how to choose a headphone for your computer An amazing invention is these headphones. They are designed at the same time to hear the sound, and so that it can not be heard. In a modern (and far from silent world), this invention became necessary even in everyday life. And any computer owner sooner or later still gets headphones. And afterwards he is perplexed: how did I do without them before? If you read these lines, it means, surely, also gathered to acquire this necessary device. Just do not know how to choose headphones for your computer. To make the right choice you will get acquainted with the device headphones and their main characteristics. So, headphones for a computer: how to choose what is most suitable for you. Let's find out what headphones are like. How they are arranged. And on what it is necessary to pay special attention, choosing ear-phones for the computer.

Types of headphones

The range of modern headphones is sois diverse, that it's no wonder that they get confused in all these models, types, types and groups. There are headphones for a computer, for a TV, for a mobile phone, for a player. Yes, and the range of prices is large enough. What do we offer machines stores? Types of headphones by design:

  • plug-in inserts are convenient, hardly noticeable, but do not give a high-quality sound;
  • In-channel or vacuum (gags) are more used as mobile headphones;
  • overhead and full-size (monitor) - what you need for a home computer.

Kinds of headphones by way of fastening:

  • without fastenings - the cups are inserted directly into the auricle;
  • with an arch that connects the cups of headphones through the top of the head or on the back of the head;
  • with BTE mounts.

The way to connect to a computer headphones are:

  • wire - connect to the computer using a wire, provide excellent sound quality;
  • Wireless - connect to the computer with a radio signal (via Bluetooth), the sound quality in them is inferior to the wired headphones.

Wireless headphones are easy to use onsome distance from the computer. For example, in them you can listen to music, moving around the apartment or dancing. Often they are also more convenient when connected to a laptop. But to work at the computer (especially stationary), you can choose wired headphones. Wired headphones should be preferred in the event that you need a sound quality. By the method of connecting the cable (wire), the headphones can be:

  • one-sided, where the wire is connected to the headphones only on one side;
  • two-way, the wire is fed to the headphones on both sides.

According to the design of the radiator (sound reproducer):

  • dynamic;
  • isodynamic;
  • electrostatic;
  • orthodynamic.

The most common type of headphones is dynamic. By type of noise insulation:

  • open type (let outside noise);
  • semi-open (semi-open) type (provide higher sound insulation);
  • closed type (do not let outside noise).

Headphones open type give effect morenatural sound. The closed-type headphones are designed for use in noisy environments. Good sound insulation cuts outside sounds. Allows you to hear only what is being played on the computer. No less important is the quality of noise isolation and so that others can not hear the sound in the headphones. how to choose headphones with a microphone for your computer

Headphone device

Headphones are their main component. They put all the electronics and it is from them primarily depends on the sound quality and efficiency of headphones. The bow joins the cups of headphones and keeps them on the head. It can be self-adjusting, sliding and cast. When choosing it is worth giving preference to headphones with strong bows and a simple design. This will ensure a longer service life. Ear pads. So called special soft pads, adjacent to the ears. Ear pads can be enclosed or invoiced. Embracing ear pads are the most comfortable. They are made from leatherette, velor, fabric and foam rubber. The overhead ear pads adjoin directly to the auricle. The degree of their comfort is quite controversial. Some people like them, others cause unpleasant feelings. Cable (wire). A good cable is a guarantee of good sound and durability of headphones. The wire in the headphones can be single- or double-sided, twisted or straight. More practical and convenient one-sided cable. A twisted cable is similar to a telephone cord. Its main advantage is that it does not get confused and does not hang around under your feet. It is very convenient if the cable is removable - it can be easily replaced if necessary. With the device headphones all more or less clear. But what if you like network games or are not averse to chatting with Skype. Or, for other reasons, do you need to buy headphones together with a microphone? You can buy a microphone on a stand or a microphone, fastened to clothing. But most often there is a need for simultaneous use of headphones and a microphone, and it is even desirable that the hands are free. Then you have nothing left but to choose headphones with a microphone for your computer.

Two in one

When choosing headphones with a microphone, decide on theobjectives. Headphones with a microphone are designed either for simple communication, or for professional recording. If a microphone is required for you to communicate via Skype, a simpler and more compact model will do. For professional recording you need a microphone, clearly recording speech and headphones with good sound quality. It is desirable that the headphones with a microphone were equipped with the function of automatic sound adjustment and had good noise isolation. Considering all of the above, you can try to imagine the most optimal model of headphones for a computer. This should be an overhead headset with a microphone, with a sturdy adjustable handle, with soft ear covers earbuds, with a sturdy cable. But, of course, the final choice is yours. It will depend on your goals and (not least) the tastes. And in conclusion a few tips.

Advice to buyers

When choosing headphones, consider not onlytechnical characteristics, but also design features and degree of comfort. Do not be tempted by too low a price and give preference to recognizable producers. To ensure that headphones do not rub their ears, choose only overhead or monitor designs. In order not to spoil your hair, choose earphones with an arch at the back of your neck. Give preference to easier models. Heavy headphones can cause unpleasant, and even painful sensations. Pay attention to the possibility of adjusting headphones to the size of the head, the presence of a volume control on the wire and other important trivia. Before buying, be sure to try out the headphones in action. Try them on yourself, appreciate comfort. And if you feel that this is exactly what you need, then buy it safely! Easy choice and successful acquisitions!