woman's happiness flower Do you believe in omens? Most likely "yes", even if you consider it a mere coincidence. So there is a sign that a simple houseplant spathiphyllum can bring happiness and love to the house. Moreover, this magic flower is able to make women happy by giving them real female happiness - being loved. True or not, it is not known for certain. But we know that it is this popular name firmly entrenched in the "fateful" flower. It is believed that female happiness - a flower special: a miraculous power has only in the flowering period. But - what strength! To single women he helps to meet his second half, married - to achieve complete harmony in marriage, childless - to become a mother. But, as you know, it's just that nothing happens. And even to wake up the magic energy of the plant, it must be made to blossom. More precisely, not to force, but to provide the flower with such conditions, in which it necessarily blossoms. And in order to flower the bliss of women blossomed and justified its name, it needs to be well and properly tended, providing the most favorable conditions for this. It is believed that the strongest "happy" energy has spathiphyllum, received as a gift. But can not you make such a gift for yourself? So if you already have this flower or you are just going to buy it, it will not be superfluous to get acquainted with the plant closer: where does it come from and how to care for it?

Botanical portrait

In general, "spathiphyllum" is the name of a whole familyperennial evergreens, which belong to the family of aroids. And only some representatives of this genus have become popular indoor plants. To its botanical name "Spathiphyllum" the plant is obliged to form a flower, which is not a real flower. What we call a flower is actually an inflorescence. And this is the inflorescence of a white veil and cob with small flowers. Due to the fact that the veil in shape is very similar to the leaf, the flower also received the name: the spota is translated from Latin as a "veil", and the phylum - as a "leaf". In addition to the unusual flower, spathiphyllum has another remarkable feature. This plant without a stem! Both the leaves and the peduncle of the spathiphyllum grow right from the root. So spathiphyllum in a flowerpot is a ready bouquet with delicate white and slightly greenish flowers and juicy relief leaves. The plant is a native of tropical America. In the wild, it grows along rivers and streams, on moist and swampy soils. Such natural (warm and humid) habitat conditions spathiphyllum largely determine the conditions of its home maintenance. flower female happiness

Care and maintenance

In general, care for this magical flowerrather simple. It is enough to create favorable conditions for it, and it will necessarily grow and blossom well. But what should be these comfortable conditions, let's find out. Spathiphyllum is a resident of the tropics, so for a comfortable existence he needs warmth and high humidity. The most suitable temperature for this plant is the average room temperature (from eighteen to twenty-five degrees). This temperature is very easy to maintain. The only thing you need to do is to protect the flower from drafts and keep the room temperature at least fifteen degrees (in the cold season). To create a moist microclimate around the plant, it needs to be sprayed: the more often, the better. In hot weather - two to three times a day, in winter - once. You can also wipe beautiful large leaves of this flower with a damp cloth. True water for these purposes must be taken soft and permanent, so as not to spoil the decorative appearance of the leaves with untidy divorces. But most importantly, of course, flowers. Achieve a lush and long flowering can only proper care, which, in addition to the wet and warm microclimate also includes a competent irrigation. Like any tropical plant spathiphyllum requires abundant watering and does not tolerate the drying of the soil in the pot. With a lack of moisture, the leaves of your "woman's happiness" will first begin to droop, and then turn yellow and fall off. But it is also necessary to avoid the other extreme, about which the leaves are signaled by blackening. If suddenly this happens, it means that there is an excess of moisture in the soil, and this can lead to decay and death of the flower. So stick to the golden mean - make sure that the soil in the pot of the plant does not dry up to the end, but it was not wet. To your flower grows well and blossoms, it needs also the correct lighting. Direct sunlight is harmful to him: he can burn the leaves and slow the growth of the flower. However, flowering spathiphyllum needs enough light, and in winter, and "lighting". Therefore, choose for him a well-lit place, but shade from direct sun.

Transplant and Reproduction

As the growth of the flower "women's happiness"It needs to be transplanted into more spacious dishes. The truth is, in a too wide pot, spathiphyllum will bloom poorly (or not at all). Therefore, for a transplant, choose a pot, whose diameter will be only three to four centimeters greater than the diameter of the flower's root. Transplant spathiphyllum should be in spring in a special soil mixture: two parts of turf ground and one part peat, humus and sand. To propagate this house plant is best by dividing the bush during the transplant. By the way, if your "promising" green pet grows and blossoms well, this is a good sign. Means justifies all the signs and hopes of the flower spathiphyllum: the woman's happiness has not bypassed you. And if so, share the flower-mascot with others. Give and they have the opportunity to believe in the magical energy of this house plant. We advise you to read: