interior of a children's room for a teenage girl Any repair is akin to war, when you can notfind the most necessary, when the whole life is turned upside down, and you do not know when all this will end. But at the same time to change the interior of the room - it's incredibly nice. Especially if you try not for yourself, but for your beloved teenager, who has already grown out of these walls with naive dwarfs and become a cramped machine bed. But do not rush to rejoice. Here all pieces of furniture are safely removed, and the walls are cleaned of old wallpaper. What's next? It depends on whose room we will remodel. A boy or a girl? Despite the fact that adolescent boys are considered problematic, they tend not to find fault with the new repair of the children's room (although what kind of child is it, if you had to install an adult sofa for your tomboy!) Paste blue wallpaper? Great. Green? Nothing too. But the girls are more capricious. They are not indifferent to the interior of the room, in which they will bring girlfriends. Therefore, before buying lemon paint, consult your daughter. And while you persuade a teenager not to hang a canopy over the bed, let me give you a couple of recommendations on how best to change the appearance of the children's room.


Yes, yes, the very walls from which you carefullyripped off the remains of the old wallpaper. It is with them that the interior of the nursery for the teenager begins. It is their color and texture that will set the main character of the whole room. And if with color you have to decide on a couple with your daughter, then the choice of the main material is best done by yourself. First of all, keep in mind that the girls, though more accurate than boys, but do not dirty the walls any worse than their peers. Therefore, if you want to paste wallpaper, it is better to choose the option for painting, so that with an easy stroke of the brush you can return the interior to its freshness. interior of a children's room for a teenage girl


Have you decided to put a parquet in the children's room? It's you in vain. The child is unlikely to comply with 33 warnings to care for such whimsical material. Where is easier to throw on the floor insulated linoleum, which is extremely easy to wash. Of course, you can replace linoleum carpet. But this is only if you are convinced that it will not be possible to determine the ration of a teenager in the last 7 days in a week. And do not say that your daughter only eats in the kitchen. Then from where appear on the table empty packs of crackers and bottles of cola? Do not they fly into the window themselves?


This is a very important aspect of any interior, whether it bechildren's room of a teenager or your matrimonial bedroom. Be sure to divide the lighting into the main and auxiliary lights. The main thing, as you already understood, is an ordinary chandelier, which conscientiously illuminates the entire room. We refer to the auxiliary sconces, nightlights on the bedside tables and lamps on the desks. Especially take care of the last point in our listing, as every teenager still has homework that you have to do from time to time. Therefore, take care of the girl's eyesight from a young age so that she does not have to order glasses in adulthood. beautiful interior of a children's room for a teenage girl


What furniture fits best in the interior of the children's room? The one that is most useful for your daughter in everyday life.

  • A desk He must stand by the window or havelamp with a fluorescent lamp. I mean, your child should not take out a single line in the book for half an hour. In addition, the desk of every modern girl must have the functions of a computer desk. So think ahead of time, where will be your favorite laptop or your child's computer.
  • The bed But its better to remove the window away. Firstly, in order to avoid the curious looks of random passers-by, and secondly, because of the notorious drafts with which our windows are so famous.
  • Mirror It is very important for a teenage girl to know,that she looks good. For this, yesterday's child is ready to turn around for hours, trying on clothes and trying to impose his first make-up. By the way, in occasion of cosmetics: it is better, if you buy to the child lipstick independently, than you will forbid her to be painted. Have you been stopped a lot by parental bans in your teens? So why do you think that for a modern girl your words will be more weighty?
  • Cabinet No interior of the child's roomdoes without this cumbersome piece of furniture. In order not to miss with the choice of the closet, look at what things prevail in the teenager's wardrobe. Maybe your daughter loves silk dresses? Then the main part of the cabinet should be given to the place under the endless hangers on which the girl's outfits will rest. If your beauty has many shoes, you need to take care of storing them in advance. And do not forget about compact lockers for small things. In general, the real salvation of the 21st century is the closet, which is able to hide even the most chaotic mess behind its mirrored doors. Therefore, pay special attention to this model when selecting furniture. By the way, the well-chosen design of the cabinet-coupe can decorate any interior of the children's room.
  • Individuality

    No, we're not talking about you. It's up to the adolescent himself to manifest his essence, for which the repair was started. We are sure that your girl has a lot of ideas about her room. And you do not need to impose your opinion authoritatively. In the end, in this room, not you, but your daughter. So let her choose the curtains and shade of the carpet. Do you agree? We advise you to read: