the only so far available crochet for self-satisfaction. As a result, my mother does not get enough sleep even more. In order to adjust the situation, it is necessary to break this "vicious circle". If the child practically all night sucks a breast, it is necessary to search urgently for the reason of it. There is a widespread misconception - if the baby often asks for food, then the mother does not have enough milk. If there is a conversation about very young children, who do not get additional nutrition, Mom needs to stop using diapers for one day and count how many wet diapers turned out for a day. If you count 12 or more diapers, you do not have to worry, your baby gets enough milk. If the child is older and gets extra food, the lack of milk does not exactly threaten him, since in the daytime the baby gets enough food. If the baby is not hungry, then why does the child often ask for breast at night? If the baby is very small, for him the act of sucking is not only the satisfaction of the need for food. He also serves for the constant emotional and physical contact of the crumbs and mother. While the baby is very small, you will have to accept the fact that the child so often asks for a breast at night. Some mothers prefer to milk the baby with a mixture so that he sleeps more firmly. But in most cases this does not bring any effect, other than harm. The technique of breast sucking and bottles is completely different, it's easier to eat from a bottle, as a result of which the baby can refuse breastfeeding. But the need for satisfying the sucking reflex still remains, and the baby begins to suck a finger or a pacifier. As a result, the mother has: a loss of breastfeeding and a weakening of the psychophysical connection with the baby. If a one-year-old baby sleeps only with mother's breast, it is caused by slightly different reasons. If the relation to the breast of a newborn child is conditioned only by innate instincts and reflexes, then the child, aged and older, has a more conscious attitude. Since the baby already has another food, for him, the breasts cease to be primarily food. The presence of the breast allows the baby to feel psychological comfort, a sense of security, the certainty that the mother is always there. That is why, in the event that a child sleeps only with the breast, it can talk about such problems as lack of mother's attention or stressful situations. Mums need to remember that the stress of the baby can be caused quite harmless, in the adult's view, by things. A trip to visit, to the sea or even just a trip to a large supermarket, the appearance of a new person in the house, moving to a new place of residence, a simple change in the regime of the day - all this can become strong stress factors. And the kid at night instinctively seeks protection and support from his mother, applying to his chest. The same happens if the baby becomes a witness of adult conflicts. Do not think that the child is too young and does not understand anything. Even if adults do not go on shouting, the kid very subtly catches all shades of intonation. And this, too, will result in negative consequences for his psyche. If, for some reason, the toddler gets less than Mom's attention, for example, mother is forced to go to work, it is necessary to compensate for this shortcoming in all possible ways. Try to spend all your free time with the baby, and preferably in private, so that your attention is not distracted. In addition, do not forget about such an important aspect as physical contact, which is simply vital for the crumb for full-fledged emotional development. Do not be afraid once again to take the child in his arms or kiss him, spoil the touch of the baby is impossible. But it is easy to inflict a heavy psychological trauma. If a toddler experiences any physical ailment, for example, his teeth are chapped, or his ear hurts, he will also seek comfort and relief from the chest. Mom should make every effort to alleviate the physical condition of the baby, and also show patience and endurance, allowing you to suck your breasts as often as you want a sick child. As a rule, the problem disappears by itself after the child's recovery, if only the disease was the sole cause of this behavior.

What if the child falls asleep only with the chest?

a child often asks for a breast at night As we already found out earlier, falling asleep with the breast up tothe achievement of a one-year-old age is an absolutely normal and natural phenomenon. Therefore, below are tips for those who have an older child fall asleep only with the chest in the evening. Remember that choosing the method that is suitable for your baby, it is necessary to take into account its individual characteristics and specific situation. Below are some old ways of how to put a baby without a breast, which our grandmothers used, but which are categorically rejected and condemned by modern child psychologists and pediatricians.

  • In the evening, when it's time to go to bed,the mother should just put the baby in the crib and leave the room. Of course, the child will begin to cry, but it is strictly forbidden to return to the room. After 20-30 minutes, after screaming, the child falls asleep. As a rule, in a week - another child begins to fall asleep independently and without any whims.
  • However, psychologists believe that in this situationvery high risk of developing nervous breakdowns in both mom and baby. Few mother will be able to calmly do her own business, not paying any attention to the screams of her baby, frightened and offended by a strange situation for him. Well, about the child and do not have to say. One such attempt to put the crumb to sleep alone can create a serious problem for years to come. The first thing that frightens a kid in this situation is that his mother left him. As a result, you can get a crumb, which will not let you out of sight for a second, up to joint visits to the toilet. Moreover, you can also forget about single raids even to the nearest store: as a rule, a child frightened in this way flatly refuses to stay with the pope or grandmother. Then follow the problems with excommunication from the chest - these kids carry it in a much heavier form than the rest of the kids. In the event that the child goes to the kindergarten, there you can also face the problem of adaptation, because your child, who has long forgotten that ill-fated evening, is deeply at the subconscious level afraid that you will leave him again.

  • The second way, strictly speaking, isrepetition of the first, but in a softer version. The child should be put in a crib, but you can stay in the room, just do not take it in your arms and do not respond to his cry.
  • This method also will not bring anything good, except for a frustrated and resentful baby and a nervous mother.

  • Putting the baby, give him a bottle instead of breast with milk or a children's mixture. As a rule, while the bottle is sucking, the baby falls asleep. And if he woke up at night, again offer him a bottle.
  • This method is also far from ideal and canApply only to those mothers whose children are already familiar with the bottle. In the same case, if the crumb does not know what it is, it is unwise to accustom him at that age to a bottle. Agree, why do you need extra problems with the weaning from the bottle? It is much better to offer the baby some milk or kefir from the drinker.

  • Some mothers advise to use instead of a bottle an ordinary pacifier.
  • And this again is an erroneous vision of the solution to the problem. Do not forget about the fact that a one-year-old child needs to satisfy the sucking reflex is much lower than in the need for emotional and physical contact.

The following describes the advice of child psychologists about howto lull a child without breast and with minimal manifestations of whims. The most effective result will be if you begin to teach the crumb to fall asleep without breast for some time before the supposed weaning. This method is ideal for those mothers who do not have the opportunity or desire to trust the placement of the child to a father, grandmother or nanny. Absolutely all mum can make itself, without resorting to outside help. The most ideal age of children for such a method of retirement is from one to two years. After all, it is at this age that emotional contact with mom plays a big role. In addition, this method will help make the further process of weaning from the breast as painless as possible for the baby. What is the main purpose of this method? To accustom the crumb, who fell asleep only with the chest in his mouth, to calm down and fall asleep on another. This method is suitable for day and night sleep, as well as for those cases when the baby wakes up at night. Once again, note that this method is designed for the baby to learn to fall asleep without applying to the chest, and not independently. Your help will be absolutely necessary to the kid. The very first thing you need to do is pick the most suitable for your crumbs way to relax and calm down. For some babies this way can be a gentle massage, for others - stroking the back, for the third - reading books together with my mother. With some babies, it's enough just to talk in a soothing style. Every mom knows that it works most effectively on her baby. Remember that you teach the child to fall asleep without breastfeeding. Do not forbid him to put on his chest before going to sleep. It is advisable to feed him not on the bed. After feeding, put the baby in your crib, and sit by yourself and calm the baby in the way that suits them best. As a rule, the baby will want to kiss the breast exactly. The first days you can afford it, but at the same time stop the massage, reading or telling a fairy tale. It is by no means possible that these two actions occur at the same time. After the baby has eaten, you can resume the interrupted occupation. At the first stage of training, the main mother's task is that the baby realizes that the breast in the mouth and the interesting pastime with the mother are things that are mutually exclusive. Of course, the first few days are unlikely that a child falls asleep without a breast in the mouth, but this is not the goal at this stage. Now the most important thing is that reading or talking with the baby firmly enter his consciousness, associating with falling asleep. That's why not every day to invent various entertainment. After it becomes a kind of ritual before going to bed, you can try when trying to kid ask the breach to distract him. If it does not work out, do not worry - try the next evening. Patience and endurance should become your main helpers. As a rule, after a week, almost all babies periodically begin to fall asleep without breast sucking. However, be prepared for the fact that the next day the baby again asks for a breast. Do not be discouraged, because the most important thing for you is mild disaccussion. Every day the baby will fall asleep more and more often. After the child learns to fall asleep without breastfeeding, it's time to "forget" to give the chest before going to sleep. Simply start reading the baby right away, trying to distract his desire. Most often this period passes very quickly and almost unnoticeably. After the baby during the week will fall asleep without breastfeeding before going to bed, you can smoothly reduce the number of night attachments to the chest. To begin with, limit the time of breast sucking. If the baby protests, try to distract him, for example, after singing a lullaby for him. Also, do not forget to make sure that the baby is not hungry before going to bed, because a crying hungry crumb is unlikely to pay attention to all your tricks. Further, when the baby wakes up and habitually asks for a breast, gently distract his attention, then try to put him to sleep in his usual way. Of course, this will not work out the first or second time. But here it is also necessary to show patience and endurance and, of course, a little perseverance. If the child strongly insists and is capricious, try to offer him some milk, yogurt, juice - depending on his taste preferences. Remember that you should not use a bottle for this purpose, use a drinker or a mug. The most important thing is not to rush things. If a crumb desperately resists and very insistently requires a breast, give it to him. After a while, renew your efforts. On average, this method takes 2 -3 weeks. As a rule, after the baby gets used to falling asleep without breast and refuses night feeding, weaning is much easier. Moreover, if the child still slept with you, this is a good chance to accustom him to sleep in his crib, as at night the child wakes up much less often. Many mothers also note the fact that after such a weaning from night feeding their children soon completely refused breastfeeding on their own. Of course, the advice given in this material is of a general nature and can not be applied to all children without exception. But we hope that this information will help my mother avoid unnecessary problems and strengthen her emotional connection with her baby. And most importantly, all the time, remember that the period of childhood is so short. It will be quite a while and your today's baby will become an adult. Maybe, then, with a smile, do you remember all these problems? We advise you to read: