parodontosis treatment Of course, everyone would like to haveonly an attractive appearance, a beautiful figure, but also a charming smile. How nice to look at someone who smiles charmingly, but does not frown his eyebrows from displeasure. A smiling person wants to respond with the same kind and sweet smile. But, unfortunately, not everyone of us can afford to smile, as they say, in full mouth. And the fault is bad condition of teeth. Today we will talk about periodontal disease, a sluggish disease that gradually breaks down around the dental tissue. And this process leads to the lowering of the gums and to the bareness of the neck of the teeth, although the teeth are well fixed. So, let's consider the signs that characterize the disease itself:

  • a small amount of dental plaque;
  • itching in the gums.
  • the neck of the tooth is slightly exposed.
  • odor from the mouth is minimal.
  • with severe form of periodontal disease occursimpaired mobility of the teeth, as the roots are exposed to ½ and more. But there is no purulent discharge and gingival pockets, bleeding and inflammation of the gums is not observed.

Until now, medicine can not say for surethe cause of the disease, but the fact that heredity and a number of diseases that contribute to the onset of periodontitis play a huge role in this - it's a fact! Diabetes mellitus, violations of the glands of internal secretion, diseases of the cardiovascular system and the gastrointestinal tract, as well as chronic diseases of some internal organs - this is the first cause of periodontal disease. The initial stage of development of periodontitis occurs inside, under the gum. Inflammation destroys the bone tissue, gradually the gums become thin and brittle, and therefore, as it were, settle or fall. At the same time, the root of the tooth is exposed, and therefore there is an increased sensitivity of the teeth to temperature changes. The erosion of the tooth enamel is also visible, since its color is changed. And if you do not respond to all these signs, then, ultimately, you can lose one or even a few teeth. In order not to put a diagnosis in our life - "periodontal disease", you need:

  • observe hygiene of the oral cavity;
  • to give up smoking;
  • from excessive coffee consumption;
  • pay attention to their food.

Prevention of periodontal disease is well thought outfood, which should include more fresh vegetables and fruits. In your diet, it is desirable to introduce as few sweets as possible, but fruits and vegetables are often, especially those that purify and massage the gums at the same time, such as carrots, apples, mangoes, etc. Gymnastics for teeth is a very good preventive measure for strengthening gums and teeth:

  • tear off a sprig of fir and bite it (at first very carefully) for two weeks, daily;
  • clutching the fir branch with front teeth, make jaw movements alternately - forward back, right-to-left. Exercise takes three weeks;
  • we firmly hold one side of the branch in the teeth, the other in the hand and pull our teeth, as if trying to tear off a part of the branch.

"What does this gymnastics give us?" - you ask. And the answer is very simple: biting pine needles, juice is allocated, which actively penetrates into the blood and, including, into the tooth tissue. Its curative components provide a curative and preventive effect. In the process of chewing a coniferous branch, the muscles of the jaw tighten, thereby creating a flow of blood to the salivary glands, gums and teeth. treatment of periodontitis

Healing power of plants

Juice of the plant - yarrow, rub gumsfor their strengthening and prevention, as well as the treatment of periodontal disease, if any already exists. It is important to know that its taste is very bitter, with a strong wormwood smell. Also, for the prevention of periodontal disease and for strengthening the teeth, it is possible to prepare a mixture of 30 g of dry roots of ara, fill them with 0.5 liters of vodka, and in the other vessel simultaneously prepare a tincture of 30 g of propolis and 0.5 liters of vodka. Within two weeks, both components are insisted separately, then filtered, and applied on this principle: 1 teaspoon of tincture of propolis mixed with 2 teaspoons of tincture of aira. Rinse this tincture for a few minutes a day. This tool has the ability not only to strengthen the gums and teeth, but also heals from periodontal disease. But if, however, when you come to the dental office, you will hear from the doctor that you have periodontal disease - it is undesirable to postpone treatment, as this can lead to unpleasant consequences. In this situation, you can come to the aid of recipes of traditional medicine. Let's consider some such simple and useful advice.

  • For 20 g of honey add 10 g of salt, moreit is better if this salt is pre-calcined in a frying pan. Stir thoroughly before dissolving, put a small portion into the cheesecloth, rubbing it into the gums;
  • A high-quality cognac is warmed to room temperature and rinsed with a mouth twice a day. Certainly, such a procedure is not very pleasant, but assistance in the treatment of periodontal disease is noticeable;
  • Gargle gums (to strengthen them) with decoction of oak bark;

For the removal and treatment of inflammatory processes inoral cavity is used and successfully used such herbs as sage medicinal. And the effectiveness of this recipe is amazing. Connect: 3 pieces of gooseberry goose and linseed, 2 parts - lice and sage, 1 part - St. John's wort and horsetail. Thoroughly grind, stirring. Take 2 tablespoons prepared for brewing the collection, pour steep boiling water (1.5 cups), wrap and insist 1,5-2 hours. After that, filter. Warm broth we type in the mouth and keep from 5-15 minutes, then repeat, the so-called bath, again. If time allows, it is desirable to do this procedure 2-3 times a day for 20-40 minutes each time. The course of treatment is a month, after a two-week rest, repeat again. Treatment of periodontal disease with traditional methods is as follows: removal of dental calculi, cleaning of the gingival pockets (at the advanced stage of the disease), and administration of a course of oral (ingestible) antibiotics directed against bacteria that can cause periodontal disease. Also, pastes and various rinses of anti-inflammatory action are used, such as, "Stomatidin", "Polimineral", etc. You will agree that the treatment of periodontitis at home with a serious form of the disease will not bring success. Therefore, as soon as you have felt the disturbing symptoms in the oral cavity, described in this article - go urgently, without delay, to the dentist. Periodontosis is diagnosed by X-ray, and there are no particular difficulties to detect this disease. Only a specialist can diagnose and help answer all questions concerning your health. Be healthy, which means they are happy! We advise you to read: