what kind of women do men like fishes Men-Fishes differ from representatives of othersigns of the zodiac in that since their birth in them a great potential is laid. However, they are lazy to make any effort, which is the basis of all their life's problems. If your chosen one is a man born under the sign of Pisces, then it will be useful for you to find out what exactly it can be interested in and understand what he likes and what, on the contrary, scares off which women are ideal for him, and on which he never will pay attention.

Common traits of male Pisces

As a rule, all Pisces tend to bepopular. But, as has already been said, the representatives of the sign do nothing to achieve this glory. Male-Pisces do not like to live in poverty, strive for a good income, they like luxury and high cost; but their behavior to others can often seem a little strange. These men, like no one, need support and, perhaps, even in some kind of patronage. By the way, they find themselves a patron without problems, since they like many. Pisces are characterized by touchiness, vulnerability. They are very easy to get out of the state of rest and balance, they are quickly upset and irritated over trifles, but they will not be angry for a long time - Pisces is characterized by resourcefulness. And this is different for both men and women of this sign. Men-Pisces are very sincere. They are merciful, support in a difficult moment, while they are kind and considerate, sensitive. That is why they have so many friends, relations with which are very warm and long-term. Fish friends are a kind of "vest", in which you can cry and share problems and secrets without thinking about what the public will know about them. By the way, this is what many girls in Pisces appreciate, tied to them almost instantly. In addition, Pisces is close to a sense of tact and tolerance - the men of this sign will not interfere in other people's affairs and problems. However, be aware that after such frank conversations, male Pisces need to be alone to restore the nervous system. Do not be foolhardy to use the kindness and sincerity of Pisces, throwing off their problems on them - sooner or later they will not stand. Tactlessness and misunderstanding are the qualities that men of the water element do not like. After all, often people, having cried into their vest, do not think at all about what kind of emotional overload the person is experiencing at the same time, that vest personified. Therefore, the Pisces themselves need a strong support - be it a beloved girl or friend. what kind of girls like men in fish

What does it mean for a male-pisces family?

It can not be said that the men of the Pisces mark aspireto tie oneself up with family ties - they do not particularly need a wife and children, however sad it may sound. And the home for them means not so much. Perhaps this is the main reason why their marriages are rarely successful. Women, who managed to fall in love with Pisces, are unlikely to quickly wait for them to marry. For this, it is necessary that a certain impulse should happen, then, perhaps, you will achieve official registration of relations. Often this very push is the direct offer of the girl to her chosen one. The man-fish husband is usually the leader in the family. On his part, this does not cause any resistance - this man likes to play a second role, and you must understand this. Irresponsibility is an obvious negative feature of this sign, with which you will have to put up; otherwise you will have to sever your relationship. If you are trying to maintain your already shaky relationship, then forget about holding demonstrative actions. Solve all the questions correctly, clearly and justified - delicately express your husband all your claims, but do not blame him - this, however, no one likes. You need to clearly identify what problems are taking place, and try to diplomatically discuss them with your spouse. Children see such a daddy as a good comrade rather than a father. They are very interesting and exciting together, they compose, invent, play - they will not be bored for sure. It is the man-fish who will be able to present an important life lesson than anyone else - a lesson of kindness towards others, nature, animals. Kids are interested in such a dad, they can tell him all their secrets. Agree, this is extremely important. Pisces are skillful lovers. They will never boast of their victories on the love front, compromising the partner. Since the men of this sign are very sensual natures with excellent intuition, you can rest assured that your chosen one will be able to literally read your thoughts and understand your desires and needs in bed. what men like fish

Compatibility with other characters

  • Woman Aries

The beginning of relations will undoubtedly be verybeautiful, bright and emotionally saturated. However, very soon the euphoria will quickly turn into disappointment. Women of the Aries sign are straightforward and sincere, therefore such a "complex man" may seem incomprehensible to her and in some ways even unpleasant. Aries does not like frequent changes in moods from melancholy to joy, they do not accept and lie, which is almost normal for Pisces. They are people of different temperaments, who find it extremely difficult to get along side by side.

  • Woman-Taurus

Taurus is known as the sign "correct", stableand honest, and Pisces does not correspond to any of these parameters. The situation is about the same as with Aries - happy prospects are unlikely. Fish are hypothetical, it will always seem to them that they are striving to "destroy" or tie themselves tightly to themselves. But there are also positive aspects of such a union. Women of such a sign as Taurus, are able to create comfort and coziness, which is appreciated by the man-fish. Perhaps, on this basis, marriage can successfully develop.

  • Twin Woman

Gemini female distinguishes franticthe desire to do everything anywhere. They are almost always in a feverish state, super-energetic, they need to search for impressions, new bright events and seek new contacts: business and friendly. At the same time, the Pisces man will calmly, with a trace of melancholy, follow the events, feeling either as superfluous, or simply as an outside observer, but obviously not by the participant himself. Most likely, your man will simply evaporate, disappear from the horizon, thereby giving you to understand that he feels unnecessary or unnecessary. And you yourself, most likely, sooner or later would leave the man of such a sign of the zodiac.

  • Cancer Woman

Here the situation is not as deplorable as inthe above cases. Both signs are markedly emotional - the influence of the water element is affecting. The women of this sign feel that they have finally found a soul mate, because to empathize, support, and try to understand each other - this is equally possessed by both Cancer and Pisces. However, everyone knows that romance is replaced by everyday life - how are things going? We have already said that a male Pisces is unlikely to be a leader in a family, while a Cancer woman will need a good support. Again, the difficulties. Of course, each of the partners will try to find a compromise, but if it is not found in time, the crack in the relationship will only expand and sooner or later turn into an abyss.

  • Lion Woman

Leo sign girls appreciate luxury and comfort, lovebeautiful courtship, they are arrogant. It is these qualities that the man-Pisces can boast of, giving his lioness expensive gifts, wearing it in his arms and flinging flowers. Of course, at first it will be pleasant to surprise and impress the girl, but after the novelty disappears, the Lioness will immediately begin to turn her attention to trifles, which previously did not seem to exist. This union is possible only in a situation where a male Pisces has a good financial base, a strong position in society and seeks to hold this position.

  • Woman-virgo

Virgo likes the politeness and courtesy of Pisces,their desire to come to the rescue and listen. This is the union in which there are no sharp angles and insoluble problems - the signs are very similar to their temperaments. The longer the union, the stronger it will become. It is possible that this couple will live together happily all their lives.

  • Woman Libra

Pisces will find it difficult to cope with Libra. The second is more suitable for the men of the signs of Aries, Capricorn or Scorpio. Women-Libra can take Pisces behavior as weak-featured, compliant and non-conflicting, which for them will mean unwillingness to solve problems. Of course, there are enough minuses in this union, but there are also many advantages, for example, a common view and outlook. Therefore, if partners become attached to each other, their marriage can be quite successful.

  • Scorpio Woman

Men will be interested in life for a lifetime"Mystery" of the creative, bright and emotional Scorpio. In turn, the woman will be pleasantly surprised by such an interest, showing concern and softness in response to Pisces. Pisces and Scorpio are related souls, it will be felt at the first meeting. Both partners perfectly understand each other, which can lay the foundation of a strong family in the future.

  • Woman-Sagittarius

Conflict union. Sagittarius perceives the male-fish as a man, constantly hovering in the clouds. For Sagittarians, this is unacceptable, despite the fact that they themselves are somewhat frivolous. Both signs are not distinguished by responsibility, which denies a possible lasting family alliance. It is unlikely that any of the partners will want to tolerate each other's weaknesses.

  • Capricorn Woman

Capricorn is a strong sign. Girls of this sign clearly know what they want, set long-term goals and plan family life. This is not at all characteristic of Pisces. It is for this reason that the man of this sign will continually have to listen to complaints about his character, which they, of course, will strongly disagree. Union is possible only when Capricorn agrees to be a leader, but no one denies that sooner or later it can just get bored - the Capricorn girl needs a stronger partner.

  • Woman-Aquarius

Here the conclusions are also not particularly optimistic. Of course, Aquarius is a sign much stronger than Pisces. The sign Aquarius girl can not be called predictable, and she does not differ in a particular tact - this can lead a man-fish out of himself. Sooner or later the moment will come when this union will disintegrate. Of course, there are exceptions, but it is rather rare.

  • Woman-Pisces

This couple will necessarily come to an agreement. Men and women of this sign perfectly understand each other. You can not talk about a good material component here - it's unlikely. However, this union can find support in each other, and at the expense of it can solve all problems - for them two the material component is important, but not paramount. Male-Pisces, like representatives of other signs, have their obvious advantages and disadvantages, which not everyone is able to reconcile. If you are sure that your chosen one is worthy of you, then try to accept him with all the features of character, and then a happy marriage is provided to you. Love and be loved!