Fabulous design of a nursery In the life of a little man plays a big rolethe surrounding area. From the very first days, the child begins to form associative thinking, different types of memory, figurative imagination, speech and spatial adaptation. All this will be facilitated by the environment. Thinking about the design of the nursery, it must be remembered that the child's room should be bright, light, easy for mental perception. Modern parents have a great opportunity to decorate a room for their baby so that the atmosphere of childhood and carefree life will settle in it - paint the walls with fairy-tale scenes. And wall painting is not just a tribute to fashion or another whim of tireless designers, but an additional element to the overall development of the child, intellectual and psychological qualities. At some point in life, painting walls can be much more effective and interesting than pasting ordinary wallpaper. And you can decorate the entire room as a whole, and partially, dividing the home space into visual zones. The wallpaper is really inferior to such a creative design. Firstly, it is difficult to select them so that it turns out exactly the image that the child likes. Secondly, the picture is repeated on the wallpaper, and there is no effect, as from a full composition, drawn on the whole wall or part of it. A It should be thought out that everythe component evolved into a harmonious and positive picture. Now about themes and design for boys and girls. Of course, cartoons are quite versatile. However, the boys will still appreciate the more adventurous Pixar Cars or the bold King-Leo, and the girls - a gentle Snow White or Fairy Dinh Dinh. Disney cartoons, which have become classics, as well as heroes of Russian fairy tales - are excellent themes for painting walls in the children's room. If the room is intended for a boy and a girl, then you can decorate the walls themselves beside their beds or the playing area. By the way an important point. Not all consecutive cartoon compositions are suitable as a design. The fact is that the color scale can oppress or excite the child's psyche. Given that the child will spend a lot of time in his room, it is important to consider the color balance in the image. Another valuable point. rooms by hand painting, and suchwork is simply priceless! The paints are bright, but absolutely harmless after drying, therefore, it is not worth worrying about home ecology. Of course, parents want to provide their children something special and interesting, because childhood passes so quickly ... Only for the fact that the child will have a happy shine in his eyes, and then there will be good memories, positive emotions and bright photos, you can give anything !! Growing up with fairy-tale heroes is very touching and pleasant. And children will have the opportunity to subconsciously get used to beauty, develop good taste and just feel like a full-fledged children in a fairy-tale life!