a garden with our own hands Having your own country house is happiness. And to create a cozy and beautiful garden on the site - happiness doubly. And in order for this garden to rejoice and raise the mood, it is necessary to work hard on its arrangement. To create a beautiful garden with your own hands is how to raise a child. You must learn all of its weaknesses and be able to resist illnesses. To love every blade of grass and take care of every flower. This is the only way to make a truly paradisiacal paradise, which will become the object of your pride. So, where do you need to start the arrangement of the garden site?

Mark the plot and define it with the style

Landscape design is prettypainstaking work. Here you need to provide all the details: future paths, bushes along the fence, flowers around the fountain, garden furniture. If you do not want to invite specialists, then remember a few basic rules:

  • If you have a heterogeneous terrain (there are hillocks or hills), think about creating an alpine hill;
  • In the design of the garden, natural stone looks very beautiful;
  • In the presence of low areas (depressions), a drainage system should be considered. Otherwise, vegetation will suffer from an excess of moisture;
  • Along the fence should be placed undersizedshrubs. It is better to take those who have thick foliage. Subsequently, they can be trimmed curly. Suitable for this purpose are the hanging apple-trees - both ornamentation and harvest;
  • It is advisable to purchase metal benches for the garden. They will serve you for a long time, since they rarely need to be replaced and repaired;
  • Be sure to pick a small swing with a visor - like a hammock. Comfort and full rest are guaranteed to you.

The style of the future garden needs to be thought out in advance. For example, you love the Japanese direction, then - prepare a place for a small gazebo, install special arches for climbing roses, vines and ivy. Japanese style implies minimalism - no tall trees, all miniature and modest. The lines of the tracks should be clear, the round shape is relevant here. It will be appropriate and a small lake with a fountain. According to the Japanese philosophy, water is a strong soothing agent. Gazebo - open, with light transparent curtains, inside is a low table. Add to this environment lanterns made in vintage style, and a feeling of complete peace is assured to you. If you prefer oriental culture, aromas of spices and rich colors, you can decorate the garden in the Moorish style: shrubs with bright flowers, trees with neatly trimmed crowns, a riotous combination of colors on the flower beds. The vegetative pyramid, decorated with frescos, will also look oriental. You can not do without such spices in the garden: cumin, coriander, bergamot, pink pepper. The arbor also can be decorated in oriental style, providing it with a small low sofa and a lot of soft pillows. beautiful garden with your own hands

We plant plants

Today, the mixboxer (mixedborder). It is a wide strip, planted with different colors. There can be "settled" and perennials, and low bushes, and annual plants. Planting mixborder is best in the far corner of the recreation area. If the flowerbed is designed to frame more extensive areas with plantations, plant it with extremely low plants, for example, marigolds or colorful carpets. Mixborders can be varied with verbena and echinacea, dahlias and even Chinese roses, forget-me-nots and nasturtiums, bright daisies and cornflowers. The choice is huge, and you will have to make it. The corners of the garden can be decorated with tall perennials. It will be amazing to look a composition of gladiolus, phlox and majors. They are perfectly combined with tulips and peonies. Do not admire such compositions is difficult, because they are so vividly stand out against the general background.

To flower beds always bloomed

Unfortunately, many plants quite quicklypass the stage of flowering. But you want so much that fragrant buds delight the eye constantly, right up to the first frost. This can be achieved if you select plants that bloom at different times. Or decorate the garden with a rose garden, planted various varieties of the queen of flowers. Below are a few tips for decorating a constantly flowering flower bed.

  • Choose plants that need the same watering and lighting. Otherwise, some flowers will feel fine, and others will die;
  • Take into account the time and frequency of flowering. Let both in the background and on the front buds blossom constantly;
  • Remember, marigolds (quite popular flowers for flower beds) begin to bloom in early June, and end closer to the cold. They do not require special care, the main thing is to weed the weeds in time;
  • But tulips are "early-maturing" colors - they please us just a couple of April weeks;
  • Even if the flowerbed is in a shady area with high humidity, do not despair. And for such a place there are suitable flowers. Plant ferns, fuchsia, foxglove, watershed, volzhanka.

cozy garden with own hands

How to deal with the pond

It is difficult to imagine a beautiful garden without a pond. Quiet murmur of the water, green grass, bright flowers and silence .... Dream? Not at all! Stop dreaming, it's time to realize your desires.

  • Buy ready water

It looks like a plastic bowl, it can be differentsizes and shapes. You can install it yourself, just dig a hole in the shape of the bowl, put a container there and fill it with water. Be sure to take care of water filtration, otherwise it will quickly overgrown with mud. Such a pond can be decorated with an electric fountain and even launch a small fish there;

  • Concrete pond

The future bowl of the reservoir is cast from concrete. This is a rather laborious, lengthy and expensive process. Without the help of specialists here is indispensable. But such a decorative pond will please you very long. He is practically not subject to time;

  • Pond with your own hands

The cheapest way is to buy PVC film anduse your own hands. What do I need to do? Tear out the foundation pit, lining it with a film, fix it with earth and ceramic tiles. Fill up the water and enjoy! Do not forget to install the filter. Around the pond, you can put garden lanterns on solar panels that will brighten the water surface in the dark, create a cozy and romantic mood.

  • During the fall leaf, cover the surface of the pond with a fishing net. Leaves will not rot, and spread an unpleasant odor;
  • Plant water lilies or duckweed - they will decorate the pond and become natural cleaners;
  • If you settle the fish, it is necessary not only the presence of a filter, but also a special heater.

Nuances for the design of the site existsenough. The main thing is to remember that you personally lay the future rest area. Decorating the garden with your own hands, put in its creation, not only skill, but also a piece of your soul. Do not be afraid of fantasy and experimentation. Only then will you create a fairytale place, from which you simply will not want to leave! We advise you to read: