elbow scratches Do elbows elbow? This is indeed a very unpleasant phenomenon. In addition to the fact that the peeling elbows do not look very aesthetically pleasing, they give a lot of unpleasant sensations to a person, they often also indicate that certain violations occur in the body. That's why a person in no case should ignore the peeling elbows. What to do in this case? The first thing that is still necessary is to seek medical advice from a dermatologist. He will be able to find out the causes of the problem professionally, prescribe the appropriate treatment, and if necessary, and send to a consultation with another specialist. The most common cause of skin peeling is the following:

  • Psoriasis

Psoriasis can lead to the defeat of the entire areaskin, including the skin of the elbows, as a result of which they begin to peel off. For a dermatologist, in this case, it is not difficult to diagnose the disease, since it is manifested by a number of other typical psoriasis symptoms. Treatment in this case is quite long and specific. To the great regret, for today medicine can not completely cope with psoriasis. The maximum that can be achieved is to reduce the manifestations of the disease to a possible minimum. Treatment of this disease deals with a dermatologist.

  • Disruption of the endocrine system

Disruption of the endocrine system in allcases leads to a destabilization of the hormonal background. And as a result of hormonal disorders, problems with skin integument are a very common phenomenon, including flaking elbows. Therefore, a dermatologist, without finding problems on his part, can send a sick person to a consultation with a doctor - an endocrinologist. A doctor - an endocrinologist will examine a sick person, prescribe a blood test to determine the level of content of certain hormones. If necessary, a patient will be assigned a course of treatment.

  • Lack of vitamins

In the event that in the human body is notenough vitamins E and A, the skin on the elbows can begin not only to peel, but even quite a crack. To eliminate the problem in this case, you must immediately start taking multivitamin complexes that include vitamins A and D. Doctors recommend not to spend money on super-expensive vitamins - very ordinary Aevit and Undevit are very effective. In addition, remember that you can get rid of the lack of vitamins quickly enough, simply by simply adjusting your diet. Include in your daily menu onions, parsley, dill and other greens, vegetable and butter. the skin on an elbow is flaky

Proper care for arm elbows

However, sometimes elbows can peel and without any -any violations on the part of the body, simply as a result of improper care for them. But aftercare for elbows does not require a lot of time, or especially large material costs. It is enough to pay very little attention to this procedure, and you no longer have to hide your elbows under long sleeves.

  • Cleansing the skin of the elbows

If the skin flakes on the elbows, the first thing thatIt is necessary to do this - carefully clean the elbows, removing the dead skin particles from their surface. For this, the following method is very effective: before going to the bathroom, in about 10 minutes, carefully rub them with either half a potato or a slice of lemon. And while taking a shower with a hard washcloth, carefully rub your elbows.

  • Elbow skin softening

After taking a bath or shower, during which timethe skin of the elbows was cleaned, it was necessary to soften it. After water treatments, the skin is most susceptible to the effects of emollients. And you can use not only special moisturizers, but also various improvers: any vegetable oil - olive, mustard, sunflower, or animal fats. The selected product should be applied to the skin in the area of ​​elbows with a thick layer, put a bandage on a soft cloth, cover with polyethylene film and fix it with a bandage. Such a compress should be left overnight.

  • Soda baths

If the skin on the elbow is scraped, well helphot soda baths. To do this, dissolve in one liter of water five tablespoons with a slide of baking soda. Water should be as hot as your skin will withstand. Place elbows in a container with water for about 30 minutes, pouring water as it cools. After that, you also need to use a scrub.

Changing the color of elbows

However, the problem may be not only thatthe elbows are flaccid. Sometimes the skin on the elbows simply change their color, acquiring a darker shade. On the one hand, no special inconvenience to a person does not deliver. However, the dark skin of elbows often looks sloppy. But it's not so difficult to whiten it. First, you can use specially designed whitening cosmetics specially for this purpose. And you can use the improvised means: rub the morning and evening skin in the area of ​​elbows or lemon juice, or half an apple or cucumber. As a rule, in just a few weeks your elbows will acquire a pristine color. We advise you to read: