garden and garden with their own hands Gone are the happy times when in the front gardenin the garden area grew a floral assortment and a couple of lilac bushes, and the rest of the site was planted with stunted bushes of tomatoes, dull cucumbers and potatoes. Today amateur gardeners are trying to decorate their dacha site according to the European standard, combining in it a decorative garden with landscape gardening. But the landscape design of the garden and the garden with their own hands on six hundred square meters requires certain knowledge. We will try to understand the advice of specialists on this issue, as well as suggest some ideas for decorating the garden. After all, the decoration of your garden-garden can be not only a variety of decorative shrubs, trees, vines and flower beds. Ideas for decorating the garden are much wider! To decorate it, you can make your own crafts of interesting crafts, from sculptures to fences. You can organize a mini-pond or a dry stream, or you can build a sham well. So, let's start translating ideas ...

Site planning

If you decide in a new way and taking into account modernrequirements to rebuild their summer cottage and develop its design, experts advise to begin to prepare a master plan. It should display the boundaries of the site indicating the sides of the world, the location of country buildings, the entrance and green areas, and mark the tracks on it. When developing a design project for a garden plot, one should adhere to the basic rules, which take into account considerable knowledge and experience.

  • Near the main facade should not be plantedtall trees, because after 5-7 years, growing up, they will block the access of light to your dwelling. The simplest and best option is to break a large flowerbed in this place. Plants should be chosen in such a way as to ensure continuous flowering.
  • Planning the location of the fruit garden, it is worthplace it on the side of the house or behind it, away from the dusty road and car parking. It is desirable that the garden is well lit and protected from the wind. Avoid the location of the garden in the northern part of the plot or in the shadow of a residential house. Shrub and trees should not be planted closer than 1.5-2 meters from the house.
  • For the suburban area of ​​planting it is recommended perimeter area with thick bushes, which will not only become a green frame suburban area, but also to protect the owners from prying eyes.
  • High flower beds should be arranged near the fence,where the rock garden will also look good. In this case, it should be borne in mind that ground cover plants, succulents and mosses need good lighting, so it can only be located on the sunny side.
  • At the patio, garden paths, pavilions and along the edges of lawns, it is necessary to arrange flower beds and flower borders.
  • For garden needs to allocate an open sunnyplot. But from the prying eyes it is advisable to hide the garden. In general, the design of modern landscape design not only allows, but also welcomes the neighborhood of fruit and garden crops with ornamental plants.

So, the design of your garden-garden shouldstart with site planning. And after that you can go directly to garden fruit and garden plants, and also use ready-made sculptures or hand-made articles for decoration. crafts for the garden and the garden with their own hands

Decoration of the garden

Now you can talk about how to equip the gardenand a vegetable garden in a small suburban area. Preference here should be given only to those elements, which can not be dispensed with. Parking for a car, for example, can generally be arranged outside the site, thereby freeing up space for the recreation area. Ideas for the design of the site is not so little, but when they are implemented, it is necessary to take into account the laws of style on which any landscape design is based. In a small space, the garden is better equipped in a landscape style. Shrub groups, arched along the arc retaining wall, round lawn and winding paths visually expand the size of the garden. There should not be too many large shrubs and trees on a small plot of land. Of the fruit trees, dwarf and semi-dwarf varieties are best. A place for a lawn or flower garden can be released by planting trees and shrubs in checkerboard pattern. Landscape designers believe that if in the foreground to plant plants of light colors, and in the background to concentrate dark and cold shades, then visually it is possible to push the boundaries of the garden plot. Attitude to the fruit garden has recently undergone significant changes. Laying a garden, take into account not only its functionality, but also the future design. Today, many new decorative crops have appeared, but fruit bushes and trees are also actively used in the design of cottage areas. As an example, you can bring dwarf cherries or colon-shaped apple trees. The ideas of planning and decorating the garden are not limited to just choosing plants and bookmarking the garden. Modern garden design necessarily includes places for recreation, such as a gazebo or an open area. By the way, if it is expensive to buy an arbor, but it is difficult to produce by oneself, then the area for resting with own hands is quite feasible. Try to avoid some typical errors when decorating a holiday plot. Some gardeners gardeners on a small plot of land tend to fit all the elements of landscape design that they saw on TV or found in a colorful magazine: arches and a gazebo, and a fountain, and a barbecue, and slides, and a pond with a creek, not to mention gypsum figures. From this abundance of decorative elements collected in one place, the head goes around. About any taste and comfort in this country and you can not talk. Another typical mistake is the wrong selection of plants for the garden. Explicit enthusiasm for new varieties and species leads to an excessive search of exotics. If we consider that these rare bushes and perennials are planted in one copy, then such a garden design will not create a beautiful holistic picture. crafts for the garden and the garden

Decoration of the garden

The garden can become the same decorativeelement, like flower beds, lawns, garden paths and ponds. The latest trends in the dacha are the device of a decorative garden. Properly made beds will be no worse than a flower garden to decorate your site. If creatively and with imagination approach the creation of a garden zone, then the beds with spicy greens, medicinal herbs, strawberries and vegetables will look very original. Some vegetable crops can be used as tapeworms and accent plants. For example, horseradish and rhubarb, whose large large leaves are immediately evident. For the convenience of care for various garden crops, they should be planted in different sectors, divided by paths. Try to complement the composition with a tiered flower bed with openwork greens of dill and parsley, tender green salad. The composition can be completed by pepper shrubs with bright lanterns of fruits. As soon as the first fresh greenery ends, it can be replaced by curly carrot leaves and red-green beet tops. You can play with the shape of the beds, making them rectangular or square. The paths between the decorative beds should be wide enough to provide access for care of vegetable crops. To prevent the tracks from becoming overgrown, they are covered with mulch materials, such as fine gravel, granite, bark or dyed wood chips. If you treat lovers of growing their own hands of traditional garden crops, then take a distant part of your garden under the garden. And do not forget that you do not need to get carried away with the number of landings in this case. Let your carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers with eggplants grow. But let all this be only one small bed. If there is no way to hide such an unpresentable element of landscape design from the eyes of others, then try to decorate it or even draw attention to your garden. Plant on the border of the garden bright, short, annuals, lay between the beds comfortable and beautiful paths. Such a garden will not spoil the design of your garden, and even add to it a special charm.

Ornaments for a country plot with their own hands

Today, handicrafts have become very popularDecorations made of natural materials, made by hand for the garden and garden. Of course, you can buy such articles in specialized stores, where the assortment is very wide. But the prices for them, especially if these are handmade products, are very high. To decorate the plot with original objects, it is not necessary to spend money for this. You can do all this with your own hands. We offer you some ideas for the garden and the garden with your own hands. From branches In each garden after trimming there are shoots of bushes and trees, branches from them that can be used for making simple wicker accessories. To do this, you need only a bit of time, desire and imagination. What crafts can be made with hands of branches? Here are just some ideas. For example, it is possible to weave a ball from flexible branches, forming a frame from them, and then completely braiding it with rods. The ball looks very impressive when the wind chases it through the garden. In such a "roll-field" for the sake of fun, you can put rattles. From the durable and thick branches it is possible to make decorative fence or a fully functional fence for the flower garden. From branches it is possible to build a tray-cone. It should be made stable by deepening the lower ends of branches to 5-10 cm into the ground. The upper ends of the branches should be firmly connected with each other. Ring the vertical supports with thin rods. You will have a large lattice, around which you can plant curly and loopy plants - sweet peas, ipomeyu, decorative beans, etc. Such structures look good zucchini and cucumbers. From long branches you can weave a bird feeder. From the trunk of the sawn wood, you can make flowerpots with your own hands. Of the old things If you have no time for grandiose crafts, then pay attention to the old things, which in any summer cottage in abundance. As a stand under the flowers, you can adjust the old chair. Old shoes can become stylized pots for petunias. Also try planting flowers in old tubs, baskets and even in a fibrous suitcase. Old car tires can be adapted not only to flowerbeds, but also made of them by their own hands various decorative figures. In general, there are a lot of ideas. It's enough just to show a little imagination, and improvised, anyone no longer needed items can be an original decorate your site. From plastic bottles To bring a highlight to the design of your garden can be crafts made of plastic bottles. From this throw-out material, other masters manage to create their own hands, even if not masterpieces of landscape design, but quite nice and original handicrafts. such crafts can also claim the title of garden sculpture, and all kinds of accessories for the garden and garden. Ideas here are so diverse that it is pointless to offer something concrete. Nevertheless, we still voice some ideas. Curbs and for flower beds - crafts that do not require special skills. Bottles are simply cut off and stuck into the ground along the perimeter of the flower bed with figured bottoms up. To make your own hands all kinds of butterflies and bees, too, special skill will not be required. Such handicrafts are powerful even for children. You just need to pick up the plastic bottles that match the color and cut out the details of future figures. Then connect the parts with a soft wire and place these crafts in the form of soaring dragonflies, butterflies and bumblebees over the flower beds. And, naturally, all sorts of flowers - those hand-made articles made of plastic bottles that will become the exclusive decor of your garden. Today, the design of the garden and the garden with their own hands is not just a compulsory necessity, but a very entertaining hobby. We advise you to read: